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July 2015
Prepaid Plans Special Offers

Special offers are becoming more and more popular. I usually cover special offers via our fortnightly newsletter however I thought you might prefer to see them on our home page. You can now keep track of them and tell others about them. There are a few special offers around at the moment.

Hello Mobile Bonus Data
Hello Mobile have doubled the data on its range of Unlimited offers including the Unlimited 30 and Unlimited 40 plan. Hello Mobile offers a great range of prepaid mobile offers using the Vodafone 3G network.

ACN June Sim Only Specials
For a limited time only during the month of June, ACN is offering two great promotions on its Sim Only plans. A new $50 Mobile plan with unlimited national minutes and a generous 3GB of data per month has been introduced and the $60 Mobile plan will now include a bonus 1GB of data – that’s a total of 6GB per month!

Optus Offers One Month for Free
Optus $30 Sim Plan normally comes with 300 minutes of local calls, unlimited local TXT and unlimited local MMS. On the data side, 500MB is also offered. If you activate before 2 August 2015, Optus is offering unlimited calls with this bundle and 1GB for just $30. Best of all, the offer stays active whilst you stay with Optus.

Optus has now also offering a free month when you sign up to anyone of its sim only plans. Yes, your first month for free. This is an online only offer.

Telstra Bonus Prepaid Data on Freedom Plan
Telstra is offering a bonus 500MB of data with each of its Freedom Plans until 3 August 2015 as well as a free 3 month subscription to Presto, the Telstra entertainment streaming service value at $14.99/mth. The offer must be redeemed prior to the expiry date.

Vodafone Sim Only Bonus Data
Vodafone is offering a double data offer plus 1GB of bonus data on top of the double data for a 24 month term if you sign up to their Sim Only plan range. Applies to the $50, $60 and $80 Sim Only plans. The offers are separate but can be combined. So the $50 Sim Only plan now offers 4GB data, the $60 Sim Only plan 9GB data and the $80 Sim Only plan 13GB of data. These offers expire 18/8/2015.

Lebara Mobile Mega Plan 50% OFF First Month
Lebara Mobile’s 50% off your first month promotion is back and applies across the popular National, Mega and Unlimited prepaid mobile plans. Grab your first month at half the price and recharges return to normal after this.

Prepaid Plans News

yatango mobile prepaid sim card

Best Prepaid Plans for under $20

The price point for your average prepaid or even post paid monthly mobile plan user is unfortunately not $20 but rather $30 for 30 days of use however there are plan that will allow you to spend $20 over a 30 day period and can still deliver a reasonable call, messaging and data allowance. Some [...]

woolworths connect

Woolworths Connect Review

Woolworths Connect Review I recently purchased a Woolworths Connect prepaid sim pack from a Woolworths store to put it to the test. Below is my Woolworths Connect Review. Woolworths Connect launched in mid June 2015 using the Telstra 3G network. The plans include both a prepaid mobile and prepaid data sim range. The prepaid mobile plans [...]

Updates to Optus My Prepaid Monthly Plans

Optus has announced updates to Optus My Prepaid Monthly Plans. From 5 July 2015 customers will be able to access the new data rollover feature aggregating up to 10GB of data at any one time. Following research undertaken by Optus, they found that 82% of customers were not using up all of the prepaid data each month. [...]

Lebara Save Plan Call Rates

Lebara Save Plan is the market leading prepaid mobile service for accessing the cheapest in international call rates. Across the 38 international destinations we review which covers every continent, Lebara Save Plan Call Rates where the cheapest across fixed line and mobile in 16 countries, that is 42%. The Lebara Save is a prepaid service with [...]

Woolworths Connect Launches on Telstra Network

The latest prepaid mobile offer to hit the Australian prepaid mobile market has come from retail supermarket giant Woolworths. Woolworths Connect is an MVNO initiative from Woolworths who has partnered with Telstra to offer a range of prepaid mobile and prepaid data sim plans. A quick look at the plans on offer from Woolworths Connect: – $30 plan – $650 in Calls/MMS credit (295, 2 min calls), unlimited Woolworth Connect calls/TXT, unlimited TXT in Australia and includes 1.5GB of Telstra 3G data with per 25KB increments (bonus 1GB if you sign up before 1/7). – $45 plan – $1500 in Calls/MMS credit (681, 2 min calls),unlimited Woolworth Connect calls/TXT, unlimited TXT in Australia and includes 3.5GB of Telstra 3G data with per 25KB increments. – Data Addons of 250MB for $5 (14 days), 500MB for $8.50 (30 days), 1GB for $15 (3o days). How do these plans compare with the likes of popular prepaid mobile provider and supermarket giant Aldi Mobile? – Aldi Mobile L $30 – $65 includes calls/MMS (325, 2 min calls) plus unlimited calls and TXT to Aldi Mobile and 50,000 TXT plus 1.5GB data with per 25KB increments. – Aldi Mobile XXL $45 – includes 43,200 in calls, 50,000 TXT and 20,000 MMS, unlimited calls and TXT to Aldi Mobile and 4GB data with per 25KB increments.

TPG Goes Unlimited with New 4G Mobile Plans

The TPG brand is well known when it comes to fixed line broadband services, many however also know TPG as a popular reseller of the Optus 3G network with its T3G monthly mobile plans. Recently TPG launched its much anticipated T4G plans which continue to be month to month but this time using the Optus 4G network. It is surprising why TPG waited so long to launch its 4G range, maybe the move by Amaysim a few months back was the catalyst. Nevertheless the new range from TPG (T4G) begins with the $19.99 plan which includes $500 in calls, unlimited to TPG and 250 MB data. At the top of the pack we also have the XXL $45/mth plan with Unlimited Calls/TXT/MMS and 6GB of 4G data. – See more