Lebara Data Pack

lebara data packLebara give you access to the Lebara Data Pack. Add the Lebara Data Pack to your existing phone plan or purchase a new sim for your iPad or tablet and use your Lebara Data Pack to give you fast internet access when you are on the move. Choose any Lebara prepaid plan (eg PAYG) and add a data pack to it. Lebara Data Packs use the Vodafone 3G network.

Quick Summary – Lebara Data Packs

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Plan 1 Vodafone 3G 30 days 250MB $5 $0.100 Per MB billing Buy Lebara
Plan 2 Vodafone 3G 30 days 1GB $10 $0.01 Per MB billing
Plan 3 Vodafone 3G 30 days 3GB $25 $0.008 Per MB billing

Lebara Data Packs Review – June 2015

Lebara Mobile offers a BYO prepaid mobile broadband starter kit which obviously only includes the data sim. Lebara Mobile uses the Vodafone 3G network and includes a basic 250MB recharge option at $5, a 1GB option for $10 and the 3GB option for $25. Data increments are per MB. These data packs can be added to your starter sim which can be purchased for $0 and delivered free of charge for you.