Aldi Mobile Limits the Unlimited

Well it was bound to happen, Aldi Mobile have made further changes to their popular Unlimited plan effectively limiting it to 2500 minutes of use. Yep, no longer aldi prepaid mobile planswill the plan offer unlimited call and TXT. Now called the Aldi $35 Plan, Aldi has succumbed to pressure on margins and probably the market in general to place upfront limits on its plans so that consumers know exactly what it is that they are purchasing.

The new $35 Plan now offers:

  • 2500 minutes
  • 2000 TXT
  • 500 MMS
  • 2.5GB
  • 30 days expiry

It is still a great offer for the price and those special limits are now validated and upfront for all to consider. What I believe will now happen is that there will be a great migration to the likes of Amaysim and Boost who have grabbed significant market share since the fall of Kogan Mobile. This will cover everyone who wants a true unlimited offer and many out of just protest that they where sold one thing and ended up with another.

For most prepaid customers the 2500 minutes probably will not make a huge difference but the 2.5GB change will have hurt. This was introduced a month or so ago and I would expect that it has already had an impact on port-outs to others such as the Amaysim (4GB – 30 days) and Boost (3GB – 30 days) which offer more data wise.

The question in my mind is what is next? Will Aldi Mobile be forced to make further cuts to the offer in the new year as it becomes more and more apparent how much they are losing on this offer. The “unlimited” style plan was all about drawing in masses, but when you dupe your customers and lose money, is there really a point. If I am unhappy about what you have done to my communication experience am I really likely to keep shopping at your stores. Maybe I will avoid them for a period just out of protest.

Aldi Mobile’s real market is PAYG and a $20 Plan which it really could have made super competitive based on what is above. Rather than chase the top end which want the data and are “super users”, the mid market is what they should be chasing, where I believe the bulk of their store traffic probably sits as well.