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woolworths prepaid

Woolworths Prepaid has launched new Pre-Paid Caps, the latest edition to their prepaid mobile range of services. Powered by Optus the $29 and $49 Caps offer great value and data options.

Woolworths Prepaid is only available for recharges until October 2014. No new customers will be accepted. This service will be discontinued after October 2014. Click here for alternative prepaid mobile plans.

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
Prepaid Cap $29 89c 39c  29c 45 50c   5GB
then $2/MB
$500 credit ($250 to Optus or Woolworths) 89c $29 $2.17/115 calls  
Prepaid Cap
89c 39c 29c 45  50c $1000 credit  ($500 to Optus or Woolworths) $49 $2.17/230 calls

Prepaid Mobile Review – Woolworths Prepaid (May 2013)

In 2011 Woolworths resuscitated their mobile phone program with the launch of the Woolworths Prepaid. New brand, new plans and a real push through several of the key Woolworths retail chains as well as a significant investment in marketing. Key question is just how do these new plans stack up? Whilst the call rates are not anything to get particularly excited about, the call credits on offer as well as the data allowance certainly make up for it. For just $29, you receive $500 of phone credit, $250 of which is to other Optus or Woolworths Prepaid customers and 5GB of data. With call rates at 89c per minute and a 39c flag fall, a two-minute call will cost you $2.17 and provides you with 115 calls to anyone plus a further 115 to Optus or Woolworths Prepaid customers. Compared to other $29 recharges, the Woolworths Prepaid $29 Cap is actually slightly more competitive than Virgin’s Big $29 Cap although data is much better value and in fact the more you recharge with Virgin, the higher the credit you are provided eg $600/mth. 5GB of data is substantial and whilst it might not offer free use of social media services such as Twitter and Facebook, it is probably much more than most people will require in a 45-day period. The second plan is the $49 Cap, which offers double the call credits ie $1000, $500 between Optus or Woolworths Prepaid customers and $500 to anyone. At the $40 recharge level, the competition is much fiercer. Firstly you have Boost Mobile offering unlimited calls and text, plus 3GB of data, you also have Amaysim with 3GB data and unlimited calls plus the Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile deals. I believe that the Woolworths Prepaid Caps are a great option at the $29 Cap level, particularly given the data that is on offer. When we take a step up to $49, the internet data allowance remains are real plus but the call credits aren’t as appealing as the unlimited plans, particularly Boost’s $40 recharge. When it was first launched, Woolworths really seem to be behind this brand, since the though, the effort and promotion has really fizzled. Woolworths Prepaid also promote their Woolworths Global Roaming service. I have heard many people use this service for tablets purely for the data. With 45 days of credit, your annual subscription will cost you $235 and give you 40GB data.


1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

More details

Product  $29 Cap  $49 Cap
Network Optus 3G
Summary Two prepaid caps based on the Optus Turbo Cap Plus plans
2 Min Calls $2.17
International TXT/MMS 35c/75c
Video Calls $1/min + 39c flagfall
Calls within network $250 $500
13/1300/1800 89c/min + 39c flagfall
Data increments p/MB
International roaming Yes
Recharge locations Online Phone Dealers Retailers
Website www.woolworthsmobile.com.au

1 – rate per 30 seconds. ^Charged in 1 min blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made with $100 credit.