TPG Mobile Broadband

TPG Mobile Broadband Plans A simple month to month arrangement offering you great rates on your mobile broadband plan. Whether it is for your laptop or iPad, TPG will save you money. TPG offers both sim only (BYO) plans as well as starter kits with the modem. TPG uses the Optus network.

TPG Mobile Broadband – Monthly

Product Speed Data Price Price p/MB Extras Hardware Min Cost Link
TPG Mobile Broadband
Go Plans
Optus 3G Network 2GB $16 $0.008 First Month – $20 Sim Card +
$20 Deposit first. Increments p/KB, Excess – 2.75c/MB
$50 USB Dongle or BYO $16 Buy TPG
5GB $25 $0.005 $25
9GB $35 $0.0038 $35

Note: Starter Kit – First Month $20 deposit + $20 Sim Card