Think Mobile Plans

Think Mobile Plans

At Think Mobile our philosophy is simply better value for our customers. Think Mobile Plans are simple and easy to understand backed with exceptional customer service and absolutely no compromise for value. We pride ourselves on offering the best Customer Service and we do this by providing local knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Quick Summary – Think Mobile Plans

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited 2GB Unlimited Calls & TXT Unlimited Excess data 2c/MB. Increments p/MB Unlimited calls $32.95/mth Buy Now!
Super 12 99c 30c 20c 60c 200MB $200 Calls/TXT 99c Excess data 2.5c/MB. Increments 10KB $2.28/87 calls $12/mth
Super 20 99c 30c 20c 60c 750MB $500 Calls/TXT 99c Excess data 2.5c/MB. Increments 10KB $2.28c/219 calls $20/mth
Classic $24 99c 40c 30c 60c 750MB $300 Calls/TXT 99c Excess data 10c/MB. Increments 10KB $2.38/126 Calls $24/mth
Classic $30 99c 40c 30c 60c 1GB $500 Calls/TXT 99c Excess data 10c/MB. Increments 10KB $2.38/210 Calls $30/mth
Classic $40 99c 40c 30c 60c 1.5GB $650 Calls/TXT 99c Excess data 10c/MB. Increments 10KB $2.38/273 Calls $40/mth
Classic $50 99c 40c  30c 60c 3GB $800 Calls/TXT 99c Excess data 10c/MB. Increments 10KB $2.38/336 Calls $50/mth

1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

Sim Only Mobile Review – Think Mobile Plans (December 2015)

ThinkMobile have been a key player in the sim only mobile plan market for several years now. Think Mobile Plans have been listed on since 2009.

The Think Mobile Plan range caters for all types of customers, whether you are a senior looking for a cheap plan for those emergencies or for a parent looking for a plan for their child, Think Mobile Plans have something for everyone. ThinkMobile uses both the Telstra 3G as well as the Vodafone network. Their Classic 3G plans use Telstra and their Ultimate and Simple Plans use Vodafone 3G.

At the $12 per month level, the Simple 12 Swift Plan offers you $18 in call credits each month with call rates at 12c per 30 sec with a 20c flagfall. In addition to the $18 credit, users also get unlimited calls to other Swift and Ultimate customers. Think Mobile Plans also include the Ultimate offer which for $42.95 using the Vodafone network gives you unlimited calls and TXT in Australia including 1300/1800 numbers and MMS. It also comes with 3GB data. This plan is equal to other unlimited BYO mobile plans.

The Classic 3G plans are your more common BYO mobile plan and start at just $15/mth, increasing to $75/mth. Call costs are a little on the high side but the network these plans use is Telstra 3G.

More details

Product Ultimate Super Classic 3G
Network Vodafone 3G Vodafone 3G Telstra 3G
Summary High level users Low Level Users Mid Level Users
Tethering  NA NA NA
Cost of 2 Min Call Unlimited 68c $2.38
Data p/MB 2/MB 2.5c/MB 10c/MB
Data Increments Per MB Per 10KB Per 10KB
International TXT/MMS 30c/60c
Video Calls  $1/minute + 39c flagfall
13/1300/1800 Unlimited 24c/min + 20c flagfall 99c/min + 40c flagfall
Calls within Network
International Roaming Yes
Phone 1300284465