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Get the best unlimited deal with Amaysim Mobile – with a tiny 30-day commitment instead of lock-in contract enjoy unlimited standard national calls, voicemail and messaging plus access to the Optus 4G network. If you’re a chatterbox or frequent texter, with amaysim mobile you can focus on your friends instead of worrying about the cost.

Quick Summary – Amaysim Mobile

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Network Calls Voicemail Extras Value Charges More
Amaysim Unlimited 1GB Unlimited Nil Unlimited Unlimited 1GB then $10/GB Unlimited Calls & TXT/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited calls $10/mth Buy now!
Amaysim Unlimited 2.5GB Unlimited Nil Unlimited Unlimited 2.5GB then $10/GB Unlimited Calls & TXT/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited calls $20/mth
Amaysim Unlimited 5GB Unlimited Nil Unlimited Unlimited 5GB then $10/GB Unlimited Calls & TXT/MMS + 10 countries Unlimited Unlimited Inc inter TXT, intern calls 10 countries Unlimited calls $30/mth
Amaysim Unlimited 15GB Unlimited Nil Unlimited Unlimited 15GB then $10/GB Unlimited Calls & TXT/MMS + 300 min intern Unlimited Unlimited Inc inter TXT Unlimited calls $40/mth
Amaysim Unlimited 20GB Unlimited Nil Unlimited Unlimited 20GB then $10/GB Unlimited Calls & TXT/MMS + 300 min intern Unlimited Unlimited Inc inter TXT Unlimited calls $50/mth

Sim Only Mobile Review – Amaysim Mobile Unlimited (Dec 2017)

The Boost Mobile Sim Only and Prepaid Mobile range has received a significant boost over the past week with Amaysim launching its 4G network access plans using the Optus 4G network.

Existing customers who do not wish to move can stay with the 3G offer they are currently on as well as the plan pricing but customers looking to move to 4G along with per KB billing increments can now enjoy Optus 4G on all Amaysim plans inlcuding the Flexi and the new Unlimited options which start at $29.90.

The Flexi continues to offer $20 of call time with per minute calls at 9c/min. With this comes a 9c TXT rate and 500MB of Optus 4G data. Flexi will cost you $20 per month. The next step up is the new Unlimited offer at $29.90. With this comes unlimited calls and TXT/MMS all within Australia. Users can also make unlimited calls to other Amaysim customers. With data your $29.90/mth will buy you 2GB of Optus 4G data and data increments are also per KB.

Amaysim offers two additional Unlimited offers with the $44.90/mth plan offer unlimited calls in Australia, unlimited TXT and MMS plus 5GB of Optus 4G data. Again with per KB increments. The final offer varies only on data to the previous plan. For $54.90 you get access to 7GB of Optus 4G data. With all 4G plan excess data is 7.2c/MB. Data addons can however be purchased should you need more data and they start at $9.90 for 1GB with a 30 day expiry.

With all BYO Mobile plans, you can leave whenever you like however until you do so, you have a recurring $39.90 charge to your credit card which gives you access to all of these great services. Whilst it might not be fair to compare it to prepaid mobile plans, as a sim only or BYO mobile plan it remains as one of the best offers available. Let’s just hope that Amaysim Mobile can continue to offer it as many of their competitors have gradually eroded their unlimited offers both in terms of call and data value. 

A great way to get started with Amaysim is to hang out for one of their 50% off your first month offers which are run quite regularly. We feature them on our home page and newsletter whenever they are active so that you don’t miss out.

1: call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.  2: Cost of a 2 Min Call + Number of 2 min calls with credit provided.

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Product Flexi Unlimited
Network Optus 3G/4G Network
Summary Low level users  Unlimited Calls & TXT
Activation Charges Nil
Cost of 2 Min Call 18c Unlimited
Data p/MB $10/GB
Data Increments Per KB
Video Calls1 49c/min
13/1300/1800 29c/min Unlimited
International TXT/MMS Unlimited
Calls within Network Unlimited
International Roaming Yes
Phone 1300 808 300