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Hello Mobile recharge and prepaid mobile offers you three prepaid mobile phone plans that provide you with cheap local and international calls. Hello Mobile offers free calls between Hello Mobile members.

Hello Mobile Recharge and Prepaid Mobile – Quick Summary

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
Unlimited 30 $29.90 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 2GB Unlimited Calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited Calls Buy Hello Mobile!
Unlimited 40 $39.90 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 4GB Unlimited Calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited Calls
Unlimited 50 $49.90 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 5GB Unlimited Calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited Calls
Unlimited 60 $59.90 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 6GB Unlimited Calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited Calls
VIP $25 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 5c/MB Unlimited Calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited Calls
Combo 40 $40 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 2GB Unlimited Calls/TXT + 250 mins intern Unlimited Unlimited Calls Buy Hello Mobile!
Combo 10 – $10 10c 12c 30 75c 5c/MB $10 Credit + 50 min intern 10c 50 mins to 16 countries 20c/50 calls
Freedom 500 – $40 Unlimited Unlimited 30 75c 500MB Unlimited Calls/TXT + 500 mins intern Unlimited Unlimited calls
Supa Plan – $10 12c/0c Landlines 30c/10c Hello 10c 90 75c 5c/MB $10 Credit 0c Free calls to Hello. 54c/18 calls Buy Hello Mobile!
Supa Plan – $20 12c/0c Landlines 30c/10c Hello 10c 90 75c 5c/MB $20 Credit 0c Free calls to Hello. 54c/37 calls
Supa Plan $30 12c/0c Landlines 30c/10c Hello 10c 90 75c 5c/MB $30 Credit 0c Free calls to Hello. 54c/55 calls
Eazy Plan – $20 8c 12c 30 75c 3c/MB $20 Credit 8c 16c/125 calls
Eazy Plan $30 8c 12c 30 75c 3c/MB $30 Credit 8c Free calls to Hello 16c/187 calls

Hello Mobile Recharge & Prepaid Mobile Review – Hello Mobile (June 2017)

All Hello Mobile Prepaid Mobile Plans are now on the Vodafone 4G network.

2014 has been a very busy year at Hello Mobile. The Hello Mobile team has expanded its prepaid mobile offers with the launch of Eazy, Combo Plus, Freedom and Social Max. Each of these plans combines discounted local and or international calls, PAYG or unlimited calla and TXT allowance as well as a healthy allowance of 3G speed data.

Combo $10 has been around since 2013 and comes with 10c/min calls hello mobile recharge - hello mobile review, no flagfall, 12c/TXT and 5c/MB data. You also get 50 mins of free talk to 16 international destinations including China, Hong Kong, India, Greece, USA, Singapore, France, Indonesia, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Taiwan, UK, NZ and Italy. This is a PAYG offer and credits only last for 30 days, but $10 for 50, 2 min calls is a good deal and the extra international talk makes it an appealing offering for travellers coming to Australia as well as international students still finding their way about and wishing to make more international calls than local ones. Hello also offers 5c/min calls to other Hello Mobile members. A small daily data allowance would also be great. At 5c/MB it is a pretty good rate anyway.

If you are after unlimited calls the Combo Plus offers unlimited local calls, unlimited TXT and 1GB for $39.90 with a 30 day expiry. This plan also came with 250 minutes of international calls to some 28 popular destinations. The Supa Plan is your basic PAYG plan and comes with a low 12c/min call rate plus 30c flagfall. Calls to Hello Mobile carry a lower flagfall at just 10c. The Supa Plan has its credit expiry at 90 days as opposed to 30 days which all of the other plan have. This is your typical PAYG plan.

The Hello Mobile Eazy Plan comes with a $20 or $30 recharge option. Call rates for these plans are just 8c/min with no flagfall, data is just 3c/MB and TXTs are 12c each. With your $20 and the very low rates that Hello offers you can access 250 minutes of talk or 166 TXT or 666MB data. Alternatively you can also try any combination in-between which interests you. At the $30 recharge, you get access to the same call rates except when it comes to calls to other Hello Mobile customers which is free. Eazy’s 8c/min not only applies to local calls, it also applies to 60 international destinations, so your 250 minutes / 375 minutes covers a mix of local and International calls.

  • The SIM order process is now all handled through one page, making it quicker and easier for you to complete your sim order
  • Hello Mobile are now offering 24/7 support over the phone and via Chat. If you have questions about their plans or your own account, there are now several ways to get into contact with them when it is convenient for you.
  • Hello makes it easy to choose which plan suits you best through their easy comparison page.

Hello Mobile Hands On

Just last week I put Lebara Mobile to the test and I can honestly say that Lebara was great but this was even better. The $10 Hello Mobile sim card which I ordered online arrived within a few days and was the size of a business card. Inside I had the sim which doubled as both a standard sim as well as a micro sim. Activation required the standard ID steps which includes a copy of your license or passport details. I also needed to setup a password for access to the online portal. Once this was complete, I received an email advising me of my activation and login details. Getting started was as easy as installing the sim. Calls, TXT and data worked on both phones that I tested it on with no settings changes. I didn’t even need to find the right APN, both phones found it automatically. Data also worked with no requirement to grab new settings. This applies to both my Huawei Ascend and Galaxy S4. My activation came with $10 Hello Mobile recharge credit. The welcome email which I received also gave me the option accessing a bonus 10% credit if I verified my email address. The bonus was $1 to my credit balance. To test the service and reception, I made TXTs and calls, ran speed tests and generally visited the net. I also used my phone to wifi-hotspot my iPad. Everything worked without a hitch. hello mobile review - hello mobil

Data Setup: No setting changes for either my Huawei nor my Galaxy S4. Internet worked on both phones.

Data Speed: This is probably the biggest surprise I had in terms of this trial. The Combo $10 Hello Mobile recharge gives you PAYG data at 5c/MB. The data speeds I was able to achieve in Eastern Melbourne and in Richmond where similar to what I experienced using the Lebara sim. The best result I achieved was 7.96Mbps download with an 3.07Mbps upload. This was at 8.30PM. I also tried using my phone (Galaxy S4) to hotspot my iPad and again the speeds achieved were 6.12Mbps download and 2.11Mbps upload. Speed tests can vary by time of day and location, so you do need to take care in believing what every speed test shows.

Online Portal: The online portal gives you access to the usage meter which is updated almost instantly. I found the portal good but a little ugly in that it looks dated. Hello does not have any apps to assist you to manage your account via your phone nor recharge. You can recharge via the online portal using either your credit card or the PIN issued when you purchase credit from a store.

Would I buy? If I was going to be making regular international calls then for $10, 50 minutes of free international calls is really fantastic value. You also receive PAYG rates for all the other services. Putting Vodafone to the test yet again I was extremely happy with the speed and performance of the network. Mind you I live in metro Melbourne so you should check your coverage. Lots of ticks from me.

More details

Product  Supa Eazy Combo 10 Freedom 500 Combo 40
Network Vodafone 4G
Summary Pay As You Go plan with discount international call rates Pay As You Go Unlimited Unlimited
2 Min Call 54c 16c 20c Unlimited Unlimited
International TXT/MMS 10c/75c 12c/75c 12c/NA 10c/75c 10c/75c
Video Calls1 $1/min
Calls within network Free calls, 10c flagfall applies 10c/min Unlimited Unlimited
13/1300/1800 5c/min 8c/min 10c/min Unlimited Unlimited
Data Increments p/MB
International Roaming Not available
Recharge locations Online Phone Dealers Retailers
Website http://www.hellomobile.com.au
Phone 1300 126 999

Notes: 1 – rate per minute 2 – expiry period in days 3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.