Kisa Phone Monthly Mobile Plans

kisa prepaid mobile plans
The KISA phone is the first mobile phone in Australia that can finally make mobile technology affordable and accessible to everyone. The phone has been designed in conjunction with the community and several major associations including those supporting the disabled and vision impaired. The KISA phone will appeal to parents with young children, the visually impaired, those living with reduced physical abilities, or anyone wanting a simple and easy to use mobile phone.
The KISA team have launched a range of Red and Blue plans using the Vodafone and Telstra networks respectively.

Kisa Phone Monthly Mobile Plans – Quick Summary

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Red 30 – $15 50c Nil 30 minutes Unlimited to Red and Value Plans $1/15 calls $15/mth Buy Kisa Phone now!
Red 70 – $20 29c Nil 70 minutes Unlimited to Red and Value Plans 58c/35 calls $20/mth
Red 150 – $30 20c Nil 150 minutes Unlimited to Red and Value Plans 40c/75 calls $30/mth
Red Ultimate – $45 20c Nil 600 minutes Unlimited to Red and Value Plans 40c/300 calls $45/mth
Blue 75 – $25 33c Nil 75 minutes 66c/32 calls $25/mth
Blue 175 – $40 23c Nil 175 minutes 46c/72 calls $40/mth

Monthly Mobile Review – Kisa Phone Monthly Mobile Plans (January 2015)

Kisa phone is a smart phone built for family members who require a phone specifically for emergency purposes. The phone has been designed with large button of key contacts that are preprogrammed into the phone. The phone can make calls and receive calls but cannot TXT nor access the internet. The ideal phone for an elderly family member or a child.

The range of plans comes in both month to month and prepaid format. The Kisa Phone Monthly Mobile Plans can be accessed through either the Vodafone 3G and Telstra 3G networks. The Red range uses the Vodafone 3G network and starts at just $15/mth with 30 minutes of calls and unlimited calls to other Red customers as well as Value (prepaid plan) customers. The plan range increases to $20 with 70 minutes of calls, $30 with 150 minutes and $45 with 600 minutes. These plans include call time only. No TXT nor internet access is available.

If you are after the Telstra network plans, then consider the Blue range which starts at $25/mth with 75 minutes of calls and increases to $40/mth with 175 minutes of calls.

Key features about the phone include:

kisa phne easy_to_use

Easy to use interface
Making a phone call is as simple as a single button press. There are no confusing menus, screens to swipe, numbers to remember and the user does not even have to be able to read.

SOS Button for Emergencies
The KISA phone has a large SOS button that immediately dials emergency services if pressed four times. When activated the phone makes a loud noise to attract attention and switches to hands free mode to allow the user to communicate to emergency services without having to hold the phone.

Built in Loudspeaker
The KISA phone has a built in loudspeaker for those with hearing loss or those who want to operate the phone without holding it to their face.

Long-life battery
The KISA phone can last over 7 days on standby and can make 4 hours of calls on a single charge. This gives piece of mind should the phone not have been placed in the charging cradle overnight.

Cost of the Phone
The KISA phone, with the first month of access, is available from $99 which makes it accessible to everyone. Our call plans are straightforward, with no lock in contracts and include safeguards to prevent bill shock.

More details

Product Red Plans Blue Plans
Network Vodafone 3G Telstra 3G
Summary Low to Medium Use Low to Medium Use
Internet NA NA
Data Increments NA NA
Video Calls NA NA
International TXT/MMS NA NA
Calls within network Free 23c – 33c/min
Recharge locations Online Online
1300 & 1800 numbers 20c – 50c/min 23c – 33c/min
Credit Rollover NA NA
International Roaming NA NA
Phone 1300 557 453

1 – rate per 30 seconds. ^Charged in 1 min blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.