Virgin Mobile Prepaid

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Virgin Mobile Prepaid is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a monthly bill. You control what you spend and when you spend it. Virgin Mobile Prepaid best bits – No monthly bills; Just grab a sim and you’re ready to go, or chose a brand new phone. Keep your old number, Free Voicemail in OZ, Control your account online with automated top up, Change your prepaid mobile plan whenever you like, Choose One Of Our Prepay Mobile Plans Or Caps.

Quick Summary – Virgin Mobile Prepaid

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
Simple – $19 15c Free 15c 90 60c 100MB $19 Credit Free in OZ  Free calls/TXT to Virgin. Excess data is 0.2c/KB, Data packs available. Credit/data rolls over 30c/63 calls Buy Virgin
Simple – $29 15c Free 15c 90 60c 100MB $29 Credit 30c/96 calls
Simple – $49 15c Free 15c 90 60c 100MB $49 Credit 30c/163 calls
Simple – $79 15c Free 15c 90 60c 100MB $79 Credit 30c/263 calls
Simple – $99 15c Free 15c 90 60c 100MB $99 Credit 30c/330 calls
Long Expiry $15 78c,
5c to Virgin
40c 28c 180 60c, 25c to Virgin 0.2c/KB $15 Credit Free in OZ  Free TXT to Virgin. Credit/data rolls over $1.96/7 calls Buy Virgin
Long Expiry $19 78c,
5c to Virgin
40c 28c 180 60c, 25c to Virgin 0.2c/KB $19 Credit $1.96/9 calls
 Long Expiry $29 78c,
5c to Virgin
40c 28c 180 60c, 25c to Virgin 0.2c/KB $29 Credit $1.96/14 calls
 Long Expiry $49 78c,
5c to Virgin
40c 28c 365 60c, 25c to Virgin 0.2c/KB $49 Credit $1.96/25 calls
 Long Expiry $79 78c,
5c to Virgin
40c 28c 365 60c, 25c to Virgin 0.2c/KB $79 Credit $1.96/40 calls
 Long Expiry $99 78c,
5c to Virgin
40c 28c 365 60c, 25c to Virgin 0.2c/KB $99 Credit $1.96/50 calls
Plus $19 90c 40c 25c 28 60c 500MB $100 Credit
Free in OZ $2.20/45 calls Buy Virgin
Plus $29 90c 40c 25c 28 60c 2GB $450 Credit Free calls/TXT/MMS to Virgin. Excess data is 0.2c/KB, Credit/data rolls over $2.20/136 calls
Plus $49 90c 40c 25c 28 60c 5GB $900 Credit $2.20/204 calls
Plus $79 90c 40c 25c 28 60c 8GB $1500 Credit $2.20/681 calls
Plus $99 90c 40c 25c 28 60c 10GB $1800 Credit $2.20/840 calls

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days.
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network).
Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

Prepaid Mobile Review – Virgin Mobile Prepaid (July 2016)

The Virgin Mobile Prepaid range consists of the Plus, Long Expiry and Simple plans. You can pickup a sim pack for $2 and then recharge for $19 on the Cap plan for 500MB data and $100 in calls. Recharging at $29 increases these allowances to 2GB and $450. At the top end $99 also buys 10GB data with calls of $1800.Virgin Cap also provides a worthwhile bonus the longer you stay and keep recharging and the ability to rollover unused data. Your second recharge gives you $50 additional call credit, your 3rd $100 and your 4th $150. The $150 bonus then stays with you for as long as you stay recharging.Virgin mobile prepaid With the launch of the new Plus plans we finally have a prepaid offer from Virgin worth talking about. $99 gives you a huge 10GB of 4G speed data. Virgin Mobile gives you unlimited calls and TXT to any other Virgin customer in Australia plus unlimited voicemail. Call rates for the Cap are 90c/min with a 40c connection, TXT is 25c and excess data (or PAYG data for prepaid) is 0.2c/KB. Credit lasts 28 days.The Long Expiry option has a starting recharge amount of $15. For this you only receive $15 of credit lasting 180 days. Recharge $49 and over and your credit is $49 lasting 365 days. Outside of the longer credit expiry, this plan has slightly reduced call rates of 78c/min with a 40c connection to any other network. Call rates to other Virgin customers are 5c/min with a 40c connection. TXT rates are 28c or free to other Virgin customers and PAYG data is 0.2c/KB.The final plan is Simple and also comes with a starter recharge of $19. For this you receive $19 of call credit and 100MB data. Credit lasts for 90 days. The bonus with this plan is the discounted call rates at 15c/min with 15 TXTs. Calls/TXT to Virgin are free as is voicemail. PAYG data is 0.2c/KB. Simple also comes with some pretty competitive international call rates.With Virgin Mobile Prepaid, if you recharge prior to your credit expiry, any unused credit rolls over. (5GB data limit applies). Note if you switch to a different plan upon recharge, the credit expiry of any remaining credit also changes. Data rates listed above relate to using the Virgin APN. If you are using the Optus APN, the following rates apply 12c/MB charged p/MB.

