Roaming Sim Prepaid

Roaming SIM Prepaid

Roaming Sim Prepaid helps you to save up to 90% on your global roaming charges. Use Roaming Sim prepaid for your voice, data, SMS in any device including Mobile Phones, iPads, Tablets & Laptops. Roaming Sim prepaid gives you access to discounted voice and data charges in 230 countries. Make and receive calls, send SMS AND Access the internet.

Quick Summary – Roaming Sim Prepaid

Product Cost Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 More
Starter Pack $49.95 $10 credit Yes Buy Roaming Sim!
Frequent Roamer $89 $60 credit + dual sim for
mobile and iPhone/iPad
Global Roamer $129 $110 credit + dual sim for
mobile and iPhone/iPad
Roaming Data Sim $129 $110 credit + iPad Sim

Notes: 1 – p/minute. Calls to landlines and mobiles. Covers call costs to Australia. 2 – p/minute. Rates to receive calls. Data rates are per 100KB.
Rates may vary slightly due to currency fluctuation and are subject to change without notice at any time.

The table below shows a comparison of roaming rates covering a range of international destinations and a range of roaming service suppliers including prepaid plans from Australian and specialist international roaming sim cards.

How does Roaming Sim Prepaid work?

Using Roaming Sim Prepaid means that you will receive your own Roaming Sim Prepaid sim card which you will use when traveling overseas. The sim card has its own phone number which is the number that you will provide to family and friends for them to call you. Roaming Sim Prepaid uses a number of mobile networks depending on the country that you are traveling to in order give you the best rates and save you money. Roaming Sim Prepaid uses a call back system whereby upon you dialling the number they will call you back and connect you through to your destination.

Incoming/Mobile/DataIndonesiaChinaItalyNew ZealandSpainUAEUKUSABrazil
Roaming Sim14c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c14c/34c/45cFree/18c/45c55c/55c/45c14c/34c/45c
Backchat Mobile59c/$1.24/$1539c/84c/60cFree/74c/60cFree/74c/$10Free/74c/60c20c/84c/$15Free/74c/60cFree/74c/60c79c/$1.24/$1
Woolworths Global14c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c14c/34c/45cFree/18c/45c55c/55c/45c14c/34c/45c

Rates are based on making international calls (to Australia) from country you are in. Optus rates use the new Optus Travel service. Vodafone uses Prepaid Cap charges. Call costs are per minute. Data charges are per MB.