Compare Sim Only Monthly Mobile Plans

Compare Every Sim Only Monthly Mobile Plan
Listed below is every sim only monthly mobile plan available in Australia at the moment, as well as the rates for mobile calls, TXT/MMS and data. Also displayed is the call value offered in terms of call allowance within the same network/provider or outside. Plans are listed in alphabetical order for you to compare.

NetworkProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTMMSInternetCall Credit AnyoneCall Credit TelcoVoice mail1ExtrasValue#Monthly
1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged 30 secs.   #: Number of 2 minute calls
Amaysim Unlimited
Amaysim UnlimitedAmaysim Sim OnlyOptus 3GAmaysim UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited4GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimited AmaysimUnlimitedExcess data 5c/MBUnlimited$39.90
Amaysim Flexi18c9c49c500MB$20 CreditExcess data 5c/MB18c/111 calls$20
Bendigo Bank Monthly Mobile Plans
Bendigo Bank TelcoBendigo Bank TelcoOptus 3G/4G Inspire $2090c35c25c50c200MB$200 Credit90cExcess data 25c/MB charged per KB$2.15/93 Calls$20
Club Telco Sim Only
clubtelco mobile plansClubTelco Sim OnlyOptus 3GClub $50099c35c28c50c500MB$500 CreditUnlimited Club Telco99cExcess data 3c/MB.  Once off $50 membership fee.$2.33/214 calls$30
Club $600UnlimitedUnlimited1GB$600 Credit$2.33/257 calls$45
Club Mega2GBUnltd Calls/TXT + $100 intern callsUnlimited Calls$60
C Mobile Sim Only
c mobile sim only plansC Mobile Sim OnlyVodafone 3GCasual12c12c75c2cMB12c$20 deposit required24c/0 calls
C Red – $9.9015c15c100MB$10 Calls/TXTUnlimited CMobile15cExcess data 5c/MB billed p/10KB30c/33 calls$9.90
C Red – $19.9010c10c500MB$20 Calls/TXT
C Red – $29.9010c10c1GB$40 Calls/TXT10c20c/150 Calls$29.90
C Red – $49.902GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$49.90
Part of Telstra 3GC Blue – $14.9015c15c150MB$15 Calls/TXT15cExcess data 25c/MB billed p/10KB30c/50 calls$14.90
C Blue – $19.90500MB$20 Calls/TXT30c/66 calls$19.90
C Blue – $29.90800MB$30 Calls/TXT30c/100 calls$29.90
C Blue – $39.901.5GB$45 Calls/TXT30c/150 calls$39.90
Exetel Sim Only
exetel monthly mobile plansExetel Sim OnlyOptus 3G/4GSaver90c35c25c50c500MB$200 Credit17c^Excess data: 5c/MB, billed per MB.$2.15/93 calls$19.99 + $20 sim
ValueUnlimited1GB$500 Credit$2.15/232 calls$29.99 + $20 sim
PlusNil3GB$650 Credit$2.15/302 calls$39.99 + $20 sim
NetworkProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTMMSInternetCall Credit AnyoneCall Credit TelcoVoice mail1 ExtrasValue#Monthly
1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged 30 secs.   #: Number of 2 minute calls
Kiss Mobile Sim Only
kiss mobile byo mobile plans | sim only mobile plansKiss Mobile Sim OnlyVodafone 3GKeep It ForeverUnlimitedUnlimited4GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimitedExcess data 5c/MB. Increments p/MBUnlimited calls$39.90
Live Connected Sim Only
live connected byo mobile plansLive Connected Sim OnlyOptus 3G/4GRapid 1990c35c25c55c200MB$300 Calls/TXT90cExcess data 4c/MB. Increments p/KB$2.15/93 calls$19
Rapid 23Unlimited1GB$500 Calls/TXTUnlimited Live Connected$2.15/232 calls$23
Rapid 291.5GB$650 Calls/TXT$2.15/302 calls$29
Rapid 482GB$850 Calls/TXT$2.15/395 calls$48
Rapid 603GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimited calls$60
MySaver Sim Only Plans
allphone mysaver MySaver Sim OnlyPart of Telstra 3GSmall99c40c30c50c150MB$250 Calls/TXT99c$2.38/105 Calls$25/mth
One Seniors Sim Only Plans
one seniors prepaid mobile plansPart of Telstra 3GT Small 1512cNil12c60c150MB$15 Calls/TXT11cExcess data 20c/MB charged p/20KB. 13/18/1300 charged at 12c p/30 secs24c/62 Calls$15/mth
T Medium 25500MB$25 Calls/TXT24c/104 Calls$25/mth
T Large 40UnlimitedUnlimited1.5GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$40/mth
Optus 4G Sim Only Plans
optus prepaid
Optus Sim Only Mobile Plans
Optus 3G/4GOptus Sim Only $25UnlimitedUnlimited200MB200 minutes*Included minutes$10 buys 50 mins/$25 Plan or 100mins/$40 Plan. $10 buys 100MB/$25 Plan or 500MB/$35 Plan & 800/MB for $60100 calls$25/mth
Optus Sim Only $401GB500 minutes*250 calls$40/mth
Optus Sim Only $652GBUnlimited Calls/TXT/MMSUnlimited OptusUnlimitedUnlimited calls$65/mth
ozlinked monthly mobile plansPart of Telstra 3GBoomer $2595c38c25c75c500MB$100 Credit95cExces data 50c/MB$2.28/43 Calls$25/mth
