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iPad Plans – Compare Prepaid and Monthly

If you have a 3G/Wifi or 4G/Wifi Apple iPad or tablet using either the Android or Windows operating system, you will require a sim card and an iPad plan to enable the tablet to run independently of a wifi connection. The advantage of using the tablet’s own 3G/4G connection is that you will not be relying upon a free wifi connection nor having to carry a separate wifi modem or your own smart phone around in order to enable the internet.

Below we compare all iPad plans available in Australia today, from prepaid to monthly iPad and tablet plans. We compare all features so you can make an informed decision and save.

For my iPad2, I use a Telstra prepaid iPad plan purely for speed, it is more expensive but as you will discover from this article about my own experience using Telstra it can actually come out much cheaper than some of the iPad plans listed below.

Best iPad/Tablet Plans – Up to 1GB

NetworkDown/UploadsPricePrice p/MBTermNotesIncrementsBuy Now
Yatango Mobile Data PlansOptus 3G/4G1GB$11$0.011Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy Yatango
amaysim ipad sim kitOptus 3G/4G1GB$9.90$0.0099Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy
virgin mobile logo 2013Optus 3G/4G2GB$29$0.03Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy
virgin mobile logo 2013Optus 3G/4G2GB$20$0.01Monthlyp/KBBuy
vodafone mobile broadband plansVodafone 3G/4G1GB$20$0.02Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy
vodafone mobile broadband plansVodafone 3G/4G2.5GB$20$0.009Monthlyp/KBBuy
telstra prepaid logoTelstra 3G/4G1GB$10$0.01Prepaid 3dCredit rolls over on rechargep/KBBuy
gotalk prepaid mobile plans | gotalk mobile phone plans | cheap callsVodafone 3G1GB$20$0.02Prepaid 30dp/MBBuy
hello mobile international calls and unlimited comboVodafone 3G1GB$10$0.01Prepaid 30dp/MBBuy
Hello Mobile
Lycamobile prepaid sim cardTelstra 3G1GB$10$0.01Prepaid 30dp/MBBuy
lebara mobileVodafone 3G1GB$10$0.01Prepaid 30dp/MBBuy
Lebara Mobile
Vodafone 3G2GB$18$0.009Monthlyp/MBBuy CMobile
optus prepaidOptus 3G/4G2.5GB$20$0.008Monthlyp/KBBuy Optus
woolworths connectTelstra 3G1.25GB$14.90$0.011Prepaid 15dp/25KBBuy Woolworths

Best iPad/Tablet Plans – Up to 3GB

Product/PlanNetworkDown/UploadsPricePrice p/MBTermNotesIncrementsBuy Now
Yatango Mobile Data PlansOptus 3G/4G3GB$25$0.0083Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy Yatango
amaysim ipad sim kitOptus 3G/4G2.5GB$19.90$0.0079Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy
optus prepaid data simOptus 3G/4G4GB$30$0.0075Monthlyp/KBBuy
telstra prepaid logoTelstra 3G/4G3GB$30$0.01Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy
Vodafone Data SimVodafone 3G/4G4GB$30$0.0075Monthlyp/KBBuy
Vodafone 3G4GB$26$0.0065Monthlyp/KBBuy CMobile
woolworths connectTelstra 3G3GB$29.90$0.0099Prepaid 30dp/25KBBuy Woolworths

Best iPad/Tablet Plans – 5GB – 8GB

Plan/ProviderNetworkDown/UploadsPricePrice p/MBTermNotesIncrementsBuy Now
Yatango Mobile Data PlansOptus 3G/4G5GB$39$0.0078Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy Yatango
dodo byo social caps - month to month plansOptus 3G6GB$70$0.0116Prepaid 60dBonus 3GB with first rechargep/MBBuy
virgin mobile logo 2013Optus 3G/4G6GB$30$0.005Monthlyp/KBBuy
vodafone mobile broadband plansVodafone 3G/4G8GB$60$0.007Prepaid 60d30 TXTp/KBBuy
vodafone mobile broadband plansVodafone 3G/4G8GB$45$0.0056Monthlyp/KBBuy
Internode Data SimOptus 3G7GB$45$0.0064Monthlyp/MBBuy
telstra prepaid logoTelstra 4G5GB$50$0.01Prepaid 365dp/KBBuy

Best iPad/Tablet Plans – 10GB – 20GB

Product/PlanNetworkDown/UploadsPricePrice p/MBTermNotesIncrementsBuy Now
amaysim ipad sim kitOptus 3G/4G10GB$99$0.0099Prepaid 365dp/KBBuy
Yatango Mobile Data PlansOptus 3G/4G10GB$69$0.0069Prepaid 30dp/KBBuy Yatango
virgin mobile logo 2013Optus 3G/4G12GB$40$0.0033Monthlyp/KBBuy
Exetel Data SimOptus 3G/4G13GB$60$0.004Monthlyp/KBBuy
telstra prepaid logoTelstra 3G/4G16GB$140$0.08Prepaid 730dp/KBBuy
Vodafone Data SimVodafone 3G/4G15GB$125$0.0083Prepaid 365dp/KBBuy Vodafone
optus prepaidOptus 4G15GB$130$0.008Prepaid 365dp/KBBuy Optus
woolworths connectTelstra 3G10GB$99.90$0.0099Prepaid 180dp/25KBBuy Woolworths

Best iPad/Tablet Plans – 20GB+

Product/PlanNetworkDown/UploadsPricePrice p/MBTermNotesIncrementsBuy Now
vodafone mobile broadband data simVodafone 3G/4G22GB$200$0.009Prepaid 365d50 TXTp/KBBuy Vodafone
vodafone mobile broadband data simVodafone 3G/4G25GB$90$0.0036MonthlyExcess data 1GB - $10p/KBBuy Vodafone
vodafone mobile broadband data simVodafone 3G/4G50GB$140$0.0028MonthlyExcess data 1GB - $10p/KBBuy Vodafone

iPad Plans pricing – Price per MB is based on the cost of the recharge eg $180 divided by the amount of MB in the data allowance. To keep it simple, I assume 1GB has 1000MB (some carriers give you the full value of a MB which is 12228 MB). Eg $180/12000 = $0.015 or 1.5c