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If you’re looking for the cheapest and best prepaid mobile broadband plans then PrepaidPlans has everything you need to compare network speeds, data allowances, expiry periods, prepaid starter kits and recharge amounts. We also compare and review prepaid USB and wifi modems, so that you can make the correct start with the correct broadband hardware.

With the gradual rollout of 4G across Australia we also review 4G speeds, 4G hardware and 4G recharge pricing, ensuring that you can purchase the best value for money. Every prepaid mobile broadband plan is listed below for you to compare. Use the Quick Search links to find the best by mobile internet category.

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Getting Started with Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Your prepaid mobile broadband hardware options include a USB Modem (could also be a USB Wifi modem), a Wifi Modem and/or a prepaid Sim Card. My preference is a Wifi Modem mainly because it can service any type of device ie laptop or tablet and lots of them (up to 8) at the same time. It also doesn’t require software to be loaded. A USB modem, unless it also offers the added option of wifi is limited to the laptop it is plugged into and also requires software to be loaded. A sim card is also useful if you have a tablet or iPad but you will be limited to the modem speed within your tablet or iPad. If you also have an older iPad eg iPad 2, your network speed is limited to 3G, whilst a wifi modem can actually give you 4G speeds.

In terms of price, the difference between a USB and Wifi modem is about $20 – $30 (Wifi being more expensive). You can purchase the hardware directly from the provider, either online or via a store. You can also purchase the hardware from the likes of Kmart, BigW, and Dicksmith. These retail stores always have specials on USB and wifi modems. Also note that your hardware will most likely come with data which should last you for up to 30 days. This will atleast get you operating for a period of time.

If you are working in Metro areas then any of the networks (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) should work fine. You can always check for blackspots or range using the maps offered by each of the carriers. If you can afford 4G (ie 4G modem) and live metro then this is your best bet, otherwise 3G is also great. If you are rural then Telstra is your best bet, Optus would be second and Vodafone third. I have tested all three in metro areas and all three have performed perfectly well.

Best Prepaid Mobile Broadband Provider/Plan
Selecting the best prepaid mobile broadband is a combination of price and performance. Your hardware will come locked to the provider you purchased it through eg Optus. Therefore for the short term, you will be required to recharge with Optus until you meet the minimum spend that Optus requires for you to unlock the device. This applies to all providers and their hardware. Once unlocked, as long as the device meets the frequency requirements of the network you are trying to use, you should be able to use just about any sim card. This is where you can then start to save some money by using another provider’s more affordable prepaid plan or even post paid month to month plan.