Boomer $35800MB$200 Credit$2.28/87 Calls$35/mth
Boomer $551.5GB$600 Credit$2.28/263 Calls$55/mth
Boomer $853GB$900 Credit$2.28/394 Calls$85/mth
Fair Go $1525c25c18c75c150MB$15 Credit25c75c/20 Calls$
PennyTel PennySim Plans
pennytel prepaid mobile plansPennyTelVodafone 3GEndless LiteUnlimitedUnlimited5GB then 3c/MB Unlimited Calls/TXTUnlimited $20 deposit requiredUnlimited Calls$45
Endless StandardUnlimitedUnlimited5GB then 3c/MB Unlimited Calls/TXT+ free calls to 45 countriesUnlimited Unlimited Calls$55
Endless UltimateUnlimitedUnlimited7GB then 3c/MB Unlimited Calls/TXT + free calls to 110 countries + 380 mins to IndiaUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$70
Go Global46c untimed0c11.5c88c1GB then 3c/MB$10 Credit + 46c/min to 90 countries33c^92c/10 Calls$9
Reward Mobile Sim Only
Reward Mobile Sim OnlyReward Mobile Sim OnlyVodafone 3GUltimate $42.95UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited3GB then 10c/MBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$42.95
NetworkProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTMMSInternetCall Credit AnyoneCall Credit TelcoVoice mail1ExtrasValue#Monthly Charges
1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged 30 secs.   #: Number of 2 minute calls
SlimTel Sim Only
slimtel sim only plansSlimTel Sim OnlyVodafone 3GVIP $0 Plan22c^ or 34c^ to non Vodafone mobiles (chg p/sec)0c18c70c25.3c per MB billed in 50kb increments15c^68c/0 Calls$0
SlimTel $9.90 Global38c^c (inc most intern)25c25c$9.90 Credit22c + 45c flagfall$1.01/9 Calls$9.90
Super Slim $49 Cap70c^25c25c$250 Credit + 50% discount on reaching Cap$1.65/161 Calls$49
Super Slim $79 Cap70c^25c25c$520 Credit + 50% discount on reaching Cap$1.65/315 Calls$79
Size Zero15c14c5c/MB70c + 45c flagfall28c/0 Calls$0
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Calls & TXTUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$39.90
Southern Cross Telecom Monthly Mobile Plans
southern cross telco mobile plans - M2 Mobile PlansSouthern Cross TelecomOptus 3G$2990c35c25c75c400MB$300 Calls/TXT90c + $1.95 monthly access feeExcess data $1/MB$2.15/139 Calls$29
$492.5GB$700 Calls/TXT$2.15/325 Calls$49
$69Unlimited3GB + Facebook/TwitterUnlimited Calls/TXT + $100 internationalUnlimited Calls$59
Spin Internet Sim Only
spin internet - sim only mobile plans
Spin Internet Sim Only
Optus 3G/4GSmall12c12c50c50MB50 minutes + 50 TXTStarter Kit – $25. Unlimited Calls – $10 extra
Unlimited TXT – $10 extra
1GB – $10 extra
24c/25 Calls$18
Medium3.6c9c500MB250 minutes + 100 TXT7.2c/125 Calls$27
Large2.4c2c1.5GB500 minutes + 600 TXT 4.8c/250 Calls$36
Extra Large1.5c1.5c2.5GB1000 minutes + 1000 TXT3c/500 Calls$45
Telechoice Sim Only
telechoice mobile plans
Telechoice Sim Only
Part of Telstra 3GRebel Starter97c40c22c55c200MB$200 Calls/TXTUnlimited to Telechoice97cExcess data 25c/MB, increments p/10KB$2.34/85 Calls$15
Rebel TexterUnlimited200MB$200 Calls/TXT$2.34/85 Calls$20
Liberty Starter1GB$500 Calls/TXT $2.34/213 Calls$30
Liberty Leader1.5GB$650 Calls/TXT $2.34/277 Calls$35
Liberty Legend2GB$700 Calls/TXTUnlimited$2.34/299 Calls$45
Freedom of SpeechUnlimited3GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimited Calls$69
Telstra Sim Only
Telstra Sim Only PlansTelstra Month to MonthTelstra 3G/4GS99c40cUnlimited50c500MB$550 Credit99cExcess data 3c/MB$2.38/231 Calls$55
M1.5GB$700 Credit$2.38/294 Calls$70
L2.5GB$950 CreditExcess data 3c/MB. Unlimited Talk/TXT 7pm – 7am and weekends $2.38/399 Calls$95
XL3GBUnlimited Calls/TXT Unlimited Calls$130
Think Mobile Sim Only
Think Mobile Month to Month Mobile Plans
Think Mobile Sim Only
Vodafone 3GUltimateUnlimitedUnlimited3GB then 2.5c/MBUnlimited Calls/TextUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$42.95
Part of Telstra 3GClassic 3G $1599c40c30c60c150MB$100 Calls/TXT99cExcess data 50c/MB. Increments p/10KB$2.38/42 Calls$15
Classic 3G $25500MB$250 Calls/TXT$2.38/105 Calls$25
Classic 3G $35800MB$400 Calls/TXT $2.38/168 Calls$35
Classic 3G $451.5GB$400 Calls/TXT$2.38/168 Calls$45
Classic 3G $751.5GB$750 Calls/TXT$2.38/315 Calls$75
Vodafone 3GSimple 12 Swift24c20c12c60c120MB then 50c/MB$18 Credit + unlimited to Swift/Ultimate users24c68c/26 Calls$12
Swift Data Plan1.5GB then 10c/MB$19.95

NetworkProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTMMSInternetCall Credit AnyoneCall Credit TelcoVoice mail1ExtrasValue#Monthly Charges
1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged 30 secs.   #: Number of 2 minute calls
TPG Sim Only
TPG Monthly Mobile Plans
TPG Sim Only
Optus 3GT3G Small99c40c25.3c50c100MB$500 Credit (inc intern)Unlimited TPG99cExcess data is 10c/MB charged p/KB.$2.38/210 Calls$19.99 + $20 Sim + $20 deposit
T3G Medium500MB$2.38/210 Calls$24.99 + $20 Sim + $20 deposit
T3G LargeUnlimitedUnlimited1.5GB$2.38/210 Calls$30 + $20 Sim + $20 deposit
T3G Extra LargeUnlimitedUnlimited2.5GB$650 Credit (inc intern)$2.38/273 Calls$40 + $20 Sim + $20 deposit
Talk Plus12c12c60c10c/MB50 minutes20c24c/25 calls$6 + $20 Sim + $20 deposit
Data Plus1.5GB24c$18 + $20 Sim + $20 deposit
Transact Sim Only
TransACT CapFlexiTransact Mobile Sim OnlyVodafone 3G$10 Plan90c^35c25c50c200MB$165 Calls/TXT90c^Excess data 20c/MB$2.15/76 Calls$10 + $15 sim
$20 Plan1.5GB$450 Calls/TXT + $1000 to Transact$2.15/209 Calls$20 + $15 sim
$40 PlanUnlimitedUnlimited50c1GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimited Calls$40 + $15
$60 PlanUnlimitedUnlimited3GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimited Calls$60 + $15
NetworkProductCall rate1FlagfallTXTMMSInternetCall Credit AnyoneCall Credit TelcoVoice mail1ExtrasValue#Monthly
1: Call rate per minute.  ^Rates charged 30 secs.   #: Number of 2 minute calls
Vaya Mobile Power Plans
vaya mobile plans
Vaya Mobile Plans
Optus 3G/4GPower Plan 1690c35cUnlimited55c300MB$200 Calls/TXT90cExcess data 4c/MB. Add 1GB for $15.$2.15/93 calls$16/mth + $20 for sim
Power Plan 1801.5GB$650 Calls/TXTUnlimited Vaya$2.15/302 calls$18/mth + $20 sim
Power Plan 452GB$850 Calls/TXT$2.15/395 calls$37/mth + $20 sim
Power Plan 573GBUnlimited Calls/TXTUnlimitedUnlimited calls$52/mth + $20 sim
Virgin Mobile BYO Sim Only
Virgin Mobile Sim OnlyVirgin Sim Only
BYO Plans
Optus 3G/4G$90 PlanUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited3GBUnlimited Calls/TXT + $90 intern callsUnlimited VirginUnlimitedExcess data 5.2c/MB. BYO phone less $10/mthUnlimited CallsBYO $80
$30 Plan98c40c28c60c200MB$200 CreditUnlimited$2.36/84 CallsBYO $20
$40 Plan500MB$450 Credit$2.36/190 CallsBYO $30
$50 PlanUnlimited1GB $500 Credit$2.36/211 CallsBYO $40
$60 Plan1.5GB $700 Credit$2.36/296 CallsBYO $50
Vodafone Sim Only

