telstra prepaid mobile plans - simplicityOur latest Pre-Paid Mobile Offers have something for everyone. So whether you like to talk, text, browse the Mobile Internet or just have longer credit expiry, there’s an offer to suit your needs. Plus, some of our offers give you FREE voice minutes and text every time you recharge. The higher your recharge amount the better the value. You simply choose the prepaid mobile offer that best suits you and recharge the minimum amount. You can get included benefits like FREE talk & text to any network, 1c text to Telstra mobiles, Bonus talk time to Telstra mobiles, and Longer credit expiry periods.

Quick Summary

ProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTExpiry2MMSInternetCall Cap/CreditVoice mail1Extras2 Min Call3More
Beyond Talk – $3078c39c29c3050c200MB$30 + 200 TXT + 200 minutes78c1c TXT to Telstra. Excess data $2/mb chg p/KB$1.95/115 callsBuy Telstra!
Beyond Talk $40300MB$40 + 300 TXT + 300 minutes$1.95/170 calls
Beyond Talk – $50Unlimited400MB$50 + 500 minutes Excess data $2/mb chg p/KB$1.95/275 calls
Beyond Talk – $70600MB$70 + 700 minutes$1.95/385 calls
Beyond Talk – $1001GB$100 + 800 minutes$1.95/450 calls
Simplicity – $2015c0c12c3050c10c/MB$2015cData charged p/MB30c/66 callsBuy Telstra!
Simplicity – $30 60$3030c/100 calls
Simplicity – $50 90$5030c/300 calls
Simplicity – $100180 $10030c/333 calls
Browse Pack – $5
3030MBCharged p/KB
Can be purchased with your Recharge credit see Prepaid Cap Encore
Buy Telstra!
Browse Pack – $10200MB
Browse Pack – $20700MB
Browse Pack – $391GB
Browse Pack – $493GB
Browse Pack – $594GB
Telstra Long Life – $2078c39c29c (Int 35c)6050c$2/MB chg p/KB$2078cExcess $2/MB chg p/KB$1.95/10 callsBuy Telstra!
Telstra Long Life – $30180$30$1.95/15 calls
Telstra Long Life – $40180$40 + 50 mins$1.95/45 calls
Telstra Long Life – $50180$50 + 100 mins$1.95/96 calls
 Telstra Long Life – $70365$70 + 100 mins$1.95/85 calls
 Telstra Long Life – $100365$100 + 200 mins$1.95/151 calls
Prepaid Cap Encore $3089c39c29c3050c400MB$220 + $30 recharge credit89cExcess data $2/MB charged p/KB + unlimited talk/text 6pm till 6am. Recharge credit can be used for additional data eg Browse Packs$2.17/115 calls Buy Telstra!
Prepaid Cap Encore $40600MB$510 + $40 recharge credit$2.17/253 calls
Prepaid Cap Encore $50800MB$950 + $50 recharge credit $2.17/460 calls
 Prepaid Cap Encore $701.5GB$1430 + $70 recharge credit$2.17/691 calls
 Prepaid Cap Encore $1003GB$1900 + $100 recharge credit$2.17/921 calls
Prepaid Mobile Review – Telstra Prepaid (August 2013)
Having invested in a Samsung S4 4G smartphone, I thought it was time to review what the 4G experience was like. My intention is to test both Telstra and Optus 4G side by side.I decided to purchase my Telstra sim from a Woolworths retail store. My ID was checked as usual and the whole experience was quite easy Telstra prepaid 4G usage chartreally.Activating the sim card was a little harder however. This is the second sim I have activated with Telstra this year and the second time I have had to use the chat service to complete the activation. As I already have a prepaid mobile broadband sim card with Telstra for my iPad, I decided to activate under this account. Because I had logged into my account there did not seem to be any ID requirement. The activation request was sent almost instantly. The problem however was that almost as instantly, I received an email from Telstra advising that there would be delays in my activation. I waited 24 hours and nothing.I jumped online via the chat service and the young lady activated my sim pretty quickly. My ID was requested. Not sure why my activation was lost (no explanation was given).Once the activation came through, I inserted the sim in my phone and all was ready. Lucky for me my home (eastern suburbs of Melbourne) had 4G access and this appeared on my phone.


Given 4G is still limited to Metro and inner city regions (see map) 4G across will cross over to 3G when it needs to. I experienced this in the train on the way to work in the morning. Now you see it now you don’t.

Speed TestTelstra 4G Coverage

The difference between 3G and 4G speeds is significant. As an example, using my Optus 3G sim in my Samsung S4 can achieve a ping of 46ms, download speed of 4.70Mbps and 1.16Mbps upload. Using the 4G Telstra sim, I reached close to 20Mbps download and 3.5Mbps upload (3 x better). However, the results do bounce around from test to test, but the differences even at the lower levels are significant.

The Plan

Telstra prepaid gives you access to 4G on all of its prepaid mobile plans. I selected the Prepaid Cap Encore plan with a $30 recharge as it had the largest data allowance of 400MB. In total you receive $250 in calls allowance and 400MB (charged per KB). If 4G data speed is what you are after, this is the best plan by way of data value.

I was warned via Twitter that my 400MB would last me a whole 5 mins. In fact I used a quarter of my allowance in less than 45 minutes of active usage. What this means is that whilst the image above shows 11 hours of usage, 10 hours of this was overnight and into the morning. Being a smart phone it has a mind of its own and updates are being run whilst I am not using the phone. No doubt this led to some/most of the usage.

My actual manual usage consisted of a total of 6 speed tests and browsing on under 10 web pages. I also spent 20 minutes on twitter. 25% of my allowance used in less than 1 hour. At this rate, I would need several GBs per month. (or a $70 recharge with 1.5GB on this plan).

My Samsung S4 is one of the fastest phones available at the moment and so even 3G speeds should perform well and general do. I don’t have a need for the fastest speeds on my phone but could be persuaded on my iPad where I do most of my browsing and work.

4G Telstra Speed Test


  • Speeds are very fast at the moment and if you demand performance then 4G is the way to go. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • $30 is easy entry and applies equally to Optus’ offer. Difficult to know if 400MB will really be enough given my initial experience.
  • I would expect that activation would be simpler than my experience for the bulk of Telstra clients. Chat support was quick and effective.


  • You do use the data quicker than on the 3G network even though data increments are per KB with the Prepaid Cap Encore plan. With my regular Live Connected 3G plan, I would use under 1GB per month. My 4G usage in the limited hours I have had it, is unlikely to last me more than 1 week.
  • Be prepared to spend more than what you do via your 3G network. Note however that there are providers like Vaya (Optus network) offering much better 4G value than this plan.

Would I swap?

Not at $70/mth but at $20 or $25 maybe particularly if I could share the data with my tablet and still achieve these speeds. I suppose most people would jump at 4G at the prices I want to pay. Unlikely I am going to get them. Note: Vaya is offering 1.5GB for under $20 (special offer).

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network).
Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

More details

ProductSimplicityBeyond TalkPrepaid Cap EncoreLong Life
Summary15c calls and no flagfall. Expiry up to 180 days.You’ll get plenty of talk, text and data. Plus you can enjoy 1c text to Telstra mobilesIdeal for your smart phone if you are looking for data and call credit.I want to stay in touch with family and friends and have peace of mind that my credit will last even longer. Get up to 12 months credit expiry.
2 Min Call30c$1.95$2.17$1.95
International TXT/MMS20c/75c35c/75c35c/75c35c/75c
Video Calls
Calls within Network15c/min + unlimited b/w 6pm – 6am78c/min + 39c flagfall89c/min + 39c flagfall78c/min + 39c flagfall
Credit RolloverRoll over your unused recharge credit (not cap credit) when you recharge before your credit expiry date
Plus PacksTXT Plus: $5 (30TXT), $10 (85TXT), $20 (180TXT), $50 (500TXT)
Pics Plus: $5 (12pics), $10 (25pics), $20 (55pics), $50 (150pics)
Talk Plus: $5 (10 mins), $10 (25mins), $20 (55mins), $50 (150mins)
Data Incrementsp/MBp/KB
Recharge locationsPhone, mobile, online & retail
International RoamingInternational Roaming is automatically available on your Telstra Pre-Paid service so you don’t need to have it activated.
Phone125 8880
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