Yatango Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

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Yatango Mobile prepaid data plans can be used as a PAYG plan or recharged with credit based on how much you use today or adjusted for how much data you need in the future. The prepaid data plans use the Optus 3G/4G network and is compatible with an Optus 3G/4G modem.

Yatango Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
PAYG Optus 3G/4G 30 Days PAYG Data 5c/MB 5c $10 sim fee applies. Buy Yatango
200MB Optus 3G/4G 30 Days 200MB $5 0.025
1GB Optus 3G/4G 30 Days 1GB $11 0.0011
2GB Optus 3G/4G 30 Days 2GB $15 0.0075
3GB Optus 3G/4G 30 Days 3GB $25 0.0083
5GB Optus 3G/4G 30 Days 5GB $39 0.0078
10GB Optus 3G/4G 30 Days 10GB $69 0.0069

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review – Yatango Mobile Prepaid Data Plans (May 2015)

Yatango Mobile offers the ability to purchase a sim card which can then be used in a USB modem, Wifi Modem or within a yatango speed test may 2015Tablet or iPad.  You can purchase your sim card from many retail stores eg DickSmith for $2 or you can order one online for $10. I chose the latter to test delivery and it arrived within 3 days of making my purchase.

The Data Sim doesn’t however come with pre-loaded data, you need to purchase your prepaid credit either at the time of purchase or at the time of online activation. The activation process itself took me less than 2 minutes to complete and can be done online.

Once I had activated, I recharge for $5 – 200MB to give it all a test and my sim was active with data within 1 minute of completing the purchase. Accessing the data was simple and effective as was the performance of the sim card.

If you have a 4G compatible device (unlocked) then the value can be quite effective particularly at the lower data allowance end. 1GB (4G) for $11 is great value. Compare this to Amaysim which offers the same 1GB value for $9.90 using the Optus 3G network (not 4G). You can also compare it to the Telstra reseller Lycamobile which offers its data packs for $10 and 1GB using the Telstra 3G network. The only thing I could really fault with these offerings is the credit expiry sitting at 30 days for each recharge option. Some longer term options for the Yatango Mobile Prepaid Data Plans would be great.

As your data needs grow, you can upgrade to some of the higher data plans and pay even less for each MB that you use. 10GB option is just $69 at $0.0069c/MB.

Yatango Mobile Speed Test. Undertaken with a Samsung S4 Mini.

Date 20/5 – 8.12pm 20/5 – 8.35pm 21/5 – 8.06pm
Ping 42ms 29ms 60ms
Download 18.60Mbps 14.66Mbps 7.81Mbps
Upload 7.35Mbps 6.30Mbps 3.72Mbps