Lycamobile Data Packs

Lycamobile prepaid sim cardLycamobile offer a range of prepaid data plans to be used with your unlocked modem (USB or Wifi) or your tablet . The Lycamobile data packs offer great value using the Telstra 3G network.

Quick Summary – Lycamobile Data Packs

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Plan 1 Telstra 3G 30 days 250MB $5 $0.02 Per MB billing Buy Lycamobile
Plan 2 Telstra 3G 30 days 1GB $10 $0.01 Per MB billing
Plan 3 Telstra 3G 30 days 3GB $25 $0.008 Per MB billing

Lycamobile Data Packs Review – June 2015

Quite a few prepaid mobile providers have launched the tablet/iPad data packs over the past 6 months. Lycamobile data packs have range in competitiveness from ultra competitive to average. Lycamobile use the Telstra 3G mobile network. Over the past few days I ordered my sim, activated it, tested it in a Galaxy S4 mini, Telstra Wifi Modem and iPad2 (3G).

Let’s firstly take a look at the Lycamobile Data Packs on offer:

  • $5 – 250MB with 30 days to use it
  • $10 – 1GB with 30 days to use it
  • $25 – 3GB with 30 days to use it

These data packs use the Telstra 3G network.

The sim is free when ordered via the Lycamobile website and it arrived within a couple of days. Activation was generally quick, however getting setup and recharging was a little on the painful side. It works but takes far too long particularly the address selection and Westpac payment security process. So far I have activated my account, recharged but I am yet to create a login to the Lycamobile web portal. There is certainly room for improvement here.

I recharged the minimum $5 which comes with 250MB data and a bonus 250MB. I do hope this offer stays as depending on the performance of this sim card and network, I am seriously thinking of replacing my Telstra 3G data sim with this plan.

Whilst I had to restart my phone a few times, receiving the welcome TXTs from Lycamobile did not take very long. Several TXTs arrived. The first informed me of my mobile phone number, the second of my web settings and the final two related to my data bundle of 500MB.

Testing in a Galaxy S4 Mini
Setup in the S4 Mini was very simple. Lycamobile Data Packs sim card come pre-cut for Android phones as well as Apple devices (you can choose your sim at the time of ordering your free sim card). Making and receiving calls was instantaneous, I did have to restart my phone a few times in order to get the data working.

Data speeds: Speed test was run at 11:16pm. Ping was 74ms, Download speed was 3.04Mbps with Upload at 2Mbps.

Testing in a Locked Telstra 3G Wifi Modem
Unlike my experience with an Aldi sim card last year, the Lycamobile sim card was rejected by my locked Telstra modem.

Testing on my iPad 3 (3G)
As i noted earlier, the Lycamobile sim comes precut into the size that you need for your device. Using the Telstra 3G network, I am expecting a slight drop in coverage but similar speed with the Telstra 3G sim card I have been using for the past 4 years. After restarting my iPad and turning cellular connection on, the iPad found the Lycamobile settings instantly and I was connected.

Testing speed using Speed Test app is always fun but inconclusive. I tested both my Telstra and the LycaMobile sim within a few minutes of each other and the results where almost identical.

lycamobile data pack speed test lycamobile data pack speed test

The real test will be taking my Tablet to work over the coming days and seeing if there is a difference in covering along the railway lines that I use to travel to work. I will also test speed in a few locations to see if there is any difference in inner city.

With your mobile phone, Lycamobile will issue you with a TXT including data settings. With an iPad, you might not be able to receive your data settings. You will need to ensure that your APN is set to

Value for Money
I currently use a Telstra 3G sim card for iPad and pay $180 for 12GB and 365 days to use it (now $200 for the same data allowance). I use about 70% of this over the course of the year and so expect that a Lycamobile Data Pack $5 for 500MB will give me the allowance I need (with a possible extra 13th recharge along the way) for less than half the price. You see the Telstra plans are 3G/4G. If you have the 4G device, you get the added speed, those on 3G just pay more. I don’t think this is fair and I am unlikely to stay with Telstra direct.

Based on what the Lycamobile website is showing me, my 500MB recharge has lasted 12 days (2/10 – 15/10). My expectation is that I would normally use under 1GB per month. The difficulty with LycaMobile and its data packs is that the LycaMobile website is not particularly helpful in showing you how you used your data. See image below. The activity log shows plenty of events but none of them are showing a data amount. Most of them have a $0 allocation yet my data has run out after 12 days. Performance was good, price is great but I am unsure if I will enjoy the experience without some further evaluation time.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.57.15 pm