Best Prepaid Internet USB Modems

Getting Started with Prepaid Internet USB Modems & Wifi Modems

Getting started with prepaid mobile broadband involves purchasing a USB or Wifi modem from one of the many telecommunications providers, and then recharging the SIM card with prepaid credit. In most cases your prepaid internet USB modem or Wifi modem will actually come with some initial data credit to get you started (usually lasts for 15 or 30 days).

If you already have a modem and you have unlocked it (recharged enough) then all you need is a new SIM. Note, that your modem will need to be able to reach the required frequencies for the sim card provider you are using. Listed below are all of the prepaid broadband starter kits for mobile currently on offer from the major providers in Australia. Use our list to compare and save on a kit today!

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Compare All Prepaid Mobile Broadband USB Modems

ProductNetworkDown/UploadsUSB PriceExpiryExtrasRechargeBuy Now
Vodafone USB Provodafone prepaid mobile broadband usb modemVodafone 3G3GB$5930 daysPer KB incrementsRecharge VodafoneBuy Vodafone!
Vodafone Sim Card Onlyvodafone prepaid mobile broadband sim card only$29
Virgin USB E173virgin mobile broadband usb modemOptus 3G6GB$79100 daysRecharge VirginBuy Virgin!
Virgin Sim card Onlyvirgin mobile prepaid mobile broadband BYO modem300MB$1030 days
Dodo USBdodo prepaid mobile broadband starter usbOptus 3G$39.9030 days3GB on first rechargeRecharge DodoBuy Dodo!
Dodo Sim Card Onlydodo prepaid mobile broadband sim starter kit$0
 Optus USB E3131optus prepaid mobile broadband usbOptus 3G3GB$3930 daysRecharge OptusBuy Optus!
Optus Sim Card Onlyoptus prepaid mobile broadband sim starter kitOptus 3G/4G1GB$3030 days
Optus USB E3276 optus 4g usb modem prepaidOptus 4G3GB$12930 days
Telstra 4G USBtelstra 4G prepaid mobile broadbandTelstra 4G3GB$6930 daysRecharge TelstraBuy Telstra!
Telstra Sim Card Onlytelstra prepaid sim card700MB$3030 days
Vivid Wirelessvivid wireless prepaid broadband usbVivid Wireless 4G2GB$4930 daysRecharge Vivid WirelessBuy Vivid Wireless!
gotalkgotalk mobile broadbandVodafone 3G1GB$59.9530 daysRecharge gotalkBuy gotalk!
Amaysim Sim Cardamaysim mobile broadband sim cardOptus 3G1GB$9.9030 daysUnlimited Facebook/TwitterRecharge AmaysimBuy Amaysim!

Compare All Prepaid Mobile Broadband Wifi Modems

With so many portable mobile devices filling our homes these days – laptops, iPads, iPhones, iPods, tablets, the list goes on – it may be time to consider a Pocket WiFi (also known as a MiFi) to keep them all connected. A Wifi Modem involves a small, portable modem and router that can wirelessly connect multiple compatible devices to the internet. Depending on which device you select, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. At PrepaidPlans, we have selected some of the best WiFi starter kits (3G and 4G) Australia wide, so it’s easier than ever to choose the one for you. Whether your modem is for home use or travel, you’ll find a plan that gives you value for money in the list below.

ProductNetworkDown/UploadsUSB PriceDevicesExpiryBuy Now
Dodo Prepaid WifiOptus 3G5GB$69.90Link up to ten Wifi devices30 days
Buy Dodo!
Vodafone Pocket Wifivodafone prepaid mobile broadband pocket wifi  modemVodafone 3G3GB$109Link up to five WiFi devices30 daysBuy Vodafone!
Virgin Prepaid Wifivirgin prepaid mobile broadband wifi modemOptus 3G/4G4GB$99Link up to three WiFi devices30 daysBuy Virgin!
Optus Mini WifiOptus wifi ModemOptus 3G5GB$69Link up to eight WiFi devices30 daysBuy Optus!
optus 4g prepaid wifi modemOptus 4G5GB$169Link up to five Wifi devices30 days
Telstra Mobile Wi-Fitelstra-prepaid-wifi-4gTelstra 4G5GB$99Link up to five WiFi devices30 daysBuy Telstra!
Vivid Wirelessvivid wireless wifi HotspotVivid Wireless 4G0GB$99Link up to five WiFi devices30 daysBuy Vivid Wireless!

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