gotalk Prepaid Mobile Broadband

gotalk prepaid mobile broadband

Enjoy the convenience of having a fantastic internet connection WHERE YOU WANT! gotalk prepaid mobile broadband rewards you on EVERY RECHARGE! The more you recharge the more bonus data you get.

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Quick Summary – gotalk Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
gotalk Starter Kit Vodafone 3G 30 days 1GB $59.95 $0.059 3G USB Modem included Free delivery Buy gotalk Now
gotalk Sim Only Vodafone 3G 30 days 500MB $9.95 $0.019 Starter Kit (Sim Only)
gotalk 500MB Vodafone 3G 30 days 500MB $10 $0.019 Data usage in 1MB increments
gotalk 1GB Vodafone 3G 30 days 1GB $20 $0.02
gotalk 2GB Vodafone 3G 30 days 1.5GB $30 $0.02

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review – gotalk (June 2015)

gotalk prepaid mobile broadband is offered via the Vodafone 3G network. With gotalk you can either purchase a gotalk USB starter kit for $59.95 which includes the 3G modem, plus 1GB credit for 30 days of prepaid use or a BYO modem starter kit for $9.95 which simply includes the sim and can be used with your existing USB modem, Wifi modem or directly within a tablet. If you are bringing your own, please ensure that your modems have been unlocked in order to be able to use the gotalk prepaid mobile broadband service. The three recharge options from here include $10 for a further 500MB, $20 for 1GB and $30 for 1.5GB. Whilst the rates for recharging are on par with many others, this offer ideally requires recharge options beyond the 1.5GB range, to atleast 10GB so that customers can recharge knowing they have enough to get through more than 30 days.I suspect that gotalk is really only checking the market out at the moment to see what appetite it has for a gotalk mobile broadband service. Certainly gotalk has a good reputation in the prepaid mobile market and international call plans. I can’t see why they can’t atleast be competitive with this product range.