My Virgin Mobile Prepaid Trial
I started my trial with Virgin Mobile by ordering a sim online for $2. It arrived by Australia Post courier mail requiring photo ID on delivery within a couple of days. If your name is on the delivery address, make sure that you will be onsite to collect it when it arrives as delivering to your home when you are at work will not work and you will need to go and collect it.

virgin mobile prepaid

Activation online was relatively simple. I made the error of forgetting my 6 digit pin which required a call to customer service over the weekend but waiting times where very short and the support was really good and friendly. Note call centre seems to be o/seas. Once activated everything worked (calls and data) with no setting alterations required. The only thing I had to do was to recharge. Virgin Mobile Prepaid also automatically sent me setup emails for MMS and internet usage which where not necessary for my phone as all connections simply worked. Having an automated email is really handy as some providers make you search for these settings.


You can recharge via the My Account section of the Virgin website or you can purchase a voucher from a store. Activating the recharge can be completed online or via the Call Centre if you need assistance. The only confusing thing about my Virgin experience was what to recharge. At the time of activating the prepaid sim, I was asked to select the plan I wanted to use. I chose the Cap plan, however when I went to recharge and add some credit to my prepaid plan, the screen that I was faced with had a lot more options. The options on the far left enable you to filter your recharge options based on how much you wish to spend. At the $19 level, you have quite a few combinations to choose from. As you can see I chose the $19 Pay-Rise Cap with $100 in credit and 250MB, but I also had options such as the $10 Textalot plan which from the main pages of the Virgin Mobile website doesn’t seem to be offered any longer. This also applied to plans like Home Made and Topless. Obviously there would be existing customers still using these recharge types but it seems weird that I didn’t have any restrictions in being able to select them even as my first or even subsequent recharge option. Outside of this slight confusion, recharging was straight forward. If you are recharging online you will need a credit card. You can also setup Auto-recharge which will save you some time.

Online access

The Virgin Mobile Prepaid online portal gives you access to your account, how much credit remains, your usage summary as well as how much you have recharged in the past. What is a little confusing here is that my call credit had fallen by a few dollars due to a couple of calls I made, whilst the usage section of the portal doesn’t reflect a charge for call, nor was it showing any data had been used. Maybe it requires a little more usage. Will update this in a week or so.

Speed Test

As always these are just a very, very rough indication of performance. My test in and around the Mt Waverly area of Melbourne achieved download speed of 4.82Mbps with an upload speed of 1.22Mbps. I was actually outdoors when I conducted this test. My indoor test an hour or so later achieved 1.37Mpbs virgin mobile prepaiddownload and 0.48Mbps upload. A further test in Richmond Vic, achieved….


  • Ordering and setup where really easy. Even if you don’t have the latest phone, Virgin will send you your data and MMS settings unlike some others who make you search for them.
  • New Plus plans are now very competitive when it comes to prepaid 4G data.
  • Customer service support was quick and helpful (didn’t sound like it was local though).
  • 4G was just turned on for prepaid.


  • The recharge screen was a little daunting at first, more options is great but if you don’t know the in/outs of them, accidentally choosing one might cause some headaches you don’t need.

Would I switch?

If the Virgin Mobile prepaid plan was right. Everything about Virgin worked well and was efficient. As a prepaid provider Virgin once lead the way with some really good low cost plans, today they seem to be a little more premium. I have no problems recommending them.

More details

Product Simple Long Expiry Plus
Network Optus 3G/4G
Summary 15c/min local call rates. Take your time, your credit lasts from six months up to a year! FREE text & 5¢/min calls Virgin to Virgin seal the deal. We thought you might like this one. Recharge your Virgin Mobile with Pre-Paid Your CAP credit and get everything you need. Huge included value, Unlimited FREE Calls & Text 24/7 Virgin to Virgin4, FREE Voicemail PLUS a mobile internet data allowance.
Credit Rollover Credit/data rolls over
2 Min Call 30c $1.96 $2.20
International TXT/MMS 15c/60c 35c/60c 35c/60c
Video Calls 15c/min 78c/min + 40c flagfall 90c/min + 40c flagfall
Calls within network Unlimited 5c/min Unlimited
13/1300/1800 15c/min.18/1800 – 16.5c/30 secs + 25c flagfall 78c/min + 40c flagfall. 18/1800 – 16.5c/30 secs + 25c flagfall 90c/min + 40c flagfall. 18/1800 – 16.5c/30 secs + 25c flagfall
Data increments p/KB
International roaming Unlimited 5c/min + 40c flagfall Unlimited
Recharge locations Phone, mobile, online & retail
Phone 13 63 69

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network).
Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.
What is V2V? – To Virgin Mobile Prepaid numbers only. Fair Use Policy applies. Fees/Cancellation may apply for excessive use (over 2500 minutes and/or 3000 text per month).