Yatango Mobile has stepped up the value it now offers through its Unlimited Packs by increasing the data on offer for no additional charge or a reduction in value elsewhere. Yatango Mobile offers 3 types of prepaid and sim only monthly mobile plans. Pay As You Go – Discounted call rate of 11c/min with no [...]

Vaya Mobile has launched the Vaya Mobile V4 Power Plans, introducing new costlier call rates across the board, unlimited TXT for all plans, additional unlimited plans plus bonus data. When 3GB of Optus 4G data is all you are offering at $44/mth and Amaysim is offering 5GB for about the same price, the pressure for change begins to mount. In [...]

If you are looking for great value prepaid or even post paid mobile plans, expect to spend on average $30/mth. So does that mean you can’t find value if all you have is $20? Your $20 prepaid recharge can deliver a reasonable call, messaging and data allowance with some plans also offering 4G data speeds. 2015 [...]

Woolworths Connect Review I recently purchased a Woolworths Connect prepaid sim pack from a Woolworths store to put it to the test. Below is my Woolworths Connect Review. Woolworths Connect launched in mid June 2015 using the Telstra 3G network. The plans include both a prepaid mobile and prepaid data sim range. The prepaid mobile plans [...]

Optus has announced updates to Optus My Prepaid Monthly Plans. From 5 July 2015 customers will be able to access the new data rollover feature aggregating up to 10GB of data at any one time. Following research undertaken by Optus, they found that 82% of customers were not using up all of the prepaid data each month. [...]

Lebara Save Plan is the market leading prepaid mobile service for accessing the cheapest in international call rates. Across the 38 international destinations we review which covers every continent, Lebara Save Plan Call Rates where the cheapest across fixed line and mobile in 16 countries, that is 42%. The Lebara Save is a prepaid service with [...]

Walk down any street in your neighbourhood with an international influence whether it be Asian, African or Middle Eastern and on the shop fronts of most stores (even restaurants) you will find posters promoting the international call rates for prepaid providers such as Lebara, Hello Mobile, gotalk and LycaMobile. These four prepaid mobile brands have [...]

Vodafone has snuck in an important change to its prepaid mobile plan range. The Vodafone prepaid plan range has to date consisted of the following offers: Prepaid Cap 365 Days International Over the weekend as I was undertaking my international call charge review, I discovered that the Vodafone International prepaid offer had been replaced by [...]

From June 15 Woolworths through its new MVNO Woolworths Connect will be launching its range of pre-paid mobile and data-only plans. Woolworths Connect Prepaid Mobile Plans have a call rate of 90c/min with a 40c flagfall, no excess data rates as your data stops once your allowance has been used. All plans also come with unlimited [...]

As a previous user of a Telstra prepaid mobile broadband data sim, I am glad to see that Telstra have given their range a much needed review with better pricing and better expiry periods. As a 3G user of the service, I eventually ditched it for Lycamobile because the price just kept going up and in [...]