About Prepaid Plans

About Prepaid Plans

Welcome to Prepaidplans.com.au, Australia’s only complete guide to compare prepaid mobile phone, internet, domestic and international phone plans. My

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name is Arthur Koulianos and I started prepaidplans.com.au in 2008 after looking for a prepaid mobile plan for my wife and not being able to find one place that compared every plan for me.

Prepaid plans is the only site where you can compare and save on prepaid mobile phone plans. Stay in control of what you, your partner or children spend on their mobile, internet or general phone costs. What else is so good about going prepaid?

Choose a prepaid mobile phone plan if you like:

  • Total control: Use your mobile/internet or home phone the way you want with no worries about going over your budget.
  • Freedom to change your plan when and with whom you want. The choice of providers and plans is endless.
  • Depending on which provider you go with, you can get access to regular specials just by purchasing more credit.
  • Plenty of convenient ways to recharge: go online, over the phone, or from heaps of stores.
  • Bring your own handset/modem and number.

Prepaid Plans was developed to help you compare and understand the key differences between all of the prepaid mobile phone, internet (broadband and dialup) and phone card plans available from all of the key service providers in Australia.

The site covers rates, caps, credits, credit expiry, bonuses, downloads and special offers. Information is refreshed on a weekly basis to ensure that you have access to the latest information all of the time.

Tell us what you think of the site by emailing myprepaidplans@gmail.com