Sim Only Mobile Plans – Best 3G Data Offers

Compare Sim Only Mobile Plans for 3G Data

Sim Only Mobile Plans are mobile plans with no set contract term, just a month to month arrangement where you are charged a monthly access fee for as long as you choose to stay. A Sim Only Mobile Plan will in many instances offer better value than a prepaid mobile plan. The Sim Only Mobile Plans listed below have been personally selected because they offer the best value when it comes to mobile 3G data.

If you have just purchased a smart phone or are looking to use your existing mobile phone to surf the world wide web (or social network services such as Facebook or Twitter), then these plans should form your short list. The table below compares what is on offer from each provider (sorted by 3G and 4G options), the increments that the data is counted by and how much additional data will cost.

Best Sim Only Mobile 3G Data Offers

ProviderProductData AllowanceIncrementExcess DataCall CreditNetworkBuy Now
Yatango Mobile Phone PlansUnlimited Pack
4GB1KB5c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSOptus 3G/4G
amaysim unlimitedAmaysim Unlimited $44.905GB1KB7.2c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSOptus 3G/4GBuy Amaysim
clubtelco mobile plansCaps $30500MB1MB$2/MB$500 Call/TXTOptus 3GBuy Club Telco
telechoice logo 2015Live Starter 555GB10KB$10/GBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSTelstra 3GBuy Telechoice
Think MobileUltimate $32.952GB1MB2c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSVodafone 3GBuy Think Mobile
reward mobile sim only plansUltimate $42.953GB200KB10c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSVodafone 3GBuy Reward Mobile
Vodafone sim only mobile plans$50 Sim Only4GB1KB$10/1GBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + unlimited intern TXT/MMS + 90 mins intern + 10 free countriesVodafone 3G/4GBuy Vodafone
optus prepaidBYO Sim $608GB1KB$10/GBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + 300 mins internOptus 3G/4GBuy Optus
exetel monthly mobile plansExesim Plus $49.993GB1MB5c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSOptus 3G/4GBuy Exetel
vaya flexible mobile plansPower Plan $272.5GB1KB$10/GB$650 Calls/MMS + Unlimited TXTOptus 3G/4GBuy Vaya
live connected byo mobile plansRapid - 493GB1KB3c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSOptus 3G/4GBuy Live Connected
spintel sim only mobile plansMedium - $271GB1KB$10/GB500 minutes + 1000 TXT/MMSOptus 3G/4GBuy Spintel
telstra prepaid logoGo Casual $502.5GB + 6mth Presto1KB$10/GB$1000 Credit + unlimited TXT/MMSTelstra 3G/4GBuy Telstra
virgin mobile logo 2013$35 Sim Plan1GB1KB5.2c$500 Credit + unlimited to VirginOptus 3G/4GBuy Virgin Mobile
Bendigo Bank TelcoVelocity $29.951.5GB1MB3c/MB300 minutes + 3000 TXTOptus 3G/4GBuy Bendigo Telco

The key consideration regarding data increments is how the rounding is applied when your data session is closed (by you or the network). Where increments are p/MB, this means that when the data session closes your data for that session will be rounded up to the nearest MB. So if in that session you’ve consumed 8.6MB, this will be counted as 9MB, if you’ve consumed 0.1MB this will count as 1MB. This is where p/KB can make a difference. Where you have consumed 8.6MB, you will actually on be charged for 8.6MB, where you have used 100KB (or 0.1MB) that is all you will be charged.