Aldi Prepaid

ALDI Mobile Prepaid Mobile Plans

Aldi Prepaid Internet Plans have been designed to be used with the PAYG sim plan and can be used in a Telstra USB or Wifi Modem. Enjoy part of the Telstra 3G network network and very affordable pricing.

Quick Summary – Aldi Prepaid

Product Speed Term Downloads Price p/MB Bonuses Notes More
Starter Kit Telstra 3G 365 days 100MB $5 $0.05 p/25KB increments Your device must be compatible with UMTS 850 and 2100 to take full advantage of part of Telstra’s 3G mobile network and data speeds. You will require a PAYG sim plan. Buy Aldi Mobile
Plan 1.5GB Telstra 3G 30 days 1.5GB $15 $0.001 p/25KB increments
Plan 4GB Telstra 3G 30 days 4GB $30 $0.0075 p/25KB increments
Plan 6GB Telstra 3G 90 days 6GB $50 $0.0083 p/25KB increments

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review – Aldi Prepaid

Aldi Prepaid Data Plans must be purchased in conjunction with a PAYG prepaid mobile sim plan. This effectively means that $10 PAYG plan can be purchased with a 365 day credit expiry upon which a Data Pack can then be purchased. PAYG plans include a 5c/MB data rate which can be used for casual internet browsing or you can add to with a data pack for $16.50 with 1.5GB or $30 with 3GB of data. Data increments are now per 25KB.

What can you do with an Aldi Prepaid sim? Your Aldi Prepaid sim can be used within your phone for your mobile calls and then the data pack used to expand your internet experience. It can also be used within a tablet offering direct internet connection or within a Telstra Wifi or USB mobile broadband modem. If the modem is not a Telstra modem, then it will need to be unlocked. My personal testing was within a Telstra locked modem and it worked fine with great internet speeds.