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Telechoice mobile has launched a range of BYO mobile plans using part of the Telstra 3G network. Range covers the Live Starter from $22/mth with $300 in calls through to the Live Starter 55 which is an unlimited offer with 5GB data.

Quick Summary – Telechoice Mobile

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Live Starter 19 99c 40c Unlimited 50c 300MB $300 Calls/MMS Unlimited 99c Excess data $10/GB charged p10/KB $2.38/126 calls $19/mth Buy Telechoice Now!
Live Starter 28 99c 40c Unlimited 50c 1GB $500 Calls/MMS Unlimited 99c Excess data $10/GB charged p10/KB $2.38/210 calls $28/mth
Live Starter 40 99c 40c Unlimited 50c 3GB $2000 Calls/MMS Unlimited 99c Excess data $10/GB charged p10/KB $2.38/840 calls $40/mth
Live Starter 45 99c 40c Unlimited 50c 4GB $3000 Calls/MMS Unlimited 99c Excess data $10/GB charged p10/KB $2.38/1260 calls $45/mth
Live Starter 55 Unlimited Unlimited 5GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Excess data $10/GB charged p10/KB Unlimited calls $55/mth

1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

Sim Only Mobile Review – Telechoice Mobile (December 2015)

Telechoice Mobile have been around for years promoting mobile phones on Optus based contract plans. The move to Telstra (3G network) has now opened the plan range up to month to month options, which is great for everyone.

What I like about this range is that it starts at a reasonable $17.50/mth for which you receive 200MB data and $200 in calls (85 calls). This plan actually compares pretty favourably for customers that insist on only using the Telstra network. The speeds and coverage offered by Telechoice is exactly the same as that offered by Aldi Mobile and even CMobile. Boost Mobile accesses the Telstra NextG Network and in terms of coverage has a slighter fuller footprint but in terms of speed, there should not be any difference between the two.

Let’s take a look at value. At $17.50, the value is considerably lower than that offered by Vaya Mobile whose Power Plan 18 (also $18/mth) offers $650 in call value, unlimited TXT with 1.5GB of Optus 4G data.

Compared to the Optus Sim Only range (also 4G), the $45 Optus plan offers 3GB data plus unlimited calls, TXT and MMS. Telechoice’s Live Global $45 offers a similar data allowance but the call and messaging allowance is $2000 (with unlimited local TXT). In order to access unlimited calls and 3GB of data you need the top plan “Live Global 55” for $55/mth. This is the premium required in order to access Telstra. You would actually be better off investing your money with Boost Mobile who for $40 via the UNLTD plan give you unlimited calls, TXT, MMS and 3GB of data.

Also worth noting with these plans, is that Telechoice Mobile actually have them on a 12 month contract and if you are willing to go down this path, the plan cost will actually fall by a few dollars a month (around $5).

In terms of call rates and excess charges, 97c/min with a 40c flagfall is not the cheapest around and excess data at 15c/MB is on the high side but data increments at p/10KB is a good move giving you more value for your internet access. The two latest product offers in the Live Global $45 and $55 actually come with a reduced per MB charge of 5c/MB.

Telechoice also offers the ability to use your call credit for making international calls. In other words, you can use it all and not need to purchase or incur additional charges for your international calls which is what most sim only plans make you do (including the ones mentioned above). The Live Global plan actually comes with a 30 min allocation of international calls to any country.

Are these plans 4G enabled, no they are not. Telechoice Mobile uses part of the Telstra 3G network (same network used by Aldi Mobile and C Mobile)

More details

Product Telechoice
Network Telstra 3G Network
Summary Low – mid level users
Activation Charges
Cost of 2 Min Call $2.34
Data p/MB $10/GB
Data Increments Per 10KB
International TXT/MMS  50c/75c
13/1300/1800 99c
Calls within Network Unlimited
International roaming
Video Calls1
Contact Phone 1300 TELECHOICE