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Prepaid Plans Special Offers

August 2014
Prepaid Plans Special Offers

Special offers are becoming more and more popular. I usually cover special offers via our fortnightly newsletter however I thought you might prefer to see them on our home page. You can now keep track of them and tell others about them. There are a few special offers around at the moment.

Hello Mobile Social Max
Hello Mobile is offering PrepaidPlans customers a 50% saving on its new Social Max prepaid mobile plan. $39.90 buys you 250 minutes of talk to national and international numbers plus 4GB of 3G+ data, all with a 30 day credit expiry. Now you can get started for just $19.95. Get started now!

Hello Mobile Eazy Plan – $20 & $30 Bonus Credit
Get started with Hello Mobile Combo Plus and enjoy unlimited local calls and TXT, 250 minutes of international talk to loads of countries plus 1GB of 3G data. Now also 50% off for the first 30 days. Get started before August 31.

Yatango Free Trial
The Yatango Free trial is back (limited time). Try Yatango free for 30 days and enjoy 600 TXT, 600 minutes and 1GB of data worth $40+/mth. At the end of the 30 day trial decide to stay or go.

Virgin 1GB Bonus Data on BYO Monthly Plans
Virgin Mobile has extended the life of Bonus 1GB promotion until 12/10/14. Sign up and enjoy a bonus 1GB of data with a BYO Monthly mobile plan from Virgin. Applies to BYO $35 plan. The 1GB lasts for as long as you stay on the plan.

hello mobile social max

Prepaid Plans News

my prepaid daily plans

Optus Prepaid Plans – New or Old

Earlier this month, Optus launched their new range of prepaid mobile plans the My Prepaid Daily, My Prepaid Daily Plus and My Prepaid Monthly Plans. Each of these new prepaid offers comes with a set daily or monthly allowance of calls, TXT, MMS and data. With the launch of the new range, Optus have also [...]

Optus Prepaid Plans Closing

With the release of the My Prepaid Plans range by Optus readier this month, Optus will be phasing out its older and established prepaid mobile plan including the Connect 4 Less and Prepaid Social plans. This doesn't mean if you are on one of these plans that you need to move, as existing customers can [...]

New Virgin Mobile Sim Plans

Virgin Mobile have been promoting their BYO Postpaid Mobile plans for many years now. Till now compared to their contract cousins, the BYO Postpaid range had the added difference of a month to month term and a discount of $10/mth. The plan range stated at $30 ($20 less the $10 discount) and increased to $90/mth for the unlimited offer. [...]

amaysim unlimited

Best Value Mobile Plan for $45

Amaysim recently announced that the Unlimited offer was moving from $39.90/mth to $44.90 and price change of $5/mth. Along with the change also comes a bonus 1GB of data although your unlimited social network access is also being removed. If you are an Amaysim customer who is constantly running out of data, then $5 for [...]

Optus Launches New My Daily Prepaid Plans

Optus have today launched a new range of prepaid mobile plans called My Prepaid Daily, My Prepaid Daily Plus and My Prepaid Monthly. The key to these new plans is the long credit expiry of 6 months. How do the plans work? Starting at $1 per day you get access to unlimited TXT and MMS plus a data allowance of 40MB per day charged per KB. Your call allowance is 30 minutes per day and includes local fixed line and mobile calls plus 13/1800 numbers. Just like the $2 Day plan if you don’t use your phone for the day, you don’t pay anything. Mind you, not using your phone also means not using your data allowance either. – See more
yatango mobile free trial

Amaysim Unlimited Price Change

Amaysim have announced the first price/value change to their popular Unlimited mobile plan and it takes effect from next month. Now in addition to the unlimited calls/TXT/MMS you will be receiving 5GB of data. The catch is that the price has risen and unlimited social media access has gone. The new price is now $44.90 with a 30 day expiry. How will it work? Starting from 1 September 2014, as each person’s amaysim UNLIMITED renews, Amaysim will automatically move you on to the new amaysim UNLIMITED if you’re set to auto renew. – See more