Virgin Prepaid Broadband

virgin mobile logo 2013Virgin prepaid broadband. Like doing it on the go, with no strings attached? Then Virgin Prepaid Broadband could be the right solution for you. Stay in control and only pay for what you use. Simple.

Quick Summary – Virgin Prepaid Broadband

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Virgin Prepaid Broadband Optus 3G/4G 30 days 4GB $199 4G Wifi modem included Visit Virgin Now
Virgin Prepaid – 400MB Optus 3G/4G 15 days 400MB $15 $0.037 Per KB increments
Virgin Prepaid – 750MB Optus 3G/4G 30 days 750MB $19 $0.025 Per KB increments
Virgin Prepaid – 2GB Optus 3G/4G 2GB $29 $0.014 Per KB increments
Virgin Prepaid – 4GB Optus 3G/4G 45 days 4GB $49 $0.012 Per KB increments
Virgin Prepaid – 8GB Optus 3G/4G 180 days 8GB $99 $0.012 Per KB increments
Virgin Prepaid – 12GB Optus 3G/4G 365 days 12GB $149 $0.012 Per KB increments
Virgin Prepaid – 18GB Optus 3G/4G 18GB $199 $0.011 Per KB increments

Modem is network locked and can be released after recharging with $80 on your new service. Unlocking modem requires $80 recharge.

Virgin Prepaid Broadband Review (June 2015)

Virgin has only ever offered mobile broadband plans. For $79 Virgin Prepaid Broadband offers you 6GB of data and 100 days to use it. If you have your own unlocked USB (3G or 4G), Virgin Prepaid Broadband allows you to purchase a sim card on its own for $10 which comes with 300MB data. Once you are ready to recharge, you can begin with the basic $15 recharge which offers 400MB. From there you can upgrade to 750MB for $19, 2GB for $29, 4GB for $49, 8GB for $99 and 12GB for $149. Recently they also added in a 18GB option which lasts for 12 months for $199. Vodafone offers a similar recharge Voucher for $200 (22GB) and Optus has it for $130 (15GB).Virgin Mobile also also a Wifi USM modem for $99 giving you 4GB of data and a sim card for your iPad or other tablet at $5 with 300MB and 30 days to use it. Remember Virgin is now on the Optus 4G network and data is charged p/KB.