Lebara Prepaid Mobile Plans | Lebara Prepaid RechargeAt Lebara Mobile our vision is to be the leader in providing low cost, high quality international mobile services. Now, you can bring your friends and family closer with a new Lebara Mobile Prepaid SIM. Lebara Mobile is a fantastic Australian Prepaid Sim Card Mobile service. We give you low-cost, high quality international calls direct from your mobile along with great value, flat national rates. It’s as simple as that. With Lebara Mobile making any type of call with our prepaid sim card is easy: • No monthly fees • No contract to sign • No credit check • No codes to key-in before you call • No account to set-up • All calls charged by the minute.

Quick Summary

ProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTExpiry2MMSInternetCall Cap/CreditVoice mail1Extras2 Min Call3Buy Now
Standard Plan15c29c15c9095c1MB free p/day then 5c/MBFree Lebara to Lebara calls. No flagfall15c$10 starter pack
10% bonus on recharge
59c/33 callsBuy Lebara Mobile
Unlimited* $49.90Unlimited3095c2GB then 3c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT and international calls see below*UnlimitedIncludes 13/1800Unlimited Calls
Unlimited National Plan $29.90Unlimited3095c2GB then 3c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimited Add $10 or $20 Extra CreditUnlimited Calls
New Mini Mega Plan $24.9010c0c10c3095c500MB then 3c/MB50 minutes or 50 TXTs. Free Lebara to Lebara Calls.IncludedUp to 1000 minutes intern calls20c/100 Calls
Mega Plan
Unlimited3095c2GB then 3c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXT + $10 CreditUnlimitedUnlimited Calls
Mega Plan $49.90 Unlimited Calls/TXT + $20 Credit
Mega Plan
 Unlimited Calls/TXT + $30 Credit
* Lebara Unlimited $49.90 includes free calls to the following international destinations:lebara unlimited

International minutes for New Mini Mega Plan

lebara new mini mega

Prepaid Mobile Review – Lebara Prepaid Mobile (January 2014)
Lebara Mobile offer access to a free sim card. Before you get carried away though, it comes with no credit but atleast you save the $2 that everyone else seems to want to charge for the cardboard and plastic. Ordered late last week, arrived on Monday. Inside the envelope I had a welcome letter and my sim pack. Lebara launched in Australia about 5 years ago but internationally they have been a big player in the prepaid mobile market particularly in Europe for years. In Australia Lebara Mobile uses the Vodafone 3G network to provide both mobile and mobile data services.

lebara mobile online portalLebara Mobile is best known for its international mobile call rates. They have always been quite competitive in this space although Lyca, Hello and Optus also give them a run for their money. In the last 12 – 18 months however, the focus has been on unlimited mobile plans. Lebara offers the following product range:

  • Standard Plan – 15c calls, 15c TXT, 1MB data per day then 5c/MB.
  • Mega Plan – $39.90 gives you unlimited national calls (inc 13/18), unlimited TXT, 2GB data and $10 for international calls and other services.
  • New Mini Mega – $24.90 gives you unlimited Lebara calls, 50 minutes or 50 TXT to anyone, upto 1000 minutes to select international destinations eg India and China.
  • National Plan – $29.90 gives you unlimited national calls (inc 1300/18), unlimited TXT, 2GB data.
  • Unlimited Plan – $49.90 gives you unlimited national calls (inc 1300/18), unlimited TXT, 2GB data and unlimited calls to 23 international destinations.

Once I received the starter pack, activation was really quick and easy. I required the standard Driver ID and had to select my password. Once complete, I needed to recharge. Recharging can be made from within the portal or directly from your phone or by purchasing a voucher. You can in-fact activate the voucher from within the Lebara Portal. One thing I found confusing was selection of the plan. As part of my trial, I wanted to recharge $10 with the Standard Plan. However, the recharge options I was faced with were Main Balance, Mini Mega, Mega and Unlimited. Main Balance now represents the “Standard Plan” with the PAYG rates indicated above. Payment options are credit card. Services such as PayPal are not integrated as yet.

Once the recharge was processed, I popped the sim card into my phone and calls and TXT worked. I made a few calls and sent a few TXT and the reception and speed where perfect. Lebara uses the Vodafone 3G network. The coverage map on the right gives you an indication of 3G coverage in the Eastern states. vodafone 3g coverage map

Data Setup:
On my Galaxy S4, I have to setup a new APN to get the internet to work. The Lebara website offers guidance on this (although my phone was not listed). What I did however find frustrating was trying to set the internet up on my partners Huawei. The website to issue you with a couple of TXT with setting for you to accept. These took far to long to arrive. This was frustrating.

Data Speed:
This is probably the biggest surprise I had in terms of this trial. The Standard Plan $10 recharge gives you 1MB free data per day. Then you are charged 5c/MB with increments per KB. Very reasonable. The data speeds I was able to achieve in Eastern Melbourne and in Richmond where really good. Actually they where much better than what I normally achieve with Optus.

The best result I achieved was 9.76Mbps download with an 1.35Mbps upload. This was at 5.30PM. Even at home I was able to achieve download speeds of over 7Mbps. I also tried using my phone (Galaxy S4) to hotspot my iPad and again the speeds achieved where over 6Mbps. Telstra, who I normally use in my iPad (direct sim card) does not reach these speeds.

Speed tests can vary by time of day and location, so you do need to take care in believing what every speed test shows.

Online Portal:
The online portal gives you access to the usage meter which is updated almost instantly and great news it is actually accurate. My 1MB free per day was showing as was the data I had used. Lebara will need to invest in an App to allow you to easily manage your recharges directly from your phone.

Would I buy?
I am not a huge believer in unlimited plans but the performance of Lebara Mobile and in particular the Vodafone network really impressed me. Based on where I live and work, I would be happy with the network experience.

1 – rate per 30 seconds. ^Charged in 1 min blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

More details

ProductStandard PlanMini MegaUnlimited NationalMega
NetworkVodafone 3G
SummaryGreat PAYG ratesCap style planOne of several unlimited style plansUnlimited fixed line and mobile calls
2 Min Call59c20cUnlimitedUnlimited
International TXT/MMS15c/95c10c/95c15c/95c15c/95c
Video Calls15c/min10c/min15c/min15c/min
Calls within networkTo Lebara – free for first 10mins then 7.5c/min. Flagfall applies.Free calls to LebaraUnlimitedUnlimited
Data Incrementsp/MB
International roamingNot available
Recharge locationsOnline and retail
Phone126 122 from your mobile

1 – rate per 30 seconds. ^Charged in 1 min blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made with $100 credit.

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