Lyca Mobile Recharge & Mobile Plans

lyca mobile rechargeLyca mobile recharge and prepaid mobile plans offer you great local rates using the Telstra network and very cheap international call rates with many at 1/4c per minutes. Lyca mobile also offers: High quality network, Free multilingual customer services 24/7, Free voicemail, Online account management, International conference calling, Missed call notification, Call waiting.

Lyca Mobile Recharge & Mobile Plans – Quick Summary

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
PAYG – $20 19c, 12c landlines  29c 15c 90 5c/MB Free Free calls to Lycamobile. Data 5c/MB 67c/29 calls Buy Lycamobile Now!
All in One $19.90 500 mins 500 30 1GB 500 mins, 500 TXT 250 calls
All in One $29.90 Unlimited Unlimited 30 5GB Unlimited Calls/TXT Free Unlimited calls
Unlimited XS $24.90
30 2GB Unlimited Calls/TXT Included Unlimited calls Buy Lycamobile Now!
Unlimited S $29.90 30 3GB Unlimited Calls/TXT + calls to 10 countries Included Unlimited calls
Unlimited M $39.90 30 7GB Unlimited Calls/TXT + calls to 10 countries Included Unlimited calls
Unlimited L $44.90 30 7GB Unlimited Calls/TXT + calls to 40 countries Included Unlimited calls
Unlimited XL $49.90 30 10GB Unlimited Calls/TXT + calls to 40 countries Included Unlimited calls
Data Pack $5 250MB Buy Lycamobile Now!
Data Pack $10 1GB
Data Pack $25 3GB

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.


Prepaid Mobile Review – Lyca Mobile Recharge (July 2016)

Lyca mobile offers a free sim card including delivery, so I put it to the test. Couple of days later a basic white envelope arrives with a letter and sim card attached. The registration instructions are to call the customers service team or to register online. Being late in the evening I decided to try my luck online. After 10 minutes of searching for the Registration link, I resorted to a google search for it.

The process asks for the PUK code and the last 4 digits of the sim card number. All very easy to find (on the card). You then enter personal contact details and address as well as nominate whether you want a new number or to port across your existing number. Do not attempt to complete this form using Chrome, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Now the wait. There was actually nothing to wait for. The next step is to insert the sim card (standard or nano sim only, no micro sim for some reason). With the sim card inserted, I searched for the network and found Lycamobile, upon selecting it, I was sent a series of TXTs covering my mobile number and acceptance of the data settings. Getting data to work required that I either call Lycamobile or search for the settings on their website. Did both, the phone service directed me to the website. I found my phone Google G1, went through the settings as described in setting up the APN. The MCC and MNC settings I left as per the default on the phone even though Lycamobile requested they be left blank. The other step I needed to take was to shut down my phone and restart it. This seemed to turn it all on. Now the internet works.

Product Range
Lycamobile offer a very broad range of prepaid mobile plans all using the Telstra 3G network. The range begins with the PAYG plan which acts as your “main balance” with call rates of 12c for fixed line, 19c for mobiles and a 29c flagfall. All SMS in Australia and overseas is 15c with PAYG data now 5c/MB.

Until recently Lycamobile offered one of the best prepaid mobile offers for around $30. The Super Saver plan at $29.90 with unlimited calls and TXT with Australia also had up to 5GB of data. The price of this plan actually reduced to $19.90 only to now hit an all time high of $39.90. Data has also been reduced to just 1GB which makes it a rather unattractive offer for the price.

Lycamobile still has the best international call rates across the biggest range of countries. It also boasts a range of international call packages which offer an allowance of international call minutes to a select number of countries. The Asia Plus $19 offers 1000 minutes of calls to China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Speed Test

Lycamobile uses the Telstra 3G network and the speed test results will vary depending on your phone and location. A test I undertook using my iPad achieved 2.46Mbps download and 1.05Mbps upload.lyca mobile recharge

Lyca Mobile Recharge
The process to recharge was relatively simple. I recharged via their website without actually logging into my account. It requested my email and mobile and credit card details. My $10 Lyca Mobile recharge returned a 10% bonus (eg $1). Lycamobile have a credit card authentication process when recharging which pretty much occurs in the background for you but you do get to see images of it checking your card. As a confirmation I received an SMS confirming my purchase.

Online Account Access
In order to login to see your account details and balance you need two pieces of information: your mobile number and your personal code. The personal code can be requested via their website by entering your mobile number. Lyca mobile then send you an email with your code. You can reset that code to one that you wish to use directly from their website.

The online portal allows you to see your current balance which is updated within minutes of phone use. It also makes available your call history and the ability to top your account plus setup auto-top up. The one thing the portal does not cover instantly is data usage. Takes upto 24 hours for this to appear. Overall though, the online portal provides you with pretty much all of the access you need.

lycamobile recharge


  • Some of their cheaper cap plans like the National Packs and the National Plan $25 are reasonable value.
  • PAYG local call rates good value.
  • Lyca mobile recharges and online access are easy to use.
  • Lyca Mobile now uses the Telstra 3G network.
  • Data Plans are now available and offer great value 3G for $25.


  • Registering online is a nightmare and needs to be made easier.

Would I move to Lycamobile
If I had a dual sim phone, then I would consider using their PAYG services for making international calls. Now that the move from the Telstra 2G network to the 3G network has been completed, my hesitation on data can be overcome.

More details

Product LycaMobile
Network Telstra 3G
Summary Low level use with limited data needs
2 Min Call 59c
International TXT/MMS 15c
13/1300/1800 15c/min + 29c flagfall
Calls within Network Free
Recharge rollover No
Video Calls 15c/min + 29c flagfall
Data Increments p/MB
International Roaming Yes available
Recharge locations Online, 7-eleven, All-Phones, BP, Caltex, Coles, Woolworths or via your phone
Phone 1300 854 607