Amaysim Mobile Broadband

amaysim mobile broadband

With Amaysim Mobile Broadband your will receive usage warnings at 75%, 90% and 100% of data usage. If you look like using all your prepaid data you can upgrade to a higher Amaysim mobile broadband value pack and start the cycle over again (and in the long run probably save money by not buying a whole bunch of 1GB packs at $9.90 a pop). Otherwise, you’ll simply drop back to our AS YOU GO five cents per megabyte rate until the end of the 30 day period you’re in, after which time your amayim mobile broadband data pack will automatically renew (don’t worry, you can turn off auto-renew whenever you want). The 10GB pack lasts a whole year, so 30 day expiry isn’t an issue for this meaty chunk of data which is ideal for tablet fans.

Quick Summary  – Amaysim Mobile Broadband

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Amaysim Mobile Broadband Optus 3G/4G 28 days 2GB $15 $0.0073 Per KB increments. Data packs only. iPads and smart phones can be used. Buy Amaysim!
Optus 3G/4G 28 days 6GB $35 $0.0057
Optus 3G/4G 28 days 50GB $65 $0.0013
Optus 3G/4G 28 days 70GB $80 $0.0011

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review – Amaysim Mobile Broadband (June 2015)

Amaysim mobile broadband data packs are a very popular way to access mobile broadband when you bring your own modem or tablet. When you compare the rates, you can see why. $100 will by you 10GB lasting a whole year. Amaysim uses the Optus 4G network. When you compare these rates to Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband recharge options you get access to 8GB for $80 and it lasts for 90 days. The one thing I would probably like to see from Amaysim is some recharge options in the 15GB space and maybe higher. Optus and Vodafone both have these. Also an unlimited offer could be interesting similar to that offered by the likes of Vivid Wireless. The cheapest option is 4GB for $29.90 and 30 days to use it at $0.0074/MB. Amaysim now uses the Optus 4G network.