iiNet Mobile Broadband

Following some investigation, it seems that iiNet have also released a selection of mobile broadband plans for their existing iiNet customers. Note that this is for existing customers, not new customers, ie not a retil offering.

The plans come via 3 Mobile and from what it says on their website they look identical, however, the hardware only costs $99, compared to what 3 Mobile customers pay which is normally $129. So a bit of a saving on the hardware. Plans include both prepaid and post paid options.

This what the website says:

You’ll have access to fast internet on the go within 3’s broadband zone. It’s really easy to use – just plug and play!

For $99 you get:

* The MF627 Internet Key modem – RRP is $129! (Compatible with both PC & Mac)
* FREE delivery to your door
* Flexibility to recharge your credit where and when you need it

You can choose from a range of pre paid recharge options, starting from $15 for 500MB with 30 day expiry.

We’ve also got a range of post paid plans for you to choose from with a free modem starting from 3GB for $29 per month over 24 months.

You can check out 3 Mobile plans here, or you can visit iiNet from here.