Best 4G BYO Mobile Plans

Compare the Best 4G BYO Mobile Plans

4G BYO Mobile Plans have gained considerable popularity in the past 18 months because they offer 4G data access and offer enough data allowing you to really enjoy the 4G network speeds. With their popularity we also have much greater choice. The cheapest and best 4G BYO Mobile Plans plans are listed to give you some guidance. Follow the link to view full plan details. Network range remains the same with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone your only 4G network providers. Detailed below is a coverage map for each of the networks (Melbourne) and a link to view your own particular town.

Before you jump into any 4G BYO Mobile Plan, you would be best to check out how the coverage applies to where you live, work or study. You can do so via these links: Telstra 4G Coverage, Optus 4G Coverage, Vodafone 4G Coverage.

The following table provides some insight into the coverage offered for Melbourne as at April 2014.

Australian carriers use the following 4G LTE frequencies. Should you be looking to purchase a 4G smart phone particularly one from overseas, ensure that it is compatible with atleast one of these frequencies. Australia is currently using these LTE bands (LTE bandmask in brackets):

2100Mhz – Telstra (3G spectrum)
1800Mhz – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
900Mhz – Telstra, Vodafone, Optus
2300Mhz – Optus (Vivid wireless spectrum)

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Quick Summary – Best Value 4G BYO Mobile Plans

BrandProductCall Rate1Flag FallTXT/MMSCall CreditVoicemailDataExcess Data p/MBNetworkMonthly ChargesValue2More
amaysim unlimitedUnlimited $49.90UnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + 300 mins internUnlimited9GB (p/KB)7.2cOptus 3G/4G$49.90Unlimited CallsLearn more
4G BYO Mobile Plans - Bendigo Bank Telco4G Medium $34.95UnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $300 internUnlimited5GB (p/KB)$10/GBOptus 3G/4G$34.95Unlimited CallsLearn More
4G BYO Mobile Plans - exetel monthly mobile plansPlus $39.99UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited6GB (p/KB)$10/GBOptus 3G/4G$39.99Unlimited CallsLearn More
4G BYO Mobile Plans - live connected byo mobile plansRapid 4990c35cUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited3GB (p/KB)3cOptus 3G/4G$49Unlimited CallsLearn More
optus prepaidMy Sim $60UnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + 300 mins internUnlimited6GB (p/KB)$10/GBOptus 3G/4G$60Unlimited CallsLearn More
spin internet - sim only mobile plansLarge $37UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited4GB (p/KB)$10/GBOptus 3G/4G$37Unlimited CallsLearn More
vaya flexible mobile plansUnlimited 3699c35cUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/UnlimitedUnlimited7GB (p/KB)$10/GBOptus 3G/4G$36 + $20 StarterUnlimited CallsLearn More
virgin mobile logo 2013$40 Sim Plan98c40cUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $300 internUnlimited7GB (p/KB)5.2cOptus 3G/4G$40Unlimited CallsLearn More
Vodafone Prepaid Mobile$80 Sim OnlyUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS and intern TXT/MMS + unlimited to 10 countries + 120 intern minsUnlimited11GB (p/KB)$10/1GBVodafone 3G/4G$80Unlimited CallsLearn More
telstra prepaid logoLarge $70UnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited10GB (p/KB)$10/1GBTelstra 3G/4G$70Unlimited CallsLearn More
Dodo Mobile PlansDodo - UltraUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited5GB (p/MB)$15/GBOptus 3G/4G$49.90Unlimited CallsLearn More
iinet sim only mobile plans$45 Plan90c35cUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited2GB (p/MB)5cOptus 3G/4G$45Unlimited CallsLearn more
tpg mobile plansT4G IIIUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited5GB (p/KB)$10/GBVodafone 3G/4G$39.99 + $20 StarterUnlimited CallsLearn more

1: call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs   3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made with $100 credit.