Savvytel Recharge

Savvytel recharge

Savvytel Recharge is a leading prepaid mobile phone company that wants to provide REAL PREPAID MOBILE VALUE ALWAYS. You will notice that everything we do is to support REAL VALUE ALWAYS. Savvytel has fixed discounted prices all the time. You will be pleased to know that we have discounted 100’s of call destinations. In fact we discounted everything we could including the connection fee.

Quick Summary – Savvytel Recharge

Savvytel Recharge is now closed to new customers. Feel free to continue to recharge. Click here for alternative prepaid mobile offers.

Product Call rate1 Flagfall TXT Expiry
MMS Data Call Cap/Credit Voice mail1 Extras 2 Min Call3 More
SavvyLite 10c 12c 90 35c 5c/MB 10c Rollover unused credit
Recharge $10, $20, $30, $50 & $100
20c/100 calls Recharge Now!

Credits Never Expire – $10
24c^ 20c 15c 365 35c 10MB $10 Credit 24c^ Excess data 5c/MB 68c/147 calls
Credits Never Expire – $20 24c^ 20c 15c 365 35c 20MB $20 Credit + 15 mins free Savvy talk 24c^ 68c/147 calls
Credits Never Expire – $30 24c^ 20c 15c 365 35c 30MB  $30 Credit + 24 mins free Savvy talk 24c^ 68c/147 calls
Credits Never Expire – $50 24c^ 20c 15c 365 35c 50MB  $50 Credit + 40 mins free Savvy talk 24c^ 68c/147 calls
Credits Never Expire – $100 24c^ 20c 15c 365 35c 100MB $100 Credit + 100 mins free Savvy talk 24c^ 68c/147 calls
Prepaid Caps – $15
78c 35c 35c 28 50c 100MB $50 Credit + $35 bonus + 30 Text 78c Excess Data – 10c/MB $1.91/26 calls Recharge Now!
Prepaid Caps – $25 78c 35c 35c 30 50c 150MB $140 Credit + $115 bonus + 50 text 78c $1.91/73 calls
Prepaid Caps – $39 78c 35c 35c 30 50c 200MB $300 Credit + $261 bonus + 100 Text 78c $1.91/157 calls
Prepaid Caps – $55 78c 35c 35c 30 50c 250MB $420 Credit + $365 bonus + 150 text 78c $1.91/219 calls
Credits Never Expire – within the past six (6) months there must have have been at least one outgoing phone call, text message, MMS, or access to the internet/use of data, or doing a recharge on the account.

1 – rate per minute. ^Charged in 30 sec blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made using credit provided to any network (excludes calls within network).
Where no minimum credit is indicated, $20 is used.

Prepaid Mobile Review – Savvytel Recharge (May 2013)

Savvytel are one of the first plans that I reviewed when I started this website, in fact I have converted hundreds of Savvytel customers over the past few years, two of them within my own family. Savvytel have become well known for their Savvytel Credits Never Expire Offer. At 12c per 30 seconds and a 20c flagfall, the rates are pretty competitive, certainly not the cheapest going around but if you hardly use your phone and get annoyed when you discover that the $50 recharge you applied last month has already expired even though you only made a few calls in that time, then you need a prepaid mobile plan like Savvytel. This offer remains by for the best in terms of value if you hardly ever use your phone but want the protection should you decide to. With Savvytel, the $50 will not expire even if you haven’t used your phone in the last month or two or three. Credits don’t expire. Last year Savvytel launched SavvyLite. For those who want an ultra low call rate, and this is really one of the cheapest in Australia at the moment, 10c per min is as good as it gets and no flagfall means that your 2 minute calls will only cost you just 20c. If you only make 1 call every day that is under $1.50 per week in call costs. Add to that 5c per MB for your mobile internet access and you have a very competitive offer. Note that Savvytel uses the Optus network. Credits in this case last for 90 days which is great.

So how does SavvyLite stack up with some of the cheapest plans out there. A 2minute call using Virgin Bean Counter will cost you 45c, Crazy Johns FlatChat would be 30c, gotalk Aussie Extra is slightly cheaper at 18c a call. Therefore we can confidently crown SavvyLite the second cheapest in Australia at the moment.My wife started with the Credit Never Expire plan and as we found that she was doing more and more calls, I felt that it was time to switch to SavvyLite. To do this, all I did was buy a different recharge and it switched over. Now she spends about $10 per month.Savvytel recently launched SavvyExtreme. This is their unlimited offer and whilst I don’t count it as “prepaid” you can compare it here. All Savvytel plans use the Optus network.

Personal Review
I have used Savvytel Credits Never Expire and SavvyLite with several of my family members and have had total satisfaction with the service. Even when the network provider was Vodafone I found it to be great and the same goes with the current network provider in Optus.Both parents currently use the service and I selected the Credits Never Expire options because they only use their mobiel phones when they need to and so credit eg $20 recharge normally lasts 4 months. The actual recharge process is very easy and can be completed online or from a retail store. With online you can purchase using a number of payment methods and it only takes a few minutes to process. You will then receive a confirmation TXT.The online portal featured below displays your current credit plus all of your transactions. It is a great way to review your spend and makes changes if necessary. I have completed tens of recharges using their online portal and have never had an issue.savvytel recharge
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Product  Credits Never Expire SavvyLite Caps
Summary Savvytel Recharge understands that the market is a minefield of varying rates, hidden charges and confusing meaningless promises, and it’s YOU that suffers. With Savvytel, everyone gets low call rates, all day everyday, everywhere. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you call, what network you’re on or how much you want to spend each month. With Savvytel, real value is yours always. This means that you can depend on our rates. Delivered on the Optus network.
Network Optus 3G
2 Min Call 68c 20c $1.91
International TXT/MMS 15c/50c 12c/50c 35c/50c
Video Calls 50c/30 secs + 35c flagfall
Calls within Network Up to 100 minutes
13/1300/1800 12c/30 secs 15c/min 76c/min
Data increments p/MB
International roaming Yes available
Recharge locations Phone, online & retail
Phone 1300 885 446 or email

1 – rate per minute. ^Charged in 30 sec blocks
2 – expiry period in days
3 – cost of a 2 minute call. Number of 2 minute calls made with $100 credit.