Spintel Updates 4G Mobile Plans

Spintel Updates 4G Mobile Plans
Spintel has been busy in July tweaking its 4G sim only mobile plans. The initial change released only applied to the Small offer but over the past week Spintel have actually reduced their offer from four plans (S, M, L, & XL) to three. What they have also done is changed the data increments that applied to the plans from per MB to per KB. On the flip side, what was an unlimited offer with 3GB of data for $36, is now $39.

spintel4g range

The previous Small offer included only 50 minutes and 50 TXT, now for $18/mth you get 200 minutes (or 100, 2 min calls), 200 TXT which covers your standard SMS plus MMS and 200MB of data using the Optus 4G network. Previously data was counted in per MB increments, this is now per KB. Overuse your data and you get bumped to the next plan size for that type of use eg Calls, TXT or Data. When you eventually run out of data for the month, you can purchase 1GB for $10.

At $18, the offer is reasonable. Compared with Vaya which also has a sub $20 plan you get $650 in calls (278, 2 min calls), unlimited TXT (not MMS) plus 1.5GB of Optus 4G speed data.

Step up to the Medium size plan and minutes and messaging is 500 each with 1GB of data. This will set you back $27/mth. Again compared with Vaya, you get $650 in calls (278, 2  in calls), unlimited TXT (not MMS) and 2.5GB data. Spintel is much closer with the calls, but falls way behind with the data.

The final plan combination is Large. $39/mth buys unlimited Calls and Messaging plus 3GB of Optus 4G data. Compared with Vaya which offers a similar plan with 2.5GB for $35/mth or with 6GB for $44/mth. Again you can access much better value from Vaya compared to Spintel’s new range.