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gotalk recharge & prepaid Mobile allows you to “Share the moment” with your family and friends without worrying about costs. Whether you’re after international rates or BIG value caps, gotalk Mobile has a plan that will suit you. No Contracts, no bills, no worries.

gotalk Recharge & Prepaid Mobile Quick Summary

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
Anytime – $10 19c to mobiles 29c 15c 90 80c 5c/MB $10 Credit 9c gotalk-gotalk free calls (first 5 min) and 5c TXT. 67c/14 calls Buy gotalk Now!
Anytime-$30 19c to mobiles 29c 15c 90 80c 5c/MB $30 Credit 9c 67c/44 calls
Max – $10 19c peak/10c Off-Peak 30c 15c 90 80c 5c/MB Credit $10 19c 68c/14 calls
Max $30 19c peak/10cOff-Peak 30c 15c 90 80c 5c/MB Credit $30 19c 68c/44 calls
Straight Talk Plus – $10 15c 35c 15c 90 80c 5c/MB $10 Credit 15c 65c/15 calls
Straight Talk Plus – $30 15c 35c 15c 90 80c 5c/MB $30 Credit 15c 65c/46 calls
Aussie $30 Unlimited 29c Unlimited 30 80c 2GB Unlimited calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited calls
Aussie $40 Unlimited 29c Unlimited 30 80c 4GB Unlimited calls/TXT Unlimited Unlimited calls

Prepaid Mobile Review – gotalk Recharge & Prepaid Mobile (July 2017)

gotalk has slimmed and trimmed its prepaid mobile range. Some of their more popular prize winning plans have been closed, obviously too popular and probably too well priced. gotalk now sports four main plans, Anytime, Max, Straight Talk Plus and the new Aussie plan.

If you are looking for cheap local calls, particularly to fixed lines then 0c/min with the Anytime plan is the cheapest you can get. Calls to mobiles are at 19c/min and the flagfall on all calls is 29c. The call rates are competitive but the flagfall is a little on the high side for my liking. gotalk however is not only about local calls, they also offer very competitive international calls via all of their prepaid mobile plans. All gotalk prepaid plans offer free gotalk to gotalk calls for the first 5 minutes.

The Max prepaid plan offers both peak and off-peak rates for your local calls. Off peak is between (midnight and 11 am) with local calls at just 10c/min and a 30c flagfall. Even with a 30c flagfall, over a 5 min or 10 minute call, the impact of the flagfall really diminishes considerably when you have such a low call rate. TXT are 15c across all plans. Data costs of increased slightly of late to 5c, which is on par with most other providers using the Vodafone network. The credit expiry on this and all gotalk plans is 90 days.

Straight Talk Plus has 15c/min calls with a 29c flagfall. This is the most expensive of the three plans at 59c for a 2 min call. However calls to o/seas countries are cheaper, eg UK, Anytime has it at 3c/min, Max at 5c/min and Straight Talk at 3c/min. Indonesia – Mobile, Max has it at 13c/min, Anytime at 5.9c/min and Straight Talk Plus at 9c. Therefore the tradeoff for costlier local calls is cheaper international calls.

gotalk have recently launched the Aussie $30 and $40 unlimited recharge option. Get unlimited local, mobile calls, 1300/1800 calls and unlimited TXT with both recharge amounts. Plus with the $30 recharge you receive 100MB data (charge per MB) or 1GB with the $40 recharge. Both gotalk recharge options have a 30 day expiry.

1 – rate per minute.
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

More details

Product gotalk Anytime gotalkMax Straight Talk Plus Aussie
Network Vodafone 3G
Summary Gotalk has a range of new prepaid mobile plans that all come with very competitive international talk rates. Gotalk’s Anytime plan has International rates from 0c p/min. Plus all plans come with free 5 minute calls to gotalk members and cheap TXT.
2 Min Call 67c 68c Peak/50c Off Peak 59c Unlimited
International TXT/MMS 15c/80c
Video Calls1 $1/min
Calls within network Free calls up to 5 mins to other gotalk numbers (flagfall and standard charges apply after 5 minutes) and 5c TXT.
13/1300/1800 5c – 13/1300, 9c/1800 19c – Peak, 10c Off Peak 15c Unlimited
International Roaming Not available
Data Increments p/MB
Critical Information Summary Anytime Max Straight Talk Plus Aussie
Phone 1800 GOTALK (1800 468 255)