Cheap International Calls from Australia

Save on your International Calls

Prepaidplans has identified a range of prepaid mobile plans which can help you make cheap international calls from Australia and save a significant amount of money. Understanding the differences between international call plans from the different prepaid mobile providers in Australia can be challenging. It is more difficult still to decide on the one that will best fit your individual needs and budget. Listed below are the best prepaid mobile plans for international calls from leading providers including Virgin Mobile, Optus, Vodafone, amaysim, Hello Mobile, Lebara and Telstra. Apart from the varying call rates to different counties, you can also easily compare features such as national call rates, text rates, internet usage and credit. So whether you need it for business, to stay in touch with a loved one overseas – or you’re looking to make cheap international calls from Australia – our website is the best place to compare your options and save money.

Each of the plans identified below will give you both great local and international call rates, so there is no need for fancy calling cards, overspending with your fixed line connection or holding on to a separate sim card just for your international calls. One sim can do it all, calls, TXT and data.

Lycamobile China 728x90

Cheap International Calls from Australia

Listed below are the most popular destinations called by Australians. To help you choose the best prepaid mobile plan for your international calls, we have listed the cheapest call rate that we can find for both fixed and mobile calls as well as the prepaid plan which you can use to access it.

CountryFixed LineMobilePlanCountryFixed LineMobilePlan
Afghanistan1c19cLebara Save PlanMalaysia0c0cLebara Save Plan
Brazil1c5cLebara Save PlanNetherlands1c5cLycamobile
Cambodia5c5cVodafone PAYGNew Zealand1c1cLycamobile
Canada1c1cLycaMobilePakistan5c5cLebara Save Plan
Chile10c10cOptus My Prepaid DailyPalesine15c19cLebara Save Plan
China0c0cLebara Save PlanPeru5c9cLycamobile
Croatia5c25cLebara Save PlanPhilippines5c9cLebara Save Plan
Fiji20c20cVodafone PAYGPoland1c5cLycaMobile
Germany 5c10cOptus My Prepaid DailySaudia Arabia8c10cVodafone PAYG
Greece1c9cGotalk Straight Talk PlusSingapore2c2cOptus My Prepaid Daily
Hong Kong1c1cVodafone PAYGSouth Africa1c3cLebara Save Plan
India0c0cLebara Save PlanSyria12c15cLebara Save Plan
Indonesia0c0cLebara Save PlanThailand0c0cLebara Save Plan
Ireland1c9cGotalk Straight Talk PlusTurkey3c9cLebara Save Plan
Italy1c9cGotalk Straight Talk PlusUK5c10cOptus My Prepaid
Japan4c15cGotalk Straight Talk PlusUSA1c1cLebara Save Plan
Korea South5c5cOptus My Prepaid DailyVietnam5c6cVodafone PAYG
Lebanon7c15cLebara Save PlanWest Samoa49c49cAmaysim
Russia10c10cOptus My Prepaid DailySomalia7c14.5cHello Mobile

Want to know more about these plans and what else they have to offer outside of just cheap international call rate?

ProductPlanNational Calls1FlagfallTXTExpiry3DataCreditNetworkBuy Now
virgin mobile logo 2013Simple Plan - $1915c0c15c90100MB, then 0.2c/KB$19 Credit plus Unlimited Talk & TXT to Virgin.Optus 3G/4G
Per KB
Buy Virgin
Cheap International Calls from AustraliaMy Prepaid Daily $1/dayUnlimited18640MB/day30 mins/day + unlimited TXT/MMSOptus 3G/4G
Per KB
Buy Optus
Cheap International Calls from AustraliaStraight Talk Plus $1015c29c15c/5c gotalk905c/MB$10 Credit. Free calls to gotalk for first 5 mins (flagfall applies).Vodafone 3G
Per MB
Buy gotalk
Cheap International Calls from AustraliaSave Plan $1010c29c15c301MB/day then 10c/MB$10 Credit + Unlimited calls to LebaraVodafone 3G
Per MB
Buy Lebara
Cheap International Calls from AustraliaPAYG $2010c10c15c302c/MB$20 Credit + unlimited Vodafone talkVodafone 3G/4G
Per 512KB
Buy Vodafone
amaysim international call ratesPay As You Go - $512c0c12c907.2c/MB$5 CreditOptus 3G/4G
Per KB
Buy Amaysim
Lycamobile prepaid sim cardStandard Plan - $1012c to landlines, 19c mobiles29c15c905c/MB$10 CreditTelstra 3G
Per KB
Buy Lycamobile
telstra prepaid logoSimplicity - $1015cFree12c30 - 18010c/MB$10 CreditTelstra 3G/4G
Per KB
Buy Telstra
hello mobile prepaid mobileSupa Plan - $1012c30c/10c to Hello Mobile10c905c/MB$10 Credit. Free calls to Hello Mobile, flagfall applies.Vodafone 3G
Per MB
Buy Hello Mobile
Yatango Mobile Phone PlansPAYG + International pack - $511c0c9c905c/MB$5 CreditOptus 3G/4G
Per KB
Buy Yatango

Maybe you want to know just how competitive the call rates are for each plan across several countries. The table below lists the prepaid call rates covering TXT, fixed line and mobile calls across many of the most popular countries. Compare them for yourself.

CompareYatangoHello Mobile Supa PlanAmaysimOptus My PrepaidLycamobilegotalk Straight Talk PlusLebara Save PlanVirgin Mobile SimpleVodafone PAYGTelstra Simplicity
Hong Kong10c/10c1.5c/1.5c6c/6c3c/3c1c/2c2c/4c0c/1c15c/15c1c/1c15c/15c
Korea South30c/30c3c/5c9c/9c5c/5c3c/5c3c/4.5c1c/5c15c/15c3c/5c15c/15c
New Zealand10c/10c5c/28.5c6c/16c5c/10c1c/5c3c/15c5c/15c15c/15c4c/9c20c/20c
Saudi Arabia50c/50c9c/23.5c29c/29c20c/20c9c/18c8.6c/21.5c9c/12c15c/15c8c/10c89c/89c
South Africa10c/10c3c/8c8c/29c5c/15c3c/5c5.5c/20c1c/3c15c/15c80c/80c20c/20c
Western Samoa$2/$298.5c/98.5c49c/49c$1/$1$1.29c/$1.29c68.5c/90c49c/49c$1.20/$1.2080c/80c$1.45/$1.45

1 – Call rates per minute. ^Actual call rates are per 30 secs. 2 – Per minute call rates for mobile phones and fixed phone lines. Does not include flagfall. 3 – Expiry in days. 4 – Call rate per 30 secs.