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If you’re looking for Telstra prepaid mobile plans, Optus prepaid plans, or simply want the best prepaid mobile plans for your unique needs, then you’ve found a service that can really help you out. With so many companies in Australia offering plans encompassing prepaid internet services, texting and calling, it can be very daunting to find a prepaid mobile plan to suit you – without spending hours looking for it. Thankfully, at PrepaidPlans, we have compiled plans from all providers so that it’s easy for you to find the best prepaid mobile plans – and any other services – in absolutely no time at all.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of finding the provider that suits your needs best – and perhaps the plan that many of your friends and family are already using. If you want Optus prepaid plans or Telstra prepaid plans that suit your needs, we can compare and contrast plans from those providers. We have plenty of other service providers available, as well – simply take a look at this page and you’ll find the plan with the best value possible for your requirements.

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Prepaid Mobile Saving Tips

Following the launch of our “Live Chat” service, it has become quite obvious that selecting a prepaid mobile is a great challenge for many of our visitors. To assist you, we thought we would offer a range of tips that might add some additional guidance. These tips will be built around the questions we receive from visitors. If you have any specific questions, please use our Live Chat service or emails us at

Call Value

All prepaid plans offered through this site display the per minute cost, the cost of a 2 minute call and how many 2 minute calls you can actually make with your call allowance. As an example, many providers have a call rate of 90c/min and a 35c flagfall. The cost of a 2 minute call in this case is $2.15. If your call allowance is $400, then this enables you to make 186, 2 minute calls.

What about Pay As You Go rates. These are just as popular with prepaid mobile plans. You will find that PAYG rates are much cheaper than your standard call rates but are usually not offered any call allowance with these plans. ie Hello Mobile Combo 10 has a PAYG call rate of 10c/min with no flagfall. Your call allowance in this case is the amount you recharge eg $10. How many calls does this buy you, at 20c for 2 minutes you can access 50 calls.

Here is a tip. If you are making very few calls then stick with PAYG rates, if you are a heavy user then look for a prepaid plan with a good call allowance or even an unlimited plan.

Data Allowance

Mobile internet is the most popular service used by mobile phone users today. However to really enjoy mobile internet you need a 3G or 4G enabled phone. What about the network? Three carriers service Australia, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. All three offer both 2G, 3G and 4G network speeds. If you live in any of Australia’s capital cities or territories, any one of these networks will work Ok for you. Venture further out into rural Australia and you are generally limited to Telstra and Optus.

As far as how much do you need. Like calls allowances, some plans offer a set data allowance and others only PAYG data rates. With a 4G enabled phone, you will need atleast 500MB each 30 days. If you are only using your mobile internet occasionally, PAYG rates must be good enough. Be aware that rates vary quite wildly between provider. Some offer PAYG data at just 5c/MB, others at $2/MB.

Here is a guide on how much you will need:

  • Facebook – 2MB per minute of use
  • Uploading pictures – depends entirely on the size of the photo and can be up to 8MB each.
  • Browsing – depending on how frequently you are loading new pages, expect about 2.5MB per minute of use
  • Video Streaming – standard definition video will use about 2 – 3MB per minute, high definition video about 6MB per minute of use
  • Music Streaming – expect to use 1 – 2 MB per minute of use for the entire length of the song

Credit Expiry

Credit expiry matters because it allows you to spend your money over a longer period. On average most prepaid mobile plans have a 30 day credit expiry which means at the end of the 30 days your unused credit expires. Now some providers allow you to rollover your unused allowance if you recharge prior to the credit expiry. The longer the credit expiry the better, but this also can result in less value being offered. Many plans that offer PAYG rates offer a 90 day credit expiry which is great for low usage.

International Roaming
If you are looking to go o/seas with your mobile there are a few options that you might wish to consider. You can either use your existing Australian sim card and pay any applicable roaming charges for calls made and received when overseas or you can buy a local sim from the country you are visiting eg Vodafone when in the UK. You will then be able to access local rates for your local calls as well as make international calls with that phone (no roaming charges will apply unless you travel overseas with it). Prepaid mobile sim cards are available in pretty much every country around the world.

If you are looking for a local prepaid sim card that you can also use for international roaming, then you will need to stick with either TelstraOptus, or Vodafone. All 3 offer international roaming with their prepaid services. Visit the specific provider page to find out more about international roaming. Bare in mind that roaming charges can be very expensive (seriously expense for calls and data).International Roaming Sim

Emergency Phone
If you hardly use your mobile, or a loved one has purchased it for you in case of emergency or to mainly call you (ie you receive more calls than what you make), then take our look at our Quick Search page to see who is offering the best value “Longest Credit Expiry“.

Free or Unlimited Network Calls
Most people first go to their friends for advice regarding the mobile or prepaid mobile plan they should select. This in-fact the best place to start. Firstly your friends and family will give you a warts and all account of their experience and secondly (most importantly) picking a plan that your friends and family also use could result in you getting additional value out of your plan.

This is because many mobile plans, including prepaid mobile plans offer customers free/unlimited or a special allowance for calls made using the same network or network provider. This allowance is in addition to your standard call allowance. Check providers such as Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, Lebara, they all offer free calls to other like users.

Network Quality
As mentioned earlier, there are 3 main networks in Australia. Telstra (also used by Lycamobile (2G), Boost Mobile and Aldi Mobile), Optus (also used by Virgin, Amaysim, Dodo, and Yomojo), Vodafone (also used by Just Mobile, Go-Talk, Hello Mobile). All three networks also offer 3G, 3G+ and 4G access for prepaid customers however this does not necessarily mean that any prepaid plan you choose will offer 4G access.

If you live in very rural Australia, then probably sticking with Telstra (direct or Boost) will be your best bet. However Optus’ reach is pretty good rurally. Vodafone, has invested heavily in their network but rural Australia is probably not the best place to experience them. The beauty of prepaid is that the risk and cost is minimal (cost of a recharge). If you don’t like it, switch. You can port your number pretty easily.