Vodafone Prepaid Plans

Vodafone Prepaid Plans

Vodafone Prepaid Plans. Make your life as mobile as you like with Vodafone Prepaid. No matter how much you use or what you like to do on your mobile, we have the right prepaid plan for you. Check out the new Vodafone Combo, Vodafone PAYG and Vodafone 365 prepaid plans.

Quick Summary – Vodafone Prepaid Plans

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
Combo $30 Unlimited 28 Unlimited 2GB Unlimited calls/TXT/MMS + $30 credit Unlimited Increments p/KB Unlimited calls Buy Vodafone Now!
Combo $40 Unlimited 28 Unlimited 5GB Unlimited calls/TXT/MMS + $40 credit + 90 min intern Unlimited calls
Combo $50 Unlimited 28 Unlimited 7.5GB Unlimited calls/TXT/MMS + $50 credit + unlimited to 10 intern* + 90 mins intern Unlimited calls
PAYG+ $30 20c 20c 365 50c 2c/MB $30 MyCredit 20c Increments p/512KB. Rollover Flexi Credit. 40c/75 calls Buy Vodafone Now!
PAYG+ $40 20c 20c 365 50c 2c/MB $40 MyCredit 20c 40c/100 calls
PAYG $50+ 20c 20c 365 50c 2c/MB $50 MyCredit 20c 40c/125 calls
Data Add-on $3 1 2GB Buy Vodafone Now!
Data Add-on $7 7 2GB
Data Add-on $5 28 500MB
Data Add-on $10 28 1GB
Data Add-on $15 28 2GB

*Unlimited calls to China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, NZ, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK and USA.

Prepaid Mobile Review – Vodafone Prepaid Plans (July 2016)

Vodafone have had their up and downs. Much of the criticism being justified but all of the press coming out from Vodafone itself is that things have changed for the better. Over the course of this week I have had a chance to experience a few aspects of Vodafone which gives me some perspective into what customers have found frustrating. For my review, I purchased a $10 International Sim Starter Kit from my local Coles store. Comes with the sim and the $10 credit. A quick round up of the prepaid offers available. This review has since been updated with the purchase of a $30 Prepaid Cap sim card (mainly for 4G testing).

Current Vodafone Prepaid Plans and Offers:
2015 Vodafone has seen Vodafone invest considerably in growing its prepaid mobile plan customer base. Unlimited international calls and unlimited weekend data have been a popular promotion. Today Vodafone offers 3 plans, the new Combo, PAYG and 365 days. The latest Combo plan range comes with unlimited calls and messaging for all recharges starting at $10 and ranging up to $60. The $10 recharge also includes up to 350MB data. The $60 recharge comes with a similar unlimited calls and messaging plus 6GB of data, unlimited calls to 10 countries plus 120 mins for free international calls to all others.

The PAYG plan has only been around a few months and recently replaced the international recharge sim. 10c/min with a 10c flagfall plus 2c/MB with p/512KB increments. The same international call rates apply.

The 365 day recharge has not changed much over the years but it is still great to see that Vodafone offers a longer term recharge. Each recharge comes with a call allowance and Vodafone call allowance. Data is $2/MB.

The sign up and activation process was really easy and quick. This along with Yatango must have been the quickest I have experienced to date. Within a minute of clicking activate on their website, I was issued a number of TXT messages with my number and where I could login to view my usage as well as recharge.

Your Vodafone prepaid plans recharge can be completed via the mobile phone app, online, via phone or retail outlet. Note that Coles and Woolworths regularly offer discounts if you recharge through them (usually 10% off).

Within minutes of activation I was up and running. My Galaxy S4 recognised the sim instantly and I was able to make a call straight away. I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and found no issues with reception nor call connectivity. My 7 minute call to a Melbourne fixed line number worked perfectly. I also sent several TXT and all arrived straight away. You are best to check coverage out for yourself however.

In order to activate data on the Galaxy S4, I needed to find the network on my phone. This took about a minute and internet was connected. Determining internet speeds was interesting. The speed test app that I was using to test downloads and uploads was connecting to a Melbourne Data Centre, but for some reason only uploads could be tested. My best upload speed was 3.22Mbps at 9pm on a Monday evening. This actually compares really well with the Optus and Telstra sim cards that I have tested to date. Mind you this is only Vodafone 3G.

