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amaysim prepaid mobile plansWe can offer great prices because we focus on what we do best – delivering low-cost mobile services to any network in Australia at any time. We give you choice and flexibility where it counts. The amaysim promise:
* Simple low rates to any network, any time
* No flagfall Australia-wide
* No minimum fees
* No minimum contract term
* Pre-paid or post-paid (for approved customers) – both with the same, low rates
* Powered by the Optus network

Quick Summary

ProductCall rate1Flagfall
TXTExpiry2MMSDataCall Cap/CreditVoice mail1Extras2 Min Call3More
As You Go
12cNil12c9049c5c/MB$15 Minimum12cStarter Kit $5. Browsing Pack – $9.90 – 1GB (30 days)24c/83 callsBuy Now!
Amaysim Flexi9cNil9c3049c500MB then 5c/MB$19.90 + unlimited calls/TXT to AmaysimUnlimited18c/110 calls
Amaysim UnlimitedUnlimited30Unlimited4GB then 5c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimited 13/1300/1800 callsUnlimited Calls

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

More details

Prepaid Mobile Review – Amaysim (September 2013)
A couple of months ago, a cousin of mine visited Australia for a two week period with his partner. Once we had arrived home from the airport I asked if he had travelled with any particular international roaming sim and he had not. In fact he had given mobile plans little thought.The next day I invested some time looking for a prepaid sim card that he could use whilst in Australia. Given he was on holidays, his likely need for a sim card was data with the occasional “please come and pick me up” phone call. I settled on Amaysim for two key reasons. Firstly I knew he and his partner where quite active on Facebook and would want to use it regularly advising family and friends what they where seeing during their trip. Secondly their PAYG rates offered by Amaysim are are some of the cheapest around. 12c per minute, no flagfall, 12c per TXT and 5c per MB with a credit expiry of 90 days.I picked up the sim card from a retail store and had them chop it into nanosim size for his iPhone 5. The store also activated it and registered my $20 recharge credit. All very quick and simple. Once inserted it worked straight away.When I look back at how the $20 credit was used, it was a mix of data and calls. Approx 310 MB of PAYG data was consumed which cost about $15. A further 180MB of social media data was consumed (free), and the rest was made of a mixture of international TXT and national and mobile calls.

Data Speed
Feedback from my cousin was that he didn’t really experience any issues with data speed and he travelled all over Victoria (most of the time being spend in metro areas). Amaysim uses the Optus 3G network (no 4G at the moment). Probably the only comment here is that per MB data increments can be expensive where you have lots of data sessions and it seems that the way my cousin was using his phone he had plenty of them. On average he would have 20 individual sessions per day each one rounded up to 1MB. Funnily enough not many passed the 1MB mark, which says that the actual usage even when on YouTube was quite minor in nature.

Call Clarity
No issues with clarity as he travelled around the state but I will be honest to say that the number of calls he made where limited. At 12c/min with no flagfall the pricing is really great. 

Recharge Options
Recharge options include calling through to Amaysim, sending a TXT, using the iPhone or Android app, a retail store or via the online account. With the PAYG plan you can recharge between $10 – $100.

Online Account/Appsamaysim online access
To help you manage your account, Amaysim gives you access to an online account as well as an iPhone/iPad or Android application. Through these tools you are able to manage your account, recharge and view your usage. You can also switch to a new plan eg Unlimited or Flexi.

Good Points

  • The rates are great and a 90 day credit expiry helps
  • Sim cards are available in all forms now
  • Most retailers stock Amaysim so you can buy online or from a retail store
  • Range of plans covering PAYG, and month to month through Flexi and Unlimited
  • Next day delivery if you buy online (Sydney and Melbourne)


  • Per MB data increments is expensive and a regular complaint from customers who use Amaysim
  • Amaysim only offer 3G data, no 4G

Would I move to Amaysim?
I did for my cousin’s visit and it worked out great. I have every confidence when recommending Amaysim.

ProductAmaysim As You GoFlexiUnlimited
NetworkOptus 3G
SummaryAs You Go is a light use planMedium UseHigh Use
Cost of 2Min Call24c18cUnlimited
International TXT/MMS25c/49c
Data Incrementsp/MB
Video Calls149c/min
Calls within network12c/minUnlimitedUnlimited
Credit RolloverNAYesNA
International RoamingYes
Recharge locationsOnline, instore, or via phone
Phone1300 808 300

1 – rate per minute
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network). Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

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