vodafone mobile broadband plans
Vodafone Sim Only
Vodafone 3G/4GSim Only $2098c40c30c55c200MB$200 Calls/TXT98cExcess data 10c/MB billed p/KB.$2.36/84 Calls$20
Sim Only $30Unlimited500MB$250 Calls/TXT$2.36/105 Calls$30
30c$250 Calls/TXTUnlimited Vodafone
Sim Only $35Unlimited1GB$500 Calls/TXT$2.36/211 Calls$35
30c$500 Calls/TXTUnlimited Vodafone
Sim Only $45Unlimited1.5GB$700 Calls/TXT$2.36/296 Calls$45
$50 RedUnlimitedUnlimited55c1.5GBUnlimited Calls/TXT & intern TXT + $65 CreditUnlimited$5/day intern roaming. Excess data 10c/MB. 13/18 calls extra.Unlimited Calls$50
$65 Red2.5GBUnlimited Calls/TXT & intern TXT + $80 Credit$65
$85 Red5GBUnlimited Calls/TXT & intern TXT + $100 Credit + 13/18 calls$85
Yatango Mobile Monthly Plans
yatango mobileYatango MobileOptus 3GPAYG15cFree12c50c5c/MBBuild Your Own Plan15cStarter Kit $10, Unlimited Facebook/Twitter30c

1: Call rate per minute3.  ^Rates charged per 30 secs.   #: Number of 2 minute calls

* Optus Notes: for talk to standard Australian mobiles and landlines, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail. Included Minutes The time you talk will be billed per second for the life of your plan.

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