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exetel mobile

Exetel Mobile offers a competitive range of BYO Mobile plans using the Optus 4G network. Starting at just $20/mth, customers can enjoy $200 credit and 500MB of data without a contract period. Exetel Mobile has been offering BYO mobile plans since 2010.

Quick Summary – Exetel Mobile

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Saver $1.10 25c 25c 1.5GB $300 Calls + $200 TXT/MMS Unlimited Included Excess data: $10/GB charged p/KB 136 calls $19.99 + $20 sim Buy Exetel Now!
Value Unlimited Unlimited 2.5GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Excess data: $10/GB charged p/KB Unlimited calls $29.99 + $20 sim
Plus Unlimited Unlimited 6GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Excess data: $10/GB charged p/KB Unlimited calls $39.99 + $20 sim

BYO Mobile Review – Exetel Mobile (December 2015)

Exetel Mobile recently revised their range of 4G BYO monthly mobile plans moving from a dollar allowance for calls to minutes. Plans start at $19.99/mth for the Saver Plan and increase to the new Unlimited offer the Plus plan at $49.99.

Spend $19.99/mth and receive 300 minutes of calls, unlimited TXT and MMS plus 500MB of 4G data. Excess call costs are $1.10/min. Your $19.99 buys you 150, 2 min calls which include calls to Australian Landlines, Mobiles, 13/1300 and 1800 Numbers, Voicemail Retrieval and National Diversions. You can step up a level at $29.99 and receive 600 minutes of calls, unlimited TXT & MMS and 1GB of 4G data.

The final offer is now an Unlimited plan offering unlimited calls, unlimited TXT & MMS plus 3GB of 4G speed data for $49.99.

Excess call charges are $1.10/min (no flagfall) and 5c/MB (data increments are per MB). International TXT is 35c and MMS 75c.  All plans come with a $20 activation charge.

Exetel Mobile uses the Optus 4G network.

1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

More details

Product Saver Value Plus
Network Optus 4G Network
Summary Covering low, medium and heavy users
Activation Charges $20
Cost of 2 Min Call $2.20
13/1300/1800 calls $1.10/min. 1800 – 22c/min
Data p/MB 5c/MB
Tethering Yes
Data Increments Per MB
Calls within Network Medium/Large – Unlimited
International TXT/MMS 35c/75c
Video Calls1 $0.50/min + 35c flagfall
International Roaming Yes
Website www.exetel.com.au
Phone 1300 393 835