Mobi Passport International Sim

mobi passport international roaming sim card

Mobi Passport international sim provides travellers with a local pre-paid SIM card for each destination they travel to offering great local rates for calls, TXT and data.By using a local SIM in your iPhone, smartphone or iPad while overseas you can access all your favourite applications such as Facebook, Google Maps, Skype and Email, whenever and wherever you are without coming home to a phone bill in the thousands of dollars. Mobi Passport international sim ensures you always pay what the locals pay.

Quick Summary – Mobi Passport International Sim

Product Sim Pack Call Rates1 TXT Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 More
France $29 €0.50 €0.12 €0.90 – Internet Max 10MB – 10MB valid for 1 day Yes Buy Mobi Passport
Spain $25 €0.09 €0.09 €16.90 – 1GB Internet for 30 Days First 5 min of calls to Aus Free
UK $17 £0.25 £0.12 £10 – 1GB and 50 MMS for 1 month Calls to Aus £1.50/min
NZ $22 NZ$0.44 NZ$0.09 NZ$20 – 1GB
Canada $25 CAD $0.30 CAD$0.20 CAD$25 – 500MB for 30 days
Thailand $22 ฿2 /min first minute then ฿0.50 /min ฿2 99THB – 300MB – 7 days
USA $25 Unlimited $5 for 50MB 250 mins then 10c/min
Germany $24 €0.09/min + €0.09 flagfall €0.09 1GB for €12.90 €7.50 credit
China $32 ¥0.20/min ¥0.10 150MB ($6) ¥46/month – 50min voice and 150MB Data

Notes: 1 – p/minute. Calls to landlines. Covers calls within each country and calls to Australia.

If you want to compare Mobi Passport rates with something like an international roaming sim, then you can use the table below. Mobi Passport offers several plan options for most countries. The Mobi Passport rates are Pay As You Go rates for the select countries.

Incoming/Mobile/DataIndonesiaChinaItalyNew ZealandSpainUAEUKUSABrazil
Roaming Sim14c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c14c/34c/45cFree/18c/45c55c/55c/45c14c/34c/45c
Backchat Mobile59c/$1.24/$1539c/84c/60cFree/74c/60cFree/74c/$10Free/74c/60c20c/84c/$15Free/74c/60cFree/74c/60c79c/$1.24/$1
Woolworths Global14c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c41c/55c/45c5c/34c/45c14c/34c/45cFree/18c/45c55c/55c/45c14c/34c/45c

Rates are based on making international calls (to Australia) from country you are in. Optus rates use the new Optus Travel service. Vodafone uses Prepaid Cap charges. Call costs are per minute. Data charges are per MB.