Testing on my partner’s Huawei smart phone achieved the following speed results: 3.14Mbps download, and 0.37Mbps upload (taken early in the morning).

With Vodafone 4G, testing in Perth CBD achieved (best result) 144 sec Ping, download of 7.69Mbps and upload of 19.17Mbps.

4G access is now available but you need to ask for it to be turned on, it does not come automatically even with a prepaid plan which comes with a data allowance. My Vodafone 4G experience was good. I tested it in two states Perth and Melbourne and whilst I cannot say that I reached the speeds that I can with Vodafone, I had very little disruption of the service (ie flicking back to 3G+) as I usually do with Optus. The Vodafone 4G footprint has been expanding ever since the launch in November 2013 and I have been able to enjoy good speeds and a connection even 20KMs out from Melbourne CBD. This i have tested with both my phone and a Vodafone 4G wifi modem.

vodafone prepaid plansUsage Meter:
The Vodafone Prepaid Plans website gives you access to a easy to use Usage Meter plus loads of information about your prepaid mobile plan. The website states that data is updated every 48 hours. I found that it took about 24 hours to be updated.

The calls and TXT undertaken during the review were accurate. The usage table displays data in PKTs or packets. I assume these are sessions. I had several of these. Beside them are the charges.

From a data charging perspective what really counts is that data charging is rounded to the nearest KB and not MB (Vodafone offer per KB for mobile). From the usage meter displayed below this seems to be the case. Mind you that this is the case with my tests using the Prepaid Cap sim. Data using the International Sim was a little more confusing.

Customer Service:
I managed to find a few reasons to contact the Vodafone customer service team. On both occasions the waiting times where short and the service was good. They even have a call back service which I used and they did attempt to call me back.

Vodafone Prepaid Plans App:
Downloadable from both Play Store (Android) and iTunes (iPhone). Displays your current balance and allows you to recharge using a voucher or your credit card. See image on credit available.

vodafone prepaid plans

Good Points:

  • Vodafone prepaid plans activation process was really quick and easy.
  • Call quality and reception in my area (Eastern suburbs of Melbourne) was great.
  • Data speeds where really quite fast in my area (better than Optus on a limited test).
  • Customer service was quick and decisive.
  • Great range of plans covering Caps, international and long expiry.
  • 4G with all prepaid options is great (you do need to request to have it turned on.
  • Per KB data increments across all mobile plans.


  • Using Vodafone for PAYG data doesn’t last very long at all. If you want data access select one of the Vodafone prepaid plans which offers atleast 500MB of data allowance.
  • Turning 4G on should be automatic, you shouldn’t need to have to request it. Although I have since noticed that a TXT message is issued (arrived several weeks after my activation) telling me how to activate 4G.

Would I move?
I would need to test the speeds in more locations but if they checked out OK, I wouldn’t have an issue with the network. Vodafone’s position over the past few years has been to be upfront with its customers. The experience with calls and data and coverage has been good, so I have no problems here. Having per KB pricing is a real plus.


1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.


More details

Product PAYG Combo 365 Day Recharge
Summary If you want to keep in touch with your friends here and overseas, then you’ll really like the super low rates on Vodafone International recharge. Combines unlimited local calls and messaging with big data and an allowance for international calls. Vodafone’s 365 Day Recharge gives you the flexibility to use your credit over a whole year. Recharge before the end of your 365 day expiry and rollover any unused credit and Vodafone to Vodafone Talk minutes.
Network 4G
Credit Rollover Unused credit rolls over, recharge prior to expiry Un-used credit expires on recharge Unused credit rolls over, recharge prior to expiry
Video Calls1 10c/min + 10c flagfall Unlimited 89c/min + 35c flagfall
2 Min Call 30c Unlimited $2.13
International TXT/MMS 28c/50c 35c/50c 28c/50c
Calls within Network Unlimited ($20+) Unlimited Allowance of 50mins – 650mins
13/1300/1800 10c/min + 10c flagfall Unlimited 89c/min + 35c flagfall
Data increments p/512KB p/KB p/KB
Downloads All flexible credit can be used for Vodafone Live.
Critical Information Summaries Vodafone Critical Information Summaries
Recharge locations Phone, mobile, online & retail
International Roaming Vodafone says that you can use your Flexible Credit to cover any roaming charges.
Website www.vodafone.com.au
Phone 1300 650 410

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.