Best Prepaid Unlimited Mobile Plans

Unlimited mobile plans have been the flavour of the month for some time in both the prepaid mobile and BYO sim only mobile markets. If you are a heavy user of your mobile phone, making lots of calls, TXT and using loads of data, then the Unlimited Mobile Plan is possibly the right plan for you. Below we compare all prepaid unlimited mobile plans available today, looking at credit expiry, what is included and excluded, the data on offer, if tethering is available and the network the plan is offered on. Making the correct prepaid choice is about knowing the facts behind each unlimited mobile plan.

Compare Unlimited Mobile Plans

ProviderProductExpiryCalls IncludedCalls ExcludedDataExtrasNetworkBuy Now
amaysim unlimitedUnlimited $39.9030 daysUnlimited local fixed/mobile, voicemail, TXT, MMS, 1300, 1800Video, international, satellite4GB – p/1MBTethering:YesOptus 3GBuy Amaysim
Hello Mobile Unlimited OfferCombo $3030 daysUnlimited local fixed/mobile, voice mail, TXT, 1300, 1800, international to select countriesMMS, video1GBTethering: YesVodafone 3GBuy Hello Mobile
Unlimited 404GB
optus prepaid$2 Days – $30 recharge30 daysUnlimited local fixed/mobile, voice mail, Txt, MMS, 13, 1300, 18, 1800Video & international500MB – p/KBTethering: YesOptus 3G/4GBuy Optus
gotalk prepaid mobile plansAussie 4030 daysUnlimited local fixed/mobile, voice mail, Txt, 13, 1300, 18, 1800MMS, video, international1GB – p/MBTethering: YesVodafone 3GBuy gotalk
boost mobile logoUNLTD – $4030 daysUnlimited local fixed/mobile, voice mail, Txt, MMS, 13, 1300, 18, 1800Video & international2GB – p/1MBTethering: YesTelstra Next GBuy Boost Mobile
Lebara Prepaid Mobile PlansMega Plan – $39.9030 days$10 Credit + Unlimited local fixed/mobile, Txt, 1300, 1800, voice-mailMMS, Video & international2GB then 3c/MBTethering: YesVodafone 3GBuy Lebara Mobile
National Plan $29.9030 daysUnlimited local fixed/mobile, Txt, 13, 1800, voice-mail1300, MMS, Video & international2GB then 3c/MBTethering: Yes
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