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April 2014
Special Offers

Special offers are becoming more and more popular. I usually cover special offers via our fortnightly newsletter however I thought you might prefer to see them on our home page. You can now keep track of them and tell others about them. There are a few special offers around at the moment.

Hello Mobile Unlimited 40 Half Price Offer
Get started with Hello Mobile Unlimited 40 and enjoy Unlimited Calls and TXT plus 4GB of data for only $19.95 (credit expiry is 30 days). This offer applies to your first recharge only. The offer is valid until the end of April 2014. Use this link to save $20 on your Unlimited 40 Starter Kit.

Amaysim 50% OFF First Month
Amaysim is offering 50% your first month’s access to the Amaysim Unlimited plan. Normally $39.90 with a 30 day recharge, now just $20 for your first month.

Yatango Free Trial
The Yatango Free trial is back (limited time). Try Yatango free for 30 days and enjoy 600 TXT, 600 minutes and 1GB of data worth $40+/mth. At the end of the 30 day trial decide to stay or go.

Vodafone Double your Data – Sim Only Month to Month Plans
Connect on any of our SIM Only plans before 29 April 2014 to enjoy double the included monthly data for up to 6 months. To get the full 6 months of double data, just stay on the same month to month plan without moving after this date. Ends 29/4/14.

Virgin Bonus Data on its Sim Only BYO Plans
Virgin Mobile is offering double your data on its BYO $50 and $80 plans. The $50 plan now offers up to 3GB of data and the $80 plan offers up to 6GB of data.  Offer expires 11/5/14.

April 2014
Review – Vaya Mobile PowerPlan $18

Having risked the move to a relatively unknown month to month plan provider in Live Connected a few years ago, I had every confidence in moving to another when Live Connected advised that their old plan were closing and new plans and pricing was going to apply from 1 March 2014.Vaya Mobile PowerPlan 18

I new I didn’t want a contract plan, I also wanted 4G data speeds and the monthly spend had to be less than $20 a month if possible. In my review I compared prepaid and month to month and the one plan that came out on top was Vaya Mobile. I had in fact recommended Vaya Mobile to many customers in the past and even friends/family and in doing so had setup various plans and even encountered the Vaya customer service team on occassion. My only hesitation was moving from per KB data billing to per MB which I thought might result in excess usage charges.

I took advantage of some great pricing by selecting the PowerPlan $18 which offers $650 in calls, unlimited Vaya calls, unlimited TXT and 1.5GB of data on the Optus 4G network.

Vaya Mobile is in fact owned by the same company that owns Live Connected (the company I was moving away from). Vaya’s offices are based in Brisbane and so is their phone centre.

The transfer went relatively smoothly, in all it took about 5 working days to complete the whole process and get all of my services back again, data taking the longest.

Call rates are on the high side at 90c/min and a 35c flagfall but a generous call allowance makes up for this. $2.15 is the cost of a 2 minute call which equates to 302 calls with the $650 allowance. My usage for March shows I have used about 30% or about $190 worth.

On the data side, I have used 30% of my 1.5GB. Excess usage with data is 4c/MB. My fears of over spending so far are unfounded, however this might change over the coming months.

Vaya are currently offering to waive your first month’s standard charges ($18 in my case). Do note that a $20 sim card fee applies. This is an even better way to start a new plan relationship.

Vaya Mobile use the Optus network and having tested the 4G speeds in several states around the country, I really can’t complain. I sometimes reach 4 bars and have achieved over 60Mbps in Perth but the experience varies so much from suburb to suburb. There are still plenty of pockets where 4G is not accessible.

One thing I will say about speed though is that the newer your phone the better the experience. Expecting great speeds from a lower end phone or even a phone that is 2 or more years old will lead to disappointment.

The Good

  • Very affordable plans
  • 4G
  • Australian customer service
  • Month to month, no contract!

The Bad

  • The plans change regularly so if you see a bargain grab it

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New Products

Hello Mobile are targeting the high mobile and high data use customer with a new plan the Unlimited 40 Plan. Over the past 12 months, Hello Mobile have been growing their prepaid plan range with mid level plans like the Combo 10, Eazy Plan and the Combo 30, but in all cases the most data you could have hoped for was 1GB.

The new Unlimited 40 Plan now offers you 4GB of data plus unlimited calls and TXT within Australia plus Hello Mobile’s super competitive international call and TXT rates. The price for this plan is $40 with a 30 day expiry (not 28 days like some). Hello Mobile uses the new Vodafone network and data increments are per MB. What is excluded from these plan? 13/18 calls are unlimited but MMS is 75c each.

One Seniors have re-entered the mobile plan market with a new range of plans using the Telstra 3G network. One Seniors caters for the 55+ market exclusively and once upon a time (prior to the One Mobile collapse) offered a range of pretty good prepaid options. However with One Mobile shutting, the prepaid plans were also shut and customers told they had to leave.

These new plans are not super competitive but for plans using what is “part of the Telstra 3G network” they are OK. There are a few other mobile plan providers out there also offering plans using the Telstra 3G network and these include CMobile and the likes of OzLinked and Telechoice. In all cases unless you want a 24 month contract, the pricing is at a premium compared to other plans with similar value. However, if Telstra is the only network that you trust in your location, then you will need to pay more for it.

As a starter for $15/mth you receive $15 in call credit with a 12c/min call rate and no flagfall. TXT is also 12c and your data allowance is 150MB. Step up to $25 and your allowance for calls moves to $25 with the same call rates but data is now 500MB. The final plan charges $40 with unlimited standard calls (not 13/18) and comes with 1.5GB.

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