Lebara Mobile Review

Lebara Mobile Speed Test

Location: Richmond Victoria

This isn’t the fist time I have played with a Lebara Mobile sim pack. The last time over a year ago was a reasonable experience. Since then however Lebara Mobile has undergone significant change from a plan perspective. The focus then was on cheap international calls and local calls. The standard plan was the flagship product and data was a bit of an addon.

What has changed today is that the plan range is highly focused on the unlimited concept with extras covering data and international calls. The price range is now $30 – $50.

The standard plan still exists and is called your main balance. Minimum recharge is $10 and call rates remain at 15c/min with TXT also at 15c and data at a PAYG rate of 5c/MB with data increments per KB. Also note that Lebara Mobile gives you one MB free each day. The purpose of this balance is that it can be used as credit for those services that your prepaid plan doesn’t cover eg MMS, other premium services, international calls and even additional data. Think of it as a way of spending more without receiving the bill for it or as a security blanket when you get desperate for more access but your main credit has run out.

What about the network? Lebara Mobile uses the Vodafone network in Australia and has ridden the wave of network performance with Vodafone over the past few years. My trials with Vodafone over the past fortnight have actually been really good. This isn’t to say that it is really good everywhere. Not even Telstra can boast this. Ask some of the uses of Aldi Mobile and they will tell you of a patchy experience in parts of regional Australia. If you live in an Australian capital city you should have a reasonable experience with the Vodafone network.

My speed trials last night reached over 7 Mbps download and over 3Mbps upload. This was better than Optus. Mind you I tested in one location in Eastern Melbourne. I will be testing again today in a more central part of Melbourne (Richmond) and later this week in outer suburbs. Speed tests results to be published here and via our Lebara Mobile main page.