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Cheapest and Best BYO Mobile Plans

Looking for the best BYO Mobile Plan? Many providers claim to offer BYO Mobile Plans. Our definition of a BYO Mobile Plan means you bring your own phone and have a pay by the month contract. This entitles you to stay for as long as you like. BYO or Sim Only Mobile Plans give you everything a contract plan gives without the dreaded contract. Some people call them BYO Mobile Plans, Sim Only Plans or No Contract Mobile Plans. Either way they are a great alternative for those who want the best value they can get with a mobile phone contract without the handcuffs.

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Tips for picking the best BYO Mobile Plan

Call Charges

All plans must provide you with the cost of a 2 minute call and how many of these two minute calls you can access with your call allowance. On average you will find that your call rate will be about 90c/min with a 35c flagfall. This equates to a 2 min call costing you $2.15. With a call allowance of $500, you will be able to make 232, 2 minute calls. Prepaid plans shows you to cost of a 2 minute call for each of the plans offered by the above providers. We also show you the amount of calls you can make.

A good way to determine how much in call allowance you will require is to look at your previous few months of call usage. Whilst you might think you need unlimited calls and TXT, most people on average only make about 200 calls a month.

Pay As You Go rates are offered by some plans instead of a call allowance. In this case, you will find that the call rates are much cheaper than when a call allowance is offered, eg 15c/min and no flagfall. Looks much cheaper doesn’t it? It is but the actual costs depend on how much you use. Let’s say you make 30, 2 minute calls in a month, this pricing would cost you $9/mth just on calls. Great value. On the other hand if you made 90, 2 minute calls in a month, then the pricing would come to $27/mth. Not so great.

Free Calls

A great way to save on call charges is to choose a plan that you partner or close friends also use. In many cases, plans offer unlimited or discounted calls to others using the same provider or carrier. Eg Virgin has unlimited calls to other Virgin members.


In order to really enjoy mobile internet you will require a 3G or 4G compatible mobile phone. As far as the best network is involved, it you are living in any Australian capital city, then they should all work fine (they all have occasional black spots). As you start to venture out into more rural areas, then Telstra and Optus are your best bet (in that order).

The question of data quantity is difficult but I would recommend that you go with a plan with a minimum of 500MB. This will be more than enough to read your email, run any mobile apps on your phone and browse the internet. When you start getting into downloading files and streaming music or video content then you will require more. Also note that my experience with 4G phones is that they do suck more data more quickly.

Below are some details on what each of the more applications and activities use in terms of data.

  • Facebook – 2MB per minute of use
  • Uploading pictures – depends entirely on the size of the photo and can be up to 8MB each.
  • Browsing – depending on how frequently you are loading new pages, expect about 2.5MB per minute of use
  • Video Streaming – standard definition video will use about 2 – 3MB per minute, high definition video about 6MB per minute of use
  • Music Streaming – expect to use 1 – 2 MB per minute of use for the entire length of the song

Another important factor to consider when reviewing data offers is the billing. Some plans offer per MB billing and other offer per KB billing. The difference relates to rounding of data usage and usually applies when your connection has been cut eg when you drive through a tunnel or undertake some other activity which cuts your mobile internet connection. So if you data session had used 500KB and then the connection cut it off, per KB billing would charge you just what you used whilst per MB billing would charge you the full MB. It sounds dramatic but remember this has to do with cutting your connection, not simply closing the internet. In my personal tests of this feature, I could not find that it made much difference to my overall usage, however this does not apply to everyone and if you had the choice between two plans with similar value and pricing and one had per KB billing and the other per MB, the former is what I would go with.