Bendigo Bank Telco

Bendigo Bank Telco

Bendigo Bank Telco is a community initiative to offer competitive products to rural communities whilst also keep profits local. The Bendigo Bank Telco offer uses the Optus 3G/4G network and includes the Inspire $20 – a low risk and affordable way to access the Optus 4G network with a no contract plan when you bring your own compatible phone.

Quick Summary – Bendigo Bank Telco

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Extra Lite 11c Unlimited Unlimited 1GB 200 mins Included 22c/100 calls $19.95/mth
Lite Unlimited Unlimited 2GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $50 intern Unlimited Included Data $10/GB charged p/KB Unlimited calls $29.95/mth Buy Now!
Medium Unlimited Unlimited 5GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $300 intern Unlimited Unlimited Data $10/GB charged p/KB Unlimited calls $34.95/mth
Heavy Unlimited Unlimited 10GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $500 intern Unlimited Unlimited Data $10/GB charged p/KB Unlimited calls $49.95/mth

Sim Only Mobile – Bendigo Bank Telco Review (Aug 2016)

Bendigo Bank Telco is a community initiative to give regional Australia affordable access to the fast growing 4G network. Using their relationship with Optus, Bendigo Bank Telco have launched the Velocity range starting at $19.95/mth which offers 200 minutes of calls, 1000 TXT and MMS plus 200MB.

The latest plan update in December 2014 has seen the introduction of a minute allowance and a flat TXT/MMS allowance. From the $19.95/mth plan customers can upgrade to the $29.95/mth offer which includes 300 minutes of call time and 3000 TXT/MMS plus 1.5GB. From here we have the $39.95 offer with 600 minutes, 3000 TXT/MMS and 2GB data.

The Velocity unlimited offer has now been replaced with a 3000 minute plan as well as a price drop to $49.95/mth (was $65). Along with the 3000 minutes customers are given access to 3000 TXT/MMS and 3GB data.

The December changes have brought about several improvements particularly around monthly price but also the number of plans. The move to minutes and a flat messaging allowance also provides greater value. Another improvement is the per MB price for excess data, which has fallen from 5c/MB to 3c/MB. On the down side, the price per call has increased from $2.15 per 2 minute call to $2.20 and data increments are now per MB not per KB.

The Velocity range pricing is not cheap but it is competitive. The $19.95/mth plan is still on the lower side in terms of value when you compare it to the likes of Vaya Mobile where the $18 offer gives you $650 in calls and 1.5GB of data using the Optus 4G network.

Personally, these types of initiatives are worth supporting particularly if they also develop jobs in regional communities but the value needs to also be there, otherwise everyday Australian’s are not getting the best deals around.

1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

More details

Product Velocity
Network Optus 4G
Summary Low – mid level users
Activation Charges Nil
Cost of 2 Min Call 11c
Data p/MB $10/GB
Data Increments Per KB
International TXT/MMS 25c/50c
13/1300/1800 $1.10
Calls within Network $1.10
International roaming Yes
Video Calls1 $1.10
Contact Phone 1300 737 881