Spintel Mobile Plans

spintel mobile plansSpintel Mobile Plans offer a great range of BYO Mobile plans using the Optus 4G Network. Spintel Mobile plans carry no excess charges, your mobile plan is credited an additional $10 of calls, TXT or data until the month has concluded. The latest 4G plans start at $18/mth.

Quick Summary – Spintel Mobile Plans

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Small 3c 3c 3c 500MB 200 minutes + 200 TXT Not Included Included 6c/100 Calls $10 starter – $18/mth Buy
Medium 1.8c 1.8c 1.8c 1GB 500 minutes + 1000 TXT Not Included  Included 3.6c/250 Calls $10 starter – $27/mth
Large 4GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS Not Included  Included Unlimited Calls $10 starter – $37/mth

When your Spintel Mobile Plan allowance maximum has been reached you can extend access through the following add-ons:

  • Unlimited Calls – $10 extra
  • Unlimited TXT – $10 extra
  • 1GB  – $10 extra

1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

Sim Only Mobile Review – Spintel Mobile Plans (December 2015)

Spintel launched their build your own mobile plan range in July/August of 2014. Since then there has not been much change when it comes to plan offers or pricing. The one thing that Spintel have been promoting is no setup fees which is an offer they have turned on/off regularly over the past 12 months.

This week (July 2015) they upped the minimum data on offer from 50MB to 100MB. So an $18 investment will buy you 50 minutes of call time, 50 TXT and 100MB of Optus 4G data. Spintel have also removed the XL offer reducing the range to Small, Medium and Large.

The S,M,L options shown above don’t reflect the flexibility of the offer because you can in fact mix and match calls, TXT and data from any of the plan levels eg, you can have 200 minutes of calls, 500MB data and Unlimited TXT if you wanted. View the table below for the exact number of options you can choose from to create your own Spintel Mobile Plan.

spintel mobile plans

The user can select any of these parcels and match them up to make up a plan. The monthly billing will reflect the parcels that are bundled together.

What is however missing from these options is the PAYG option, ie if I don’t want TXT, why can’t I just pay for what I use at say 15c each rather than having to buy a minimum $6 of TXT.

If you reach your limits, Spintel Mobile Plans will bump you up to the next parcel for a once off fee of up to $3 (“Bumping”), alternative you can buy extra parcels such as unlimited calls/TXT or 1GB data. Unlimited calls will cost additional $12, Unlimited TXT is also $12 as is 2.5GB data.

Once you’ve reached 100% of your Voice, Text and/or Data, we’ll notify you and automatically bump you up to the next option (which is only an extra $3).

For even better value, if you’re bumped up part-way through the billing month, you’ll receive the full option amount rather than the pro-rata amount for that billing month.

And to make things even easier, we’ll just pretend you were on that plan from the beginning of the month. This means you receive the FULL benefit of the upgrade.

Bumping continues in this way until you are at the maximum L inclusion of Voice, Text and/or Data.

It is always good to see innovation in product pricing and options.

More details

Product 4G Mobile Plan
Network Optus 4G Network
Summary All users
Tethering  Yes
Activation $10
Cost of 2 Min Call 3c/min
Data p/MB $10/GB
Data Increments Per KB
International TXT/MMS 35c/70c
Video Calls  $1/minute
13/1300/1800 25c/min