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Prepaid Plans is the ultimate guide to everything prepaid in Australia. We have done all of the research for you on all the best prepaid mobile plans,  prepaid mobile broadband plans, internet and BYO mobile phone plans in Australia. Use this website to find and compare the cheapest prepaid call rates, best value prepaid data plans and the best value unlimited prepaid plans. Looking for the best value BYO mobile phone plan? We compare 3G and 4G plans, best value iPad data sims as well as a great range of international calling cards. Whether it is prepaid or postpaid BYO mobile plans, we can help you find the sim or the modem for your needs.

With a huge selection of providers and the best prepaid mobile plans to compare, you’ll find the right prepaid mobile phone scheme to save you money, help you stay in control of your mobile and internet costs, and avoid going over budget. We have offers listed from Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, amaysim, Virgin Mobile, Hello Mobile, Lebara, Aldi Mobile and a whole lot more. Subscribe to our newsletter today! You can also check out our prepaid mobile phone blog to get the latest updates in Australia.

We make it simple to compare prepaid mobile plans, as well BYO Mobile plans. Here at Prepaid Plans, we believe that a well-informed customer makes the very best decisions, and that’s what we want to ensure for you. Use our site and you’ll find yourself with the best mobile phone plans and the latest prepaid offers.

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Prepaid Plans Special Offers

October 2014
Prepaid Plans Special Offers

Special offers are becoming more and more popular. I usually cover special offers via our fortnightly newsletter however I thought you might prefer to see them on our home page. You can now keep track of them and tell others about them. There are a few special offers around at the moment.

Hello Mobile Social Max
Hello Mobile is offering PrepaidPlans customers a 50% saving on its new Social Max prepaid mobile plan. $39.90 buys you 250 minutes of talk to national and international numbers plus 4GB of 3G+ data, all with a 30 day credit expiry. Now you can get started for just $19.95. Get started now!

Optus Sim Only, First Month Free
Optus is offering the first month free when you sign up to either the Optus Sim Only $45 or $60 plan. The $45 plan offers 2GB along with Unlimited Talk/TXT/MMS. The $60 plan offers unlimited calls/TXT/MMS plus 5GB data. Valid till 31 October 2014.

Coles Prepaid Mobile Broadband Wifi Sale
Coles is offering great specials on a very big range of USB and Wifi Prepaid Mobile Broadband modems. The specials cover all key carriers including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Get started with Telstra 4G for just $79 with 3GB of data. Learn more here.

Half Price Boost Mobile Starter Kits
For a limited tie, Boost Mobile is offering 50% off its Boost UNLTD $40 Starter Kits. Enjoy unlimited calls, TXT and MMS plus 2GB of Telstra NextG data for just $20. Valid for 30 days.

Telstra Prepaid Freedom Double Data Promotion
Telstra is offering double data on its entry level prepaid Freedom plan until November 2014. Simply purchase a $30 Freedom recharge before 2 November and enjoy $250 in call and TXT credit, unlimited calls and TXT to other Telstra fixed line or mobiles plus 1.6GB of Telstra 4G speed data.

hello mobile social max

Prepaid Plans News

Top 5 Prepaid Plans 2014‎

Whilst it started slowly, 2104 has returned some great developments in the world of prepaid in Australia. We have seen more competitive PAYG a rates, more unlimited offers, more data and more 4G. Prices whilst not falling have delivered better value for money for customers. There is no one best prepaid mobile plan as each [...]

Kiss Mobile Keep It Easy

People ask me why I persevere with when there are several other comparison services out there with a lot more budget muscle for advertising and manipulating Google rankings. The answer is quite simple, I compare and review every plan, no matter how popular. My goal is to expose them all to you so that [...]

Unlimited Prepaid Value

Australia's best kept 4G secret, get it prepaid or postpaid. Unlimited calls to anyone in Australia Unlimited TXT & MMS (pictures) 3GB on the Optus 4G network Value lasts for 30 days Change your plan anytime with no penalty No contract The company is called Yatango Mobile and the plan is the new Unlimited Pack! [...]

Greece Phone Card Ring-me-calling

Tips for Choosing Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid Calling cards continue to remain a popular option for making international calls even though many prepaid and postpaid providers offer some great international call rates today. Outside of the cheapest price, there are some tips that might help you choose your next prepaid calling card. It can certainly be in your best interests to [...]

New Vodafone Prepaid Recharge Bonuses

The key changes apply to the Vodafone $50 Prepaid Cap which will now offer unlimited local calls and TXT, 3GB of data and unlimited standard international calls to 10 popular overseas locations including China, India, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea. When it comes to data, Vodafone is doubling the amount of data it is offering in its $30 and $40 Prepaid Caps. The $30 Cap will now offer 1GB and the $40 Cap now has 2GB. The $50 Cap will now equal the Red Sim $50 equivalent with 3GB of data. – See more

Optus My Prepaid Daily Reviewed

Over the past week I have been trialling the new Optus My Prepaid Daily plan. If you haven’t heard much about the My Prepaid Daily, Prepaid Daily Plus and My Prepaid Monthly from Optus, they will be taking over the existing Optus prepaid range from October for new customers as the older plans will be phased out. Existing customers on these older plans can of course stay for as long as they like. The My Prepaid Daily plans start at $1 a day and come with 30 minutes of talk time, 40MB data and unlimited TXT and MMS. Want more data or accidentally use more, and you “bumped” up to the Daily $1.50 option, which gives you another 40MB plus unlimited calls, TXT and MMS for the 50c. Continue using your data beyond the limit and you get bumped again for another 50c and another 50MB. This process continues until you reach a maximum spend in a day of $5 for a total data usage of 430MB. The bumping can take place at anytime in the day ie you could be surfing the web at 10pm (which I was) and if you overspend your 40MB, you get bumped with an additional 40MB for 50c (see detailed explanation below) and then have the remainder of the day (2 hours) to use it up. Just for clarification a day ends at 11:59:59pm local time each day. – See more