Telstra Prepaid Broadband

Telstra Prepaid Broadband

Mobile broadband is now Prepaid with the Telstra Next GTM and 4G networks. Enjoy Telstra Prepaid broadband and only pay for what you use, no fixed term applies. To get fast, on the go internet that’s really easy to use, just purchase a Telstra Prepaid Broadband 4G starter pack for $89, it includes a USB Modem and 3GB data with 30 day expiry.Telstra Prepaid Broadband offers great benefits including:

  • No bills or fixed term contracts with pay as you go per kilobyte charging
  • Get your account history and balance and recharge from your desktop
  • Recharge as often as you like at over 5500 retail outlets around Australia such as 7Eleven and Woolworths
  • International Roaming with over 20 Telstra partner countries
  • Send and receive SMS on your desktop

Quick Summary – Telstra Prepaid Broadband

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Telstra Prepaid Broadband 4G USB Telstra 3G/4G 30 days 3GB $69 4G USB (Wifi Plus) Modem with 3GB data Buy Telstra
Telstra Prepaid Broadband 4G Wifi Modem Telstra 3G/4G 30 days 3GB $79 4G Wifi Modem (Wifi Plus) with 3GB data
Telstra Prepaid – 1GB Telstra 3G/4G 3 days 1GB $10 $0.01 Recharge Credit will rollover
Telstra Prepaid – 2GB Telstra 3G/4G 7 days 2GB $20 $0.01
Telstra Prepaid – 3GB Telstra 3G/4G 30 days 3GB $30 $0.01
Telstra Prepaid – 5GB Telstra 3G/4G 365 days 5GB $50 $0.01
Telstra Prepaid – 16GB Telstra 3G/4G 730 days 16GB $140 $0.008

Charges are per KB

Telstra 4G Prepaid Broadband Review June 2015

Telstra Prepaid Broadband now has a 4G USB modem on sale for $69 and comes with 3GB of data for 30 days. This is the fastest mobile broadband service available in Australia at the moment and having used it for work, I can say that if you are relying on the net, then it is worth the investment. Telstra recharge vouchers are not cheap. However you get access to a more reliable network and importantly a faster network. It is a trade off and if you are only browsing the net in the evening and the best really isn’t worth it then there are plenty of more affordable offers out there. Try Vodafone, Optus or try Amaysim. They all have great prepaid plans that you can work with. I have been using Telstra for my iPad (similar rates with data counted by the KB rather than the MB) and I wouldn’t move from Telstra. I want reliability and the fastest internet speed I can get access to. I have personally invested in a 10GB, 365 recharge and haven’t looked back.The above plans also come with bonus talk and txt. Call rates at 40c/30s with a 35c flagfall. Txt/SMS is 25c.

May 2013 – 3G Elite Wifi Modem Review

Telstra Prepaid Broadband is looking to concentrate on its 4G devices and so is discounting its 3G modems across most retailers that stocks them as well as directly from the Telstra website and retail stores. For $39.50 you can pickup a 3G Elite Wifi Modem with 5G data and 30 days to use it. So I did.telstra prepaid wifi The Wifi modem itself is almost as big as a mini mobile phone and will provide connection with up to 5 devices at the same time, ie they can all share the data on the device. Inside the box you have the device, lots of instructions and the sim card (actually already installed for you). First step is to activate the sim card. This can be completed online or via the phone. I ended up having to partly complete the process online and then due to some error I spoke to Telstra via Online Chat and had the sim activated.telstra prepaid wifi

I wish Telstra would send you an email or sms advising you that this step has now been completed. What they tell you is that it will take between 5 mins and 24 hours. So if you are in a hurry it can be a little frustrating. There is obviously something preventing them from communicating connection because surely I am not the first to find it frustrating. What is actually frustrating is the ongoing testing to see if it is working or not.

The second part is logging into your wifi network. What you are purchasing here is a network of your own. Controlled by the password that Telstra Prepaid Broadband provides you with. Inside the packaging you receive a glossy card with several key details. First is the name of the Wifi Network eg TEHS_BCA9XX, the second is the Wireless Security Key (WPA). This is your 10 digit password.

In order to connect, you need to turn the Wifi function on your digital device on. This will then trigger it to list the Wifi Networks in your area that you can potentially dial into. In my case, I found the above network. I then needed to enter the Wireless Security Key and I was connected.telstra prepaid wifi modem

I tested it on my iPad, laptop and mobile phone and the process was very similar regardless of whether you have a Mac or Android device. The device will remember these details the next time you wish to turn it on.

In my testing I linked three devices quickly and easily the speed was reasonable across them all. Mind you the time was about 8.30pm, which is peak our for mobile broadband use.

prepaid wifi speed testThe key to setting up is the glossy card as it has all of the key data listed on it.

You can see the speedtest on the right and as noted, this is what I achieved on an iPad 2 at about 8.30pm.

Managing your device and its settings is done through an online portal. Instructions for accessing this portal is provided in the literature issued. APN settings etc can be updated from within here.