SlimTel BYO Mobile Plans


Slimtel is a mobile plan provider using the Vodafone 3G+ network. Slimtel provides some very low cost mobile plans with a $0 monthly commitment. For heavy mobile users the new Super Slim Caps and unlimited offers are great value with loads of calls and TXT. Slimtel is a Federal Government Endorsed Supplier.

Quick Summary – Slimtel BYO Mobile Plans

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
VIP $0 Plan 22c^ or 34c^ to non Vodafone mobiles (chg p/sec) 0c 18c $1.65 25.3c/MB 15c^ 500kb data increments. $11 to port out. 68c/0 calls $0 Buy SlimTel
Size Zero 14c 0c 14c $1.65 25c/MB 70c + 45c flagfall 500kb data increments 28c/0 calls $0
SlimTel $9.90 Plan 38c^c (inc most intern) 25c 25c $1.65 44c/MB $9.90 Credit 20c/p 5 mins to Slimtel 22c + 45c flagfall 500kb data increments $1.01/9 calls $9.90/mth
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 70c 5c/MB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS Unlimited 500kb data increments Unlimited calls $39.90/mth

1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

Sim Only Mobile Review – SlimTel BYO Mobile Plans (December 2015)

SlimTel is another of the original BYO mobile plans that was launched as a no contract, month to month arrangement. They have over the past few months revamped their product range and now feature 6 mobile plans. The first three are at the very cheap end. VIP $0 Plan gives you call rates of 11c to Vodafone and 17c to others (charged per second). There is no call credit with this plan and the minimum spend is $0 each month. Data charges are 25.3c/MB. The second plan is the Size Zero plan and is even cheaper with 14c/min calls and no flagfall. Data is a 5c/MB. Once again you pay no monthly minimum and you receive no call credit, just pay for what you spend. The final of the cheaper plans is the $9.90 Global plan. You receive $9.90 in call credit and call rates for this plan are 19c/30s. SlimTel claims that the 19c/30s call rate applies to most international calls as well. Also note that this plan gives you 20c calls to SlimTel phones for 5 mins.  The second category of Slimtel plans cater for the heavier mobile user. The $49 and $79 Capsgive you $250 and $520 in calls respectively. Call rates are 35c/30s or a 2 minute call is $1.65 each. The $250 will buy you 151 calls and the $520, 315 calls. A 50% discount applies to all calls once your call allowance has been used up.  The final and newest of the premium plans is the unlimited offer. $39.90 buys you unlimited local fixed line and mobile calls anywhere in Australia but no data, just a low data rate of5c/MB. At the cheaper end, there are some reasonable options worth considering. The $49 and $79 Caps are pricey for what they offer. See Amaysim for better value.

More details

Product VIP $0 Size Zero Unlimited $49 Plan $79 Plan $9.90 Plan
Network Vodafone 3G Network
Summary Caters for low usageUnlimited Use
Activation Charges
Cost of 2 Min Call $0.68 $0.28 NA $1.65 $1.65 $1.01
Data p/MB 25.3c/MB 5c/MB 5c/KB 3.3c/KB 5c/MB
Data Increments
International TXT/MMS 25c/$1.65
Video Calls1 $1.40/min + 45c flagfall
13/1300/1800 17c/30 secs 39c/30 secs 19c/30 secs