Vivid Wireless 4G

Vivid Wireless 4g

vivid wireless 4G is an exciting new company launching a seriously fast 4G wireless Internet network. Initially launched in Perth, the service (owned by Optus) now covers all capital cities nationally. Until now, Australians have been limited in their choice of wireless broadband services to voice and call providers offering wireless broadband as an add-on over traditional 3G networks.

Quick Summary Vivid Wireless 4G

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Unlimited 4G network
1 day Daily Unlimited Pass $5 Startup Cost $49 includes
4G USB modem
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 4G network
7 days Weekly Unlimited Pass $30
Plan 1 4G network
30 days 1GB $19 $0.019
Plan 2 4G network
30 days 3GB $29 $0.009
Plan 3 4G network
30 days 4GB $39 $0.009
Plan 4 4G network
30 days 6GB $49 $0.008
Plan 5 4G network
60 days 12GB $79 $0.006
Plan 6 4G network
180 days 15GB $149 $0.009

Vivid Wireless Review – April 2013

Vivid Wireless 4G were Australia’s first provider of 4GB mobile broadband. The service began in WA and is now an national offer although it does not have have the coverage owned by Telstra or owners Optus.

The cost to start up with Vivid Wireless 4G is $49 and at the moment this 4G speed USB modem comes with no data. There is also the option of a Wifi modem which retails for $99 and also comes with no data. Given every other provider is atleast offering a few GBs of data with the starter pack Vivid Wireless 4G have some catching up to do.

Beyond the starter kits, the recharge options include two unlimited plans. The first for $5 lasts one day and the second for $30 lasts a whole 7 days. I would have liked a longer term option. $19 will buy you 1GB and 30 days, $29 offers 3GB, $39 offers 4GB, $49 offers 6GB, all still 30 days. For a 60 day recharge you need to spend $79 and for that you receive 12GB and finally for 180 days you need to spend $149 for 15GB.

Some longer term options are also required here, atleast something that lasts 365 days. Twelve months have passed since the purchase of Vivid Wireless 4G by Optus and there really hasn’t been any change to plans or promotion.

Vivid Wireless 4G was the first the enter the 4G space but now with all three majors offering their own 4G network with a great range of plans, there is little to really get excited with from Vivid Wireless 4G (except for maybe the Unlimited offer).