Optus My Prepaid Ultimate

Optus is bringing Prepaid Mobile customers even more flexibility on the even greater value My Prepaid Ultimate plan.

From today customers can take advantage of bonus data across all $30+ recharge options and unlimited standard international calls to ten selected countries. Plus we are giving them more room to roll over their unused data – now up to a whopping 15GB.

More data when you recharge

Until 1 May, 2016, Optus Prepaid Mobile customers that connect to My Prepaid Ultimate and recharge with either $30 or $40 will receive double their standard included data on every recharge, giving them 3GB for $30 and a whopping 8GB for $40. Plus, customers that recharge with $50 or more will receive 3GB of bonus data on every recharge until 1 May 2016. All to use in Australia within 28 days.

Roll over even more data

Optus Prepaid Mobile customers using My Prepaid Ultimate can now roll over even more unused data giving them more flexibility than ever before. Simply recharge using your preferred My Prepaid Ultimate recharge amount before your current credit expires and any unused data will be rolled over – up to a maximum of 15GB (previously 10GB). So long as you continue to recharge before the expiry, you can keep your data rolling over for as long as you want.

International calls

Until 1 May, 2016, customers who recharge with $40 or more on My Prepaid Ultimate will get unlimited standard international calls to ten selected countries. The included countries are China, India, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea and Malaysia.