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Prepaid Plans Special Offers

April 2015
Prepaid Plans Special Offers

Special offers are becoming more and more popular. I usually cover special offers via our fortnightly newsletter however I thought you might prefer to see them on our home page. You can now keep track of them and tell others about them. There are a few special offers around at the moment.

Hello Mobile Combo $30 – 20% Off
Hello Mobile has relaunched their Combo 30 plan offering unlimited local calls and TXT plus 1GB data for just $30 with 30 days of credit. Get started before 30 April and enjoy 20% off your first month. Find out more!

Amaysim 4G Offer!
Access Amaysim 4G Unlimited plans this March and enjoy Optus 4G data speeds as well as 50% off for your first 30 days. The new range of Amaysim 4G plans are now out and you can get started with half the effort. Find out more!

Optus Bonus 1GB on Sim Only Plans
Optus is offering a 1GB data bonus on all of its Sim Only mobile plans. Gets started with just $30/mth and no contract and access 300 minutes of calls, unlimited TXT/MMS and 1.5GB of 4G speed data on the Optus 4G network. The 1GB offer expires 6 April 2015.

Vaya Mobile Free Month
Join Vaya Mobile this April on select plans from the Vaya Mobile Power Plan V3 range and you will receive your first month’s access for free, save up to $44! Ends 30 April 2015.

Vodafone offers Bonus with Sim Only plans
Sign up online before 9/4/2015 and enjoy a bonus 1GB for up to 24 months when you sign up to the Vodafone Sim Only Red Plans. $50 Red Plan offers unlimited calls and TXT/MMS in Australia, unlimited international messaging, 300 international minutes of call time, $5 roaming and 3GB of Vodafone 4G data. With this bonus, data jumps to 4GB for as long as you stay on the plan (up to 24 months)..

Telstra Bonus Prepaid Data on Freedom Plan
Telstra is offering a bonus 500MB of data with each of its Freedom Plans until 24/5/2015 as well as a free 3 month subscription to Presto, the Telstra entertainment streaming service value at $14.99/mth. The offer must be redeemed prior to the expiry date.

Lebara Mobile Mega Plan 50% Off
Purchase the Lebara Mobile prepaid Mega Plan and enjoy unlimited calls, TXT and MMS plus 4GB of 3G data. All of this for $19.90 with your first recharge and then $39.90.

Lycamobile Popular $19.90 Super Saver Promotion has ended
Lycamobile has been running a popular promotion offering its Super Saver Plan which normally sells for $29.90 with unlimited calls/TXT plus 2GB data for just $19.90 with data upgraded to 5GB not 2GB. This promotion has just ended and the offer is now $29.90 with 2GB.


Prepaid Plans News

Savvytel Extreme Unlimited Mobile Plan

Savvytel Recharges Now Closed

I switched or atleast have started to switch my two Savvytel accounts over the Yatango over the weekend with both sim packs due to arrive any day now. On the 31/3 Savvytel officially closed all recharges and so existing customers have till 30 April to either switch to Yatango and keep their existing credit or [...]

virgin mobile logo 2013

Virgin Prepaid Mobile Review

It has been over 12 months since I last tested a Virgin prepaid mobile plan and whilst I have always thought highly of Virgin I am still not convinced that their heart is in the prepaid game. Getting started with Virgin Mobile was as easy as ordering a $2 sim card from their website. Sign [...]

boost mobile logo

Boost Mobile Upgrades UNLTD Plan

Boost Mobile Upgrades UNLTD Plan From tomorrow 31/3, Boost Mobile is offering a new UNLTD offer which is really going to rock the prepaid mobile plan market. Boost Mobile will be changing its 30 day prepaid recharge offer to include the following: Unlimited calls in Australia Unlimited TXT and MMS in Australia 3GB of NextG [...]

Compare Amaysim 4G Plans

With Amaysim announcing its new range of 4G mobile plans, it is fitting to compare Amaysim 4G plans to rest of the 4G gang and see just how competitive this new pricing is. For clarification, it is only Optus which is reselling its 4G network, neither Telstra nor Vodafone allow access to their 4G network [...]

Prepaid Plans Features on Channel Nine

Last Friday, was interviewed by Channel Nine on the state of the prepaid mobile plan market in Australia. The focus of the interview was the value being offered by the prepaid mobile market compared to contract plans and who is actually using prepaid mobile plans today. Most of the interview is captured for you and it features comments from me Arthur Koulianos, the CEO of Boost Mobile and a representative from Choice Magazine. The interviews took place days after the launch of the Amaysim 4G plan range and days before the relaunch of Boost Mobile’s bonus data UNLTD offer. It also comes at a time when Lycamobile have offered upto 5GB for just $19.90, Vodafone are still running their unlimited data on the weekend offer and Telstra and Optus have also boosted the data on offer across their prepaid mobile range. The interview also dives into the sim only market looking at plans from the likes of Vaya Mobile (which I personally use) and comparing their $18 plan which provides $650 of call value, unlimited TXT plus 1.5GB of Optus 4G data. The latest product launch from Boost Mobile proves the popularity of prepaid as the leading product when it comes to value for money. The UNLTD $40 recharge option now gives you unlimited call and messaging (TXT/MMS) in Australia plus 3GB of Telstra NextG data. On top of this you per KB data increments plus a bonus of 1GB every Sunday of the month. All credits have a 30 day expiry which means you might need to be quick to use some of the data given to you but compare it to the 2.5GB offered by Boost Mobile until recently and you can see the value of such a plan.

Amaysim Launches 4G Prepaid Plans

The long awaited release of Amaysim’s 4G prepaid mobile plan pricing is finally here with Amaysim going LIVE on 24/3/15 with 3 new unlimited prepaid plans plus an upgrade to all existing plans with 4G network access and per KB data increments. Amaysim has released 3 new Unlimited offers including a $29.90 option which offers 500 minutes of call time in Australia, unlimited calls to Amaysim users and unlimited TXT in Australia to anyone. On top of this you also get 1.5GB of 4G ready data with per KB increments. The $44.90 offer includes unlimited calls and unlimited messaging to anyone in Australia (both SMS and MMS) plus 4GB of 4G ready data. The final plan and the biggest of the lot comes in at $54.90 with unlimited calls and messaging plus 6GB of 4G ready data. All plans comes with a 30 prepaid credit expiry and can also be purchased as sim only plans. – See more