Aldi Mobile Sim in a Telstra Wifi/USB Modem

Read through any Kmart, BigW, DickSmith, Coles or Woolworths catalogue and you will usually see some offer relating to a Telstra USB or Wifi Modem. The offer is usually giving you 50% off the retail price of a Telstra USB or Wifi Modem (3G modem not 4G). In most cases you can pick one up for about $40 with a few GB of data and 30 days of credit. It is a great way to pick up a spare or your first prepaid USB or Wifi modem, particularly if you are planning a holiday or work trip.

Whilst most come with some data to kick start your mobile broadband experience, what happens once this initial credit has expired?

Your options are to obviously recharge directly with Telstra, or to unlock your device and try someone else’s sim card, network and recharge value.

What about the likes of MVNO Aldi and Kogan Mobile which are using the Telstra Wholesale network? Are you able to use their sim cards in your Telstra modem and avoid any unlocking fees.

It seems that in-fact you can. Customers trying the Aldi and Telstra combination have not had issues and no unlocking fees have been necessary. The only thing that  has been required for some is to update the APN. The Aldi APN is as follows:

If you are having any issues unlocking your device, you might want to try one of the many software tools in the market  to do so. Here is just one of them: