Woolworths Mobile Prepaid Plans

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Woolworths Mobile is a new prepaid mobile service from Woolworths with a range of mobile and prepaid data plans using the Telstra 3G network.

Woolworths Mobile Prepaid Plans – Quick Summary

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
$15 Plan 90c 40c Unlimited 30 50c 250MB $250 Calls + unlimited to Woolworths 90c $2.20/113 calls
$30 Plan Unlimited 30 3GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $100 intern Unlimited Calls Buy Woolworths Connect
$45 Plan Unlimited 30 8GB Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS + $200 intern Unlimited Calls
250MB Addon 14 250MB $5
500MB Addon 30 500MB $8.50
1GB addon 30 1GB $15
$14.90 Data Plan 15 1.25GB $14.90
$29.90 Data Plan 30 3GB $29.90
$99.90 Data Plan 180 10GB $99.90

Prepaid Mobile Review – Woolworths Mobile Prepaid Plans (July 2016)

Woolworths Mobile Prepaid Plans launched in mid June 2015 using the Telstra 3G network. The plans includes both a prepaid mobile range and a prepaid data sim range. One sim can provide both services. The prepaid mobile plans include to recharge options $30 and $45. The $30 recharge comes with $650 in calls and MMS plus unlimited TXT in Australia and unlimited calls to other Connect customers. Included data is 1.5GB with a bonus 1GB applying during to opening launch period.

The $45 recharge includes $1500 in calls and MMS plus unlimited TXT and unlimited calls to other Connect customers. Data offered is 2.5GB with a bonus 1GB during the opening promotional period.

If you run out of data, 3 data addons are also available with $5 buying 250MB, $8.50 – 500MB and $15 – 1GB. Data increments for all data usage is per 25KB.

If you own a tablet or just use your phone for internet use, then a data sim is also available. $14.90 buys 1.25GB (15 day expiry), $29.90 – 3GB (30 days) and $99.90 – 10GB with 180 days expiry.

One thing to note with the Woolworths Mobile service is that there is no PAYG data rate. If your data allowance gets used up prior to your credit expiry, you can either purchase an addon or wait until your next recharge.

Comparing Woolworths Mobile
The $30 equivalent from Aldi Mobile includes $65 of credit (10c/min calls), 50,000 TXT, unlimited Aldi Mobile calls plus 1.5GB data. The $45 equivalent offers 43,200 minutes of calls, unlimited Aldi Mobile calls, 50,000 TXT, 20,000 MMS and 4GB data. In both cases the value from Aldi is better. Both plans use the same network.

Purchasing the Sim

The only way to purchase a sim is via a Woolworths store (or associated retail outlets within the Woolworths family). Each sim costs $2 and comes with no data. The two recharge options include $30 and $45. Woolworths could have atleast done something “original” here and offered the sim cards for free or as Aldi does offered them at $1 with $5 credit included. Surely it doesn’t cost Woolworths $2 to produce the packet and given it is entering such a competitive space, looking at ways to build a client base would be to its advantage.


You will require ID when you purchase the sim packet. There are no forms to fill out (not at this stage anyway). The store attendant wrote by Drivers Licence details on the back of the receipt. Somehow I don’t think they had sold many of these packs. woolworths connect online portal recharge

Getting setup online was really easy. I did need ID again and I had the choice of mobile number (including the ability to port across my existing number). The plan include the $30 and $45 prepaid mobile plans plus the data sim options of $14.90, $29.90 and $99.90. With your prepaid mobile options you also have the ability to boost your data with a data addon.

APN Selection

My trial was undertaken using a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. Once I completed the recharge, I received a number of emails from Woolworths welcoming me. One confirmed by recharge and another my login details to the Woolworths Mobile portal. The phone automatically picked up the Telstra APN, no need to setup data or anything else.

Speed Test

The tests where undertaken late on a Sunday night. I ran it twice to check and the results where:

Test 1
Ping: 58ms
Download: 3.26Mbpswoolworths connect speed test
Upload: 1.27Mbps

Test 2
Ping: 65ms
Download: 4.08Mbps
Upload: 0.89Mbps

You can’t really read into these speed tests and the results can vary so much depending on the activity at your local tower, nevertheless these isn’t a bad results for a 3G service.

Usage Monitor

Woolworths Mobile offers an online portal through which you can view your current account balance as well as recharge. Usage history is also accessible showing all calls, messaging and data usage.

Woolworths Connect Portal

So far so good, the setup was really easy and the online portal has everything you need. Given Woolworths has such a strong retail presence it will be hard not to find the stands with the sim packs. They were at the front of the store that I visited. Woolworths is also running adverts at the moment promoting the service.

I would have thought that Woolworths would have offered a PAYG option to its range particularly for not so heavy users. Whilst $30 is a reasonable starting point, the Woolworths offers is only OK when it comes to value. Optus offers its $30 recharge with unlimited calls/TXT/MMS and 1.5GB data using the Optus 4G network.

It is a good first go by Woolworths but I truly think that the market is mature enough to expect a lot more from new entrants especially those with the pockets and experience that Woolworths has.

More details

Product Prepaid
Network Telstra 3G
Summary Prepaid mobile and data plans
Internet No excess
Data Increments  p/25KB
Video Calls 90c/min
International TXT/MMS 50c/75c
Calls within network Unlimited
Recharge locations Online/Retail
1300 & 1800 numbers 90c/min
Credit Rollover Not Available
International Roaming Not Available
Website www.woolworthsconnect.com.au

1 – rate per 30 seconds. ^Charged in 1 